Future Earth’s climate change

Future Earth’s climate change

In previous papers, I wrote about the correlation of changes in the position of magnetic poles and changes in the Earth’s climate. The apparent, seeming motion of the magnetic pole on the surface of the earth is an indicator of the displacement of the earth’s coating (the crust and upper part of the earth’s mantle) around the liquid interior of the earth. The Earth’s coating, which rotates in relation to the ecliptic, notes the changes in the sunlighting of the Earth’s surface, and consequently changes in the location of the climate and precipitation zones.

Today the magnetic pole moves eastward to Siberia. Its present location near the geographic pole causes that the speed of rotation of the earth increases. Because of this, oceanic upwelling decreases and and surface temperatures of ocean is increasing which warming Earth’s climate. This proves the return of the earth’s shell to a position of equilibrium. What will be the further movements of the magnetic pole and the earth’s shell and what will they bring?

If the North Magnetic Pole approaches Siberia, the earth’s coating will move so that Siberia will be close to the axis of rotation of the Earth. The rotational speed of the Earth will then decrease and the oceanic upwelling will increase and the surface temperature of the oceans will decrease. In general, the global climate will cooling down.

The northern part of the Eurasian continent will be in a less sunny and cooler climate, and the southern part will be affected by drought. North America will be in a warmer climate, which in the north of the continent will favor vegetation and the south of the continent will experience drought. North Africa will be in a permanent dry zone and the Sahara will grow green. The climatic zones will shift to the current position of ca. 15 degrees latitude, which will change the spread of vegetation zones. There will be a global increase in the number of earthquakes, especially in the Mediterranean, Central America, the Malay Archipelago and Australia.

In my latest works published on Researchgate, which are in my opinion, evidence of movements Earth’s coating, ie. the crust and the upper mantle, around the Earth’s liquid interior. The shift of precipitation in the USA (50-30 degrees latitude) and India (30-10 degrees latitude) tends to suggest that the precipitation zones seem to migrate. In my opinion rainfall zones have a fixed position relative to the ecliptic, but the movements of the Earth’s coating make India move in or out of the zone 20-5 degrees latitude, where the torrential rain is in the summer, like the USA which are (in and out) of the wet zone of winter precipitation middle latitudes, which causes a cyclical variation of precipitation depends on the movements of the earth’s coating.

These changes will negatively affect food production and human well-being.

To prevent the development of an unfavorable global situation, I described in my book, “Natural History and Climate Change 2017”, an action plan that requires international elites cooperation. It is up to the elites to decide if we can realised this plan.

Warsaw, 24 November 2017, 5:00 pm Bogdan Góralski

Successful act of love with your woman  

Successful act of love with your woman
The meeting a man and a woman usually gives rise to the temptation of the final in a love act. If this love act is successful and ends with ecstasy, the meeting may turn into a permanent relationship. However, achieving the fulfillment in the act of love by both lovers is not easy. Usually, there is a short duration of sexual intercourse that ends with premature ejaculation of the male and lack of orgasm in the woman. Human civilizations have invented many methods of prolonging sexual intercourse with a woman by a man. One of them is permanent removal of the foreskin of the man’s penis, which is commonly used. However, does this solution have no negative consequences? Sometimes removal of the foreskin of a man’s penis is a religious act, for example, among Jews who were identified by the Nazis by missing a foreskin. There is another simpler solution used among Poles. When I was a primary school student and began to develop sexual desires,
I have often talked with my friends about sex. One of them told me that his mother had advised him to uncover his foreskin on his penis and kept his penis stripped that way in his pants. Such a method reduces the sensitivity of the penis to tactile stimuli, which helps to delay ejaculation after some time. I remembered this and after many years I applied this method effectively resulting in a prolonged sexual intercourse. I advised this to my son and today I would recommend it to other young men, that they would have more pleasure during sex, satisfying their woman every time.
Warsaw, 12 April 2018, 16:05 Bogdan Góralski

The resurrection of Jesus Christ

Let’s speak in modern language, that supernatural ethical virtual world exist which contacts with us with the help virtual and intelectual phenomenons which were hard to understand without taking into consideration of modern science and techology. Now we are educated people and we can understand ancient religious phenomenons as the explainable and understable facts.

