Discussion about Male, Female Principles

Discussion about Male, Female Principles

Foreword by Bogdan Góralski

Tina Lindhardt have sent her folowing below article to our project entitled “Does human evolution have a purpose?” for discussion. In my opinion this is very important for our evolution to understant the core of conflict between male and female consciousness. Our world is based on our natural instincts: male consciousnes fight for power and pleasure of sex and female consciousnes fight for power to ensure survival of ofsprings. Our contemporary world is an audience of fight between male and female instincts. The communism was an attempt to cat this conflict and fight for power betwen feminine and masculine world. My attempt to end this male, female principles conflict is based on establishing POL-CAT enterprise with its principles which in my opinion will ensure peace between genders and future peacefull coexistence of males and females in our world.

This is my male voice in our discussion. In my life I have experienced the results of  bloody conflict between patriarchate and matriarchate and I very well know that this mean bloody fight of power between man and women. Both of these systems have anvanteges and disadvantages. I think in POL-CAT system are only advanteges so I think is possible to join male and female principles in one principle:

To have a better life in the future world we need to establish POL-CAT global  enterprise.

Link to POL-CAT principles:

Jakuszowice, 23 August 2019, 5:31                             Bogdan Góralski

Discovering Our Full Potential: Resuscitating the Female Principle

Tina Lindhard

International University of Professional Studies (IUPS), Maui, HI, USA


For a new evolutionary step forward, this study suggests humans need to learn to live from the heart and not only the mind. Here I associate the mind with the Masculine Principle and thinking which with learning, develops into intellect. This is contrasted with intuition which I associate with the Female Principle and the deeper heart-mind. They are different epistemological ways of knowing which reflect different levels of consciousness of the Self where each way of knowing has a different origin, the surface mind and the deeper heart-mind. Each gender can tap into both ways of knowing but most mothers have easier access to intuitive knowing, especially when obtaining information about the wellbeing of their children and loved ones. Connecting with the deeper Self using heart-based meditation methods, leads to insights about the different levels of consciousness and awakens one’s intuitive abilities. Although intuition is attracting attention in different scientific fields, the connection between the deeper Self and intuition still needs to be recognized and explored by modern-day science. Different reasons why intuition linked to the female principle has been systemically depreciated for over two thousand years is also explored including questioning the origin on which the Western Intellectual Tradition is said to stand. To create a more caring, creative society, I propose that we need to resuscitate the female principle linked to intuition by reconnecting with our feeling heart-mind. Nevertheless, I advocate that we need both ways of knowing to unfold our full potential. This analysis has multiple implications which I address in the discussion. 

 Keywords Intuition, Evolution, Self, Heart, Mind, Emotion, Feeling, Female Principle, Male Principle, Rational, Full Potential, Epistemology, Meditation

My plan for Poland and the world

My plan for Poland and for the world

My plan for Poland and the world is very simple – I want to enable everyone to realize their dreams of a dignified life on their own. I would like to enable the farmer, merchant, producer, clergyman and service provider to work calmly without worrying about too good quality products and services, as well as lack of concern about necessery products and loans necessary for profitable business. Let everyone take care of what they can do best and the POL-CAT ethical business and scientific platform will help him in it. POL-CAT operating principles are presented below. You got to know my views on the functioning of the world in my earlier statements. Now it’s the turn of the political and economic details of my plan. I would like to provide every local community freedom with their beliefs, freedom in shaping religion and customs as well as scientific and technological and financial support for local community economic activities. A single-tier organizational structure of the future global state will be introduced, consisting of a local spiritually and economically self-governing community and an ethical POL-CAT scientific, business and financial center supporting these self-governing local religious and economic communities.

Who will be an employee of POL-CAT?

