As I understand the idea of Karl Marx

As I understand the words of Karl Marx: 

Jeder nach seinen Fähigkeiten, jedem seinen Bedürfnissen!,

Everyone according to their abilities, to everyone according to his needs.

These words were the quintessence of Christianity and, like the teachings of Christ, have not yet found widespread application in life. There have been attempts to implement these great ideas, but history has shown how much harm  brought to people during the introduction of Christianity and communism.

I understand the words of Karl Marx as follows:

From everyone according to their abilities – these words indicate that people differ in their natural abilities and everyone must be given a chance to find their place in a society that will satisfy his natural aspirations and allow him to use the talent of being a scholar or politician or just simply worker …

To Everyone according to his needs – means the need to provide people with a job that will enable earnings adequate to the needs of life, which are big when a human is full of strength and energy when he is young and hungry of life,  and the needs are smaller as life forces dismishes and social maturity grow. The value of work will be determined by the labor market.

I understand the words of Karl Marx in such a way that the one who becomes a leader in society will receive a salary adequate to the benefits that he will bring to his subordinates, that is, he will receive a salary, which will be the average earnings of his subordinates. Increasing earnings of subordinates will increase the remuneration of the leader and the decreasing wages of subordinates will bring the leaders a worsening of remuneration for work. The employee will receive a commission for the value of his work as a remuneration which in a comprehensible manner will bind his work performance with the material effects of work and allow him to work so efficiently to satisfy his life needs resulting from the stage of life.

The global trade and services company POL-CAT will be the first place of work where the above-mentioned rules will be peacefully and bloodlessly introduced. The existence and good functioning of POL-CAT will bring about the evolution of a global economic system that will fulfill the idea of ​the ​comfort environment of life for every being.

I think that first of all Karl Marx was wrong in three points:
-we realy need the money as a measure of social utility of man,
-the economic crises are caused by gravitational activity of solar system
-material environment creates consciousnes but in the next stage of development the consciousnes creates new material environment.
But Karl Marx was real genius in syntese of heritage of his epoque. We need go furter in analise of social-economic science in XXI century on the base of modern historical experiences and science.

Warsaw, 9 June 2019, 4:30                               Bogdan Góralski

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