The resurrection of Jesus Christ was technologically possible 2,000 years ago for the technologically advanced virtual civilization or “so-called God.”
In the meeting with apostles the resurrected Christ was probably enlivened from the hologram. Ethical virtual civilization being our God drew our attention, playing the hologram with the  enlivened Christ, on the ethical message in the teaching of Christ, which is the crowning of human thought. The synthesis of the ethical thought of ancient civilizations presented by Jesus Christ is the work of the entire Jewish nation. We should love Jews for this and not persecute them. It is important that Jews, like Jesus Christ, were ready to give their lives for their faith. My above text is an attempt to logically explain the resurrection of man, which in my opinion is impossible. Examples from literature show that people are considering the various “miraculous” facts that have happened to them in their lives. There are certainly various “miraculous” facts. In my opinion, they are proof of the interference of the supernatural world in our lives. This extrasensory world (in my opinion, the virtual world) creates our reality. This extrasensory world is ahead of us in development and has had a holographic technology for a long time, with the help of which the recording of the Christ after his death and other miracles from his life (walking on water, etc.) were reproduced. Our civilization is only now using such technology. And what about the ethics of our civilization? What was the message of Christ and what was the message of resurrection? What will happen in the future? In my opinion, those in the heavens know where they lead us !!!

What about we have today???

Tupac Shakur appeared alive at the concert from the hologram, although he was shot in 1996

The American Coachella festival has the reputation of inspiring and breaking stereotypes. This year’s edition, however, exceeded the expectations of even the most demanding fans. During the concert, during which he performed, among others Snoop Dogg, Doggfather, Dr. Dre and Eminem, suddenly appeared on the stage before 100,000 spectators … Tupac Shakur. During the performance, the artist walked around the stage, raised his hands and greeted the audience. He also made one of his most famous songs – “Hail Mary”.
Another rapper – Dr Dre, who was a long-time collaborator of the hip hop legend, was supposed to come up with the idea of ​​Tupac’s revival. The effects were carried out by Digital Domain, which previously worked for m.ni. with David Fincher’s “An Interesting Case of Benjamin Button”. It took four months to recreate the rapper’s silhouette and cost between 100,000 and 400,000 dollars.
Digital Domain representatives in an interview with MTV ensured that they are able to reproduce in the holograms the figure of each long-dead person. This means that in the theoretical concerts we will be able to see Elvis, Freddie Mercury and Michael Jackson.

Tupac was not the only one
Tupac is not the first singer to be replaced by a hologram on the stage. In November last year a similar concert took place at the Main Market Square in Krakow. At that time, Mariah Carey appeared to the eyes of the Krakow citizens, to their great astonishment.
Hologram Mariah sang four songs from her repertoire and warmed up the audience, encouraging singing and dancing together.
What’s more, Mariah the same evening, at the same time appeared in four other European cities: Zagreb, Skopje, Frankfurt and Podgorica. Only after her performance it was clear that this unusual event was part of the T-Mobile promotional campaign, and the singer and accompanying dancers are actually holograms.

Warsaw, 27 -30 March 2018, 18:28                Bogdan Góralski


How to avoid the Holocaust again?

How to avoid the Holocaust again?
Jews have been persecuted for the last 2,000 years. Persecution caused a rapid evolution of the Jewish people and they are now a minority able to overcome obstacles, an experienced, well-organized and energetic minority. They are the financial elite of the Western world. The wealth of German Jews who mastered all spheres of German economy caused the outbreak of Hitler’s revolution and the Holocaust. Communism was supposed to be a Jewish way of relative social equality and avoiding persecution caused by wealth, easily achieved by Jews.
The communist system quickly created its elites hated by the rest of society. After the Holocaust and the fall of communism, the Jews assimilated themselves and are again a well-organized social elite of post-communist and European countries. The economic rivalry of Europe and the USA is caused by the ideological conflict of the world of women, which, thanks to the laws of inheritance, dominated America and the world of men reigning on the Eurasian continent. The Eurasian-US conflict may increase because another global economic crisis is rapidly approaching, which will increase international competition. The global crisis will increase social tensions and cause social unrest caused by deteriorating living conditions. The US can use this and through its agents influence bring about another wave of anti-Semitic and anti-Confucian persecution in Europe and China, which will cause the collapse of the Eurasian economy.
I propose to get out of this situation by establishing a global trade and service company POL-CAT, whose egalitarian and effective economic activities will contribute to the discharge of social tension on
Euro-Asian continent and thus avoiding provocative revolutions and persecution.
The method of operation of POL-CAT I presented on Researchgate, Eioba and on my blog – link:

Warsaw, 25 March 2018, 5:40 Bogdan Góralski

I am asking the men: How to think using heart?