POL-CAT will primarily employ independent scientists who will raise funds for their research by selling products and services from the POL-CAT offer. This will ensure the researchers komfort job and living. Research topics will be selected mainly from research topics needed for business development reported by POL-CAT clients. To solve the problem, the researcher will organize a team that will earn a commission on the sale of the POL-CAT offer purchased by companies ordering the study. This will ensure adequate funding for science and the right amount of time for researchers need to solve the business ordered problem. POL-CAT will sell everything except military equipment. I wonder how it will work in practice?I think that our purpose is also coninuous development of knowledge of the Universe and our world. Only gaining knowledge is curious and discovering the world. The rest is only support of continuous processes of learning. For example the last twenty years of my lifes was great (and cheap) and fascinating adventure of discovering of climatic mechanism of the Earth and human social mechanismus also. It was a great pleasure and I think usefull is the result of my research…My research was possible because I had been not doing demanding, engaging job, what given me a chance for to put big effort in my research. I would like to help the other (cheap) researchers by creating POL-CAT that will be supporting cheap research usefull for global civilisation…
This is my whole plan, the implementation of which depends on you. Details of the plan for Poland are included in the Decalogue Party Program (written in Polish) and the principles of ethical joint-stock company POL-CAT – links to them below:

A modern look at the Earth’s climate mechanism and the cosmo-geophysical system of the Earth


I. Introduction

Is the earth’s climate getting warmer?

My research shows that indeed the atmosphere and hydrosphere of the northern hemisphere warmed up during XIX-XXI centuries but the southern hemisphere getting colder. However, this warming of the northern hemisphere is not caused by excessive carbon dioxide emission caused by the developing human civilization, but is caused by the gravitational-magnetic influences of the Solar System on the rotating Earth as a result of which the outer layer of the Earth’s  rotates. Being in the move the Earth’s coating changes its position relative to the ecliptic plane and along with its movement,  over   surface of the Earth’s,  is the shift  of the zones of life-giving rainfalls that are stable relative to ecliptic plane. This results in a global economic and social events in the form of regional crises in areas affected by the drought or excessive precipitation. Physical phenomena related to the movement of the Earth’s coating and evidence of the occurrence of this phenomenon are presented in the following work.

Table of Contents

I. Introduction                                                                                                                                                   3

II. Scheme of the climate mechanism of the Earth

II.1. Northern hemisphere climate warming and southern hemisphere cooling.

II.2. Cooling of the northern hemisphere and warming of the southern hemisphere                       5

III. Chandler oscillation period and linear systems of the planets                                                          6

IV. The mechanism of movement of the Earth’s coating and the Earth’s magnetic field                   7

V. Future Earth climate change                                                                                                                       8

VI. Climate changes versus  Earth’s geoid shape changes                                                                          9

VI.1.Introduction                                                                                                                                                 9

VI. 2.General causes of changes in climate and speed of rotation of Earth.                                          9

VI. 3.Causes of the fall of the Western Roman Empire                                                                             14

VII. Earth coating movements cause climate changes, changes in the velocity of Earth’s geoid revolving, and earthquakes.                                                                                                                           15

VII.1. Changes in the shape of the Earth because of  movements of the Earth coating                    17

VII.2. Oscillations in the Solar System and changes in the shape of the Earth and their effects     18

VII.3. The dependence of the number of earthquakes in Italy from changes in angular velocity of    the Earth                                                                                                                                                              19

VIII. Relationship Between Rainfall in the Northern Hemisphere and Impulses of the Torque in the Sun’s Motion)                                                                                                                                                      21

IX. Movement of Earth’s coating and circulation of water in Hadley cell                                               22

X. Predicting, forecasting of earthquakes                                                                                                      22

XI. The Solar Wind and Earthquakes                                                                                                               23

XI.1. Causes of earthquakes                                                                                                                               23

XI.2.The Solar Wind and Earthquakes                                                                                                              24

XII. Explanation of sea level changes in the last 500 years in NW Europe and equatorial ocean      31

XIII. Hemispheric  temperature change versus shift of  the Earth’s coating                                           33

XIV. Mechanism of global changes in food prices                                                                                        37

XIV.1.The Sun sets food prices                                                                                                                          37

XIV.2. The area of cultivated land changes                                                                                                    38

XIV.3.Mechanism of changes in global food prices                                                                                      39

XV. The proofs that the Earth’s coating is moving                                                                                        43

XVI. Changes in surface temperature of the ocean in the Pleistocene off the coast of Spain             45

XVII. Global mean change of air surface temperatures on the globe in period 1880-2018                 45

XVIII. Why Earth’s coating rotates around the liquid core of the Earth                                                   47