I am asking the men: How to think using heart?
When I suddenly felt unhappy yesterday, I thought at once that it was only my inner conviction, the psychic feeling of the unhappiness caused by my ego. When I thought about it, the joy of life and the joy of existence returned to me immediately.
I think my mind, thinking, converting signals from senses connected to the world, told me that I was unhappy but my ego – atman connected with Brahman remained happy all the time. How to be in atman-Brahman state all the time? How to silence the mind? How to think using heart?
I suppose that women mostly think by using the heart, but men mostly using the mind. When partnership between genders is functioning and partnership is full and real, exist in the partnership full understanding complexity of our world, compromis in the understanding of the world, I mean social harmony …
Warsaw, 18 March 2018, 17:00                                        Bogdan Góralski


Who is a Pole?

Who is the Poles?

I am writing this text for my son and my daughter so that they would know that the Pole is that one who love freedom without borders. Freedom in harmony only with God, whoever He is.

Everyone who has a Jewish mother is a Jew. Whoever was born in the USA, Great Britain is an American, British. Who loves his Russia is a Russian. To a Pole who loves to be free, the whole world is home. This is why Poles feel good everywhere and assimilate well in different societies, when they have a bit of freedom. Living without bonds limiting the freedom, without obligation, makes us treat others well, which is why Poles, for example, in the US gain in the career hierarchy middlle places, because this highest level of hierarchy forces the exploitation, enslavement of subordinates, and this is against Polish nature. For Poles the most important are blood ties and they decide about Polish citizenship. Polish blood is present in every corner of the world.

“In my opinion, a patriot is someone who thinks what is to improve in his nation. The nationalist is someone who thinks that his nation is already perfect, “says history professor Timothy Snyder. The wisdom of this statement makes me think about what to restore in Poland from the old Sarmatian heritage to rebuild the ethos of a Polish nation.

In one of the works of the illustrious Feliks Koneczny I read the idea that civilizations differ in the mechanisms of inheritance. Driven by this thought, I searched for the essence of Slavic, Polish civilization and its methods of inheritance. Unfortunately, so far, I know only generalities, this matter requires in-depth studies. Formerly, tribes were constantly migrating and there was among them no personal property other than weapons and clothing. There was a common treasure that was the binder of the tribes. Then people settled and the problem of land use appeared. We know that the land within Polish tribes used to be the common ownership, which was characteristic of the Slavien tribal organization. Among other Slavs (Czechs, Moravians, Serbs, Dalmats, Croats, and Bulgarians) there were also tribal organizations (see among the Russians – obshchina ie. the village community,   liquidated by the Bolsheviks, which name was derived from common ownership of the land – common, communal), in which the elders ruled fully shared ownership .

The land and agricultural belongings are allocated to each separate family as they need for the living. To implement a truly Polish system of inheritance one should rely on the tradition of inheritance by the community, ie introduce voluntarily old rules for the inheritance of the acquired property and passes it on to the society on the end of earning. And that’s how this wealth obtained at the expense of society come back to the society.

King Jan III Sobieski, after winning the enormous estate in the war trophy after defeat the Turks, gave it to Polish society in the foundations he established. Witold Zglenicki (1850-1904), a nobleman of Masovia, gave almost all property for the needs of Polish science after death, and therefore he was called the Polish Nobel. Thanks to it, the Foundation for the Development of Polish Science, the so-called Mianowski’s Fund was established. I myself offered to Polish youth all the rights of my POL-CAT company, which the Jewish mafias wanted to take over because of to   excellence of the POL-CAT in actiion. My knowledge about business makes it possible to establish the largest company in Poland, but this will be the property of only Polish society and will enable full financing for the development of Polish science.

There was not the Marriage in the old Polish society, and the relationship between women and men resulted from their free will and family arrangement. Marriage, in my opinion, arises at the moment of the conception of a descendant and is obligation until to natural death. Such a marriage is a source of happiness for a woman and a man. I myself swore to my wife when she gave birth to my son that I would not leave her until death.

Church marriages in Poland entered into practice only in the sixteenth century and first of all the higher layers of society were subordinated to them. Residents of the villages, however, almost until the beginning of the 19th century (although extremely rarely) used the traditional wedding rite, socially sanctioning the newly founded family. Nowadays, church and civil marriages are often used by various mafias to take over businessmen parents’ property rights, which is why you have to go back to the old Polish tradition of inheritance by the local society. I am divorced myself and I am living with my wife in a free relationship in which we are happy.

Can we restore the foundation of the power of the First Polish Republic – freedom of thought, openness of public life and the strength of the noblese man state – the strength of old Polish elite?

There are no freedom of thought in Poland. Post-communist mafia wielding Polish science destroy all the progresses that appear in Polish science. I experienced it on my own skin. One must gain independent financing for the progressive currents of Polish thought.