XIX. Cause of reversals of Earth’s magnetic field                                                                                          49

XX. Fluctuations of the Earth’s dynamic oblateness J2  versus atmospheric emissions of Carbon dioxide                                                                                                                                                                    50

XXI. Ocean Physic-chemistry  and carbon dioxide emissions versus Earth’s oblateness changes      53

XXII. Global changes  of see surface temperature SST and upwelling versus changes in carbon dioxide emissions from the oceans that all correlate with course of East Asian Monsoon, ENSO and NAO  57

XXIII. Correlation of upwelling and  global SST with carbon dioxide content in the atmosphere  and  East Asian Monsoon, ENSO, NAO                                                                                                                      60

XXIV. Variability ENSO Index and earthquakes in the region of the west coast of Peru versus number of SSN (Solar Sunspot Number)                                                                                                         66

XXV. Forecasting climate changes, earthquakes and world use of energy                                              72

XXVI. Time of forming hurricanes versus changes of SST anomaly in tropics                                         81

XXVII. Correlation of LOD (length of day) versus use of electrical power in Poland                              86

XXVIII. The new theory of tectonic plates movement of the lithosphere of the Earth                         87

XXIX. The mechanism of inflation                                                                                                                     91                                                                                        

XXX. Redshift and blueshift in astronomical, cosmic research is observed when the observers on Earth changes their position                                                                                                                              98

Jakuszowice, 27 July  2019, 15: 10                                   Bogdan Góralski

Wise Catholics, stupid Catholics and the rest of Polish society

Wise Catholics, stupid Catholics and the rest of Polish society

We live in the 21st century Poland, observing technologically developing world, and Polish catolics mentally stuck in the Middle Ages. It is caused by the dominant in Poland Christian culture propagated by the Catholic Church. Polish society is divided into Catholics and the rest not recognizing the dignity of the Catholic Church. Catholics are dividing into wise and stupid Catholics.

Wise Catholics are those who can use the money produced by the financial machinery of the Catholic Church and stupid Catholics are those who are financially exploited by the Catholic clergy.

Wise Catholics borrow from the Catholic Church secret money for the development of their businesses and pay tribute from the earned  income in the form of untaxed donations to the Catholic Church. Stupid Catholics are those who do not know about this secret practice and bring their sacrifices to the wealthy clergy. The powerful financial machinery of the Catholic Church functions in this way all over the world and it is rather a normal phenomenon among religious communities financing their businessmen.

The functioning of the Catholic Church in Poland based on the financing of Catholic businesses is not accepted by a large part of society due to the cultural backwardness of Catholics who do not accept other worldviews. The foundations of Catholic culture were created by Jews who, having become acquainted with the ethical systems of the ancient world, created their synthesis, which we encounter in the teaching of the Pharisee of Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ was the leader of the Pharisees’ uprising against the Romans and the Romans killed him. The Jewish-Greek antagonism that existed in antiquity caused the rise in the Hellenistic world the Gospels against the Jews  blaming Jews for the death of Christ. The persecution of Jews that began in the developing Christian world when lasted their exodus  from the Israel that was under the agri-economic crisis contributed to the cohesiveness and good organization of the Jewish Diaspora in the contemporary world.

The problem for Poland is the cultural backwardness of Catholics maintained by the machine of the Catholic Church, which, for example, is against the migration of other nations to Poland, which may threaten the Catholic financial machine currently operating in Poland that exploits Poles. The arrival of other nations to Poland will create financial competition for Catholics and will decrease the profits of the Catholic Church.

Meanwhile, Polish society has grown old and will not have someone to sustain many pensioners because there is a shortage of people to work, especially young workers. The rescue is only in the sensible opening of Poland’s borders to other nations migrating to Poland and increasing the number of people working in Poland. Detailed proposals on how to solve the problem of disclosure of the Catholic financial machinery and migration of other nations to Poland can be found in the Program of the Decalogue Party available in Polish on my account in WORD PRESS, the Eioba portal and in another sites in the Internet .

Jakuszowice, 25 July 2019, 6:30 AM                                                      Bogdan Góralski

Polish Freedom


I am independent Pole, an independent scientist and I think that my role in the future world is to defeat the enemies of Polish freedom, of Polish freedom tradition. I am conscious of danger from Russian, Chinese and European mafias. They have tried to make me the their slave but I am still independent. My POL-CAT will win this fight for the people and the freedom world.

Warsaw, 27 June 2019, 2:58 b Bogdan Góralski

The algorithm of history or my vision of the Universe

In my earlier works and in the updates of my project “Does human evolution have a purpose?” Appeared the idea of ​​a virtual universe built from a network of quantum computers, which are stellar systems. Star systems are reborn in accordance with the inexorable logic of nature, which is the law directing the course of the history of the Cosmos. The universe does not expand and is a closed object subjected to the law of eternal formation and decay. The virtual consciousness of the universe is supported by the energy of reborn itself star systems. The Law of the Universe is an algorithm ruthlessly directing the course of history to the finale of evolution, which is always the revival of the star system and the reproduction of the energy sustaining the Universe. The course of history is subject to stochastic processes that determine the most probable course of events to the finale, so that the finale is the rebirth of the star system, which is a quantum computer. Each quantum computer, which is a stellar system, has a built-in algorithm that directs the internal process of energy evolution reproducing the history of the star system. In evolution, virtual entities endowed with intelligence (that is biological beings) are used, which are directed by stochastic processes aimed at a definite finale of evolution. The virtual existence of the Cosmos and virtual biological life has a modular structure that allows for the implementation of separate scenarios of history within each module. Stochastic processes determine the most probable course of history for achieving the final of evolution ie. rebirth of a stellar system. Virtual units of biological entities, which are also subject to evolution, are stored in virtual databases of the quantum Universe.

Algorytm dziejów czyli moja wizja Wszechświata

W moich wcześniejszych pracach i w uaktualnieniach mego projektu „Does human evelution have a purpose?” pojawiła się idea wirtualnego wszechświata zbudowanego z sieci komputerów kwantowych, którymi są systemy gwiezdne. Systemy gwiezdne  odradzają się zgodnie z nieubłaganą logiką przyrody, która jest prawem

Kierującym biegiem dziejów Kosmosu. Wszechświat nie rozszerza się i jest zamkniętym obiektem  poddanym prawu wiecznego powstawania i rozkładu. Wirtualna świadomość Wszechświata jest podtrzymywana energią odradzających się systemów gwiazdowych. Prawo Wszechświata jest algorytmem  bezlitośnie kierującym  biegiem dziejów do finału ewolucji, którym jest zawsze odrodzenie systemu gwiazdowego i odtworzenie energii zasilającej Wszechświat. Bieg dziejów podlega procesom stochastycznym, które wyznaczają najbardziej prawdopodobny kierunek wydarzeń tak aby finałem było odrodzenie systemu gwiazdowego, który jest komputerem kwantowym. Każdy komputer kwantowy, który jest systemem gwiazdowym ma wbudowany algorytm kierujący wewnętrznym procesem wirtualnej ewolucji energii odtwarzającym dzieje układu gwiazdowego. W  ewolucji wykorzystywane są  wirtualne byty obdarzone inteligencją (to jest istoty biologiczne), które są kierowane procesami stochastycznymi  zmierzającymi do określonego finału ewolucji. Wirtualne istnienie Kosmosu i wirtualne życie biologiczne ma budowę modułową pozwalającą na realizowanie odrębnych scenariuszy dziejów w obrębie każdego modułu. Procesy stochastyczne określają najbardziej prawdopodobny bieg dziejów dla osiągnięcia finału ewolucji czyli odrodzenia systemu gwiazdowego. Wirtualne byty jednostkowe, które również podlegają ewolucji  są przechowywane w wirtualnych bazach danych  kwantowego Wszechświata.

The main goal of evolution

In the course of the development of human civilization, everything that transcended human understanding, transcended human knowledge was translated as the action of the gods or the one-man god. As human knowledge and technology developed, the range of divine interference in our lives decreased. Currently, most of the so-called ancient religious miracles we can explain using natural mechanisms. My thoughts are dominated by the idea that people will become gods when they understand the social mechanisms that are guided by the laws of the environment around us when they will understand and will apply the laws of the world around us. I am getting ever closer to the idea that we are governed by the natural law built into a virtual environment powered by the energy of reborn stars. Understanding this law governing the wirtual Universe is the task of our civilization and this is the main goal of the evolution of the Earth’s environment.

As I understand the idea of Karl Marx

As I understand the words of Karl Marx: 

Jeder nach seinen Fähigkeiten, jedem seinen Bedürfnissen!,

Everyone according to their abilities, to everyone according to his needs.

These words were the quintessence of Christianity and, like the teachings of Christ, have not yet found widespread application in life. There have been attempts to implement these great ideas, but history has shown how much harm  brought to people during the introduction of Christianity and communism.

I understand the words of Karl Marx as follows:

From everyone according to their abilities – these words indicate that people differ in their natural abilities and everyone must be given a chance to find their place in a society that will satisfy his natural aspirations and allow him to use the talent of being a scholar or politician or just simply worker …

To Everyone according to his needs – means the need to provide people with a job that will enable earnings adequate to the needs of life, which are big when a human is full of strength and energy when he is young and hungry of life,  and the needs are smaller as life forces dismishes and social maturity grow. The value of work will be determined by the labor market.

I understand the words of Karl Marx in such a way that the one who becomes a leader in society will receive a salary adequate to the benefits that he will bring to his subordinates, that is, he will receive a salary, which will be the average earnings of his subordinates. Increasing earnings of subordinates will increase the remuneration of the leader and the decreasing wages of subordinates will bring the leaders a worsening of remuneration for work. The employee will receive a commission for the value of his work as a remuneration which in a comprehensible manner will bind his work performance with the material effects of work and allow him to work so efficiently to satisfy his life needs resulting from the stage of life.

The global trade and services company POL-CAT will be the first place of work where the above-mentioned rules will be peacefully and bloodlessly introduced. The existence and good functioning of POL-CAT will bring about the evolution of a global economic system that will fulfill the idea of ​the ​comfort environment of life for every being.

I think that first of all Karl Marx was wrong in three points:
-we realy need the money as a measure of social utility of man,
-the economic crises are caused by gravitational activity of solar system
-material environment creates consciousnes but in the next stage of development the consciousnes creates new material environment.
But Karl Marx was real genius in syntese of heritage of his epoque. We need go furter in analise of social-economic science in XXI century on the base of modern historical experiences and science.

Warsaw, 9 June 2019, 4:30                               Bogdan Góralski

How to ensure safe private property from hostile takeing over?

How to ensure safe private property from hostile takeing over?

Equal rights in the world of culture and business

The French Revolution conducted under the slogans of “Equality, Freedom and Brotherhood” was in fact a social protest against the mechanisms of inheritance, which enabled through arranged marriages, gathering huge feudal estates. In the French Revolution, feudalism was abolished and the principles of inheritance remained unchanged. This enabled the gathering, by arranged marriages, of huge capitalist fortunes. Marx’s communism and the Russian and Chinese Revolution were directed in reality against the mechanisms of inheritance and introduced state property to the economy. State property could not been taken over for inheritance. The Russian and Chinese Revolutions broke down and private property was restored in the economy, which resulted in the creation of enormous private fortunes. The problem of inheriting these enormous fortunes has arisen again.
Owners of private property and their wives and children are a common goal of manipulation by dishonest people striving to take control of huge private property. There are various techniques of seducing people in order to gain control over private property in which the most common technique is pretend of love to a person with the right to inherit private property. The mechanism of neglecting spouses and children by people forced to look after their business is widespread. Sending to wealthy married couples and their children good lovers and providing them with sexual pleasure is a way to gain property rights resulting from the mechanisms of inheritance. Communist revolutions were a protest against such dishonest social mechanisms and an unsuccessful attempt to organize a world of free love without the existing mechanisms of inheritance. Unfortunately, the world of the communist economy was deprived of an element of competition in the economy, which is a natural human need. The desire to stand out and gain social recognition is a feature of the leaders of civilization progress, and the communist world did not satisfy this human need of social acceptance. That is why the rivalry of communism and capitalism brought disaster to communism and caused civilizational collapse in post-communist countries.
The method of social distinction in capitalism is the gathering of large private property.
The owner of a large estate obtains numerous social privileges, including, for example, a beautiful spouse or spouse providing exciting sex. Unfortunately, it also gains a large group of willing to dishonestly take over this accumulated property.
And I was in the past such an energetic businessman seeking to distinguishing myself the social, but when I realized what it leads to and that they are already willing to take my company dishonestly, I stopped my business and devoted myself to learning to understand the world.
Almost 20 years have passed and the result of my studies is the plan to set up or reactivate my company POL-CAT in such a way that it is protected against hostile takeover and not subject to inheritance. I have developed POL-CAT operating rules that ensure fair social distinction to the founder and each employee and protect the company from hostile takeover, which enables it to operate effectively and profitably in a global human civilization. POL-CAT’s rules of action are the result of my life experience and knowledge of the world accumulated during many years of study and enable a new opening in the world economy, ensuring fair rules of business games in the human world. The POL-CAT rules can be applied to any company to ensure its conditions for the creation and effective development. The social distinguishing for a businessman will depend only on the number and efficiency of employees. I invite you to discuss and improve the operating principles of the POL-CAT-global trade and service company.
Jakuszowice, 28 April 2019, 5:44 Bogdan Góralski

The resurrection of Jesus Christ was a holographic projection

Resurrection of Jesus Christ

We are currently saying that there is a supernatural virtual world that contacts us with the help of virtual and intellectual phenomena that were once difficult to understand without considering modern science and technology. Now we are educated people and we can understand ancient religious phenomena as clarified and understandable facts.

The resurrection of Jesus Christ was technologically possible 2,000 years ago for the technologically advanced virtual civilization that precedes us, that is, the so-called “God”.

In encounters with the apostles, the resurrected Christ was probably animated from the hologram. Ethical virtual civilization being our “God” drew our attention, recreating the hologram with the animated Christ, on the ethical message in the teaching of Christ, which is the crowning of human ethical thought. The synthesis of the ethical thoughts of ancient civilizations presented by Jesus Christ is the work of the entire Jewish nation. My text is an attempt to logically explain the resurrection of man, which in my opinion is impossible. Examples from literature show that people are considering the various “miraculous” facts that have happened to them in their lives. There are certainly various “wonderful” facts. In my opinion, they are evidence of the interference of the supernatural world into our reality. This extrasensory world (in my opinion it is a virtual world) creates our reality. This extrasensory world is ahead of us in development and has long been posses the holographic technology, thanks to which the living figure of Christ was recreated after his death. Other miracles from the Bible, for example, the passage of Jews through the Red Sea, the burning bush, Christ walking on water, etc., were also a holographic simulation. Our civilization is only now using such technology. And what is happening now with the ethics of our civilization? What was the message of Christ? and what was the message of the resurrection? What’s left in us from the ancient ethics of Jesus Christ?

What about we have today???

Tupac Shakur appeared alive at the concert from the hologram, although he was shot in 1996

The American Coachella festival has the reputation of inspiring and breaking stereotypes. This year’s edition, however, exceeded the expectations of even the most demanding fans. During the concert, during which he performed, among others Snoop Dogg, Doggfather, Dr. Dre and Eminem, suddenly appeared on the stage before 100,000 spectators … Tupac Shakur. During the performance, the artist walked around the stage, raised his hands and greeted the audience. He also made one of his most famous songs – “Hail Mary”.
Another rapper – Dr Dre, who was a long-time collaborator of the hip hop legend, was supposed to come up with the idea of Tupac’s revival. The effects were carried out by Digital Domain, which previously worked for m.ni. with David Fincher’s “An Interesting Case of Benjamin Button”. It took four months to recreate the rapper’s silhouette and cost between 100,000 and 400,000 dollars.
Digital Domain representatives in an interview with MTV ensured that they are able to reproduce in the holograms the figure of each long-dead person. This means that in the theoretical concerts we will be able to see Elvis, Freddie Mercury and Michael Jackson.