Polish nobleses freedom elites were destroyed, expropriated and murdered after subsequent uprisings. When Polish peasants were enfranchisement without compensation (only in Poland) for the lands lost by the nobility, it was the defeat of the Polish nobility. Polish elites were killed during uprisings, wars and occupation. The final catastrophe was the take over of property of the Polish landowners after the Second World War (by the communists controlled from Moscow). The Polish agriculture with its centuries-old heritage recorded in the optimal agricultural structure died with them. In the Program of the Decalogue Party, I have a plan to restore the former social role of the Polish old nobility. I also plan to reward the contemporary Polish professionalism with the new nobles titles.

In the First Republic of Poland, full transparency of public life was in force. All agreements and laws valid for the Republic were approving with the knowledge and consent of the nobleses. Today, in Poland, the rule of secret unions and mafias operating contrary to the Polish raison d’etat has strengthened. It is time to return to open public life and end to sell the Polish raison d’état.

In old Poland, there was pluralism in the worldview. It was allowed to preach all the religion views. An expression of this was, inter alia, the Warsaw Confederation (1573), which legally guaranteed religious freedom in the Republic of Poland.

Poles in the majority were Christian, people seeking to understand and apply the teachings of Jesus Christ. Their fullness and timelessness, as I understand it, are contained in the principle of the Love of the Enemies and the principle of Sharing Bread with the Needy. Their application in practice will ensure prosperity, freedom and peace for all people on Earth. Let’s use them.

To share the bread with the needy you need to have it in excess. Currently, Poland, a country rich in fertile lands, almost no surplus food. Polish agriculture is destroyed despite having great potential of arable land. I assign the task of its reconstruction to the old and the new Polish nobility. This will renew Poland and strengthen Polish industry.

We will build the structure of the Polish state on economically and spiritually independent parishes and religious communities supported by the POL-CAT scientific and business center. This will give the Polish state an optimal flat organizational structure.

I presented the basic assumptions of the new organization of the Polish state. May your freedom and inventiveness fill this skeleton of the Polish State with body and life. Let the Free Poland rise.

The modern world is a predatory conflict of matriarchy and patriarchy. In matriarchy inherits a woman and a man inherits in the patriarchate. The US and Israel matriarchal compete with the rest of the patriarchal world. Sarmaci – the ancestors of the Polish nobility, respecting women but not submitting to them – is part of this conflict. Noble Poles worshiping women, guarding God, honor and Homeland, are for me a model for imitation. Let’s rebuild the old Commonwealth of Polish Republik and make its Sarmatian culture open to positive content. Let us create a new voluntary cultural system in which only society will inherit and in which all energy, including social energy, will be spared and efficient use.

Poland and Polish culture will become truly independent and we Poles will quickly become very usefull for the rest of the world

Bogdan Góralski

Warszawa, dnia 9 April  2013 Translated on 4 August 2019 in Jakuszowice

My idea for the world

My idea for the world lies in:
production is not limited by bans and employees have equal shares in profits in individual production units
Global trade and distribution of services is in the hands of an ethical world elite gathered in POL-CAT INTERNATIONAL enterprise that supports ethical manufacturing enterprises

Warsaw, 10 March 2018, 12:40                  Bogdan Góralski

Is the Solar System a quantum computer? Virtual reality of the world in the eternal emptiness

Is the Solar System a quantum computer?

The following record is a record of intuition maturing in me for years. Was crystallized by under the influence of reading books on physics of the modern world (Wadhawan 2010) and is a logical consequence inference, test results, known basic principles of physics. The thesis that the solar system is a quantum computer is very bold, so I will try to present logical reasoning to confirm such a hypothesis First, some quotes:

“Szilard. constructing a theoretical engine (1929, 1964), showed the relationship between entropy and information. He showed that the entropy associated with the unit of information, namely one bit is k log 2. Observation of the particles illuminating photons entail expenditure of energy. This was consistent with the Szilard belief that to obtain a given amount of information constitutes a certain amount of entropy producing” (Wadhawan, 2010: 50).

Shannon entropy S is the quantity the negative Shannon information I (I = – S). The minus sign reflects the fact that entropy is a measure of ignorance or lack of information (“missing information”) and its negative value, ie. The negative entropy or negentropy is a measure of the available information (Wadhawan 2010: 42).

A system is more orderly by the etics the amount of information contained therein is larger, and the lower the entropy.

The work of Rolf Landauer of thermodynamic data determined that the data processing operations, such as copying from one device to another, are like measurements: one device obtains information about the status of the other. (…) Landauer argued that the various logical states of the computer must correspond to different states physical computer equipment (hardware). For example, removal of the n-bit memory is equivalent to compression of the number of logic states into a single, similar to the piston compressing a gas. It follows from this that one can not erase the memory register without generating heat, and add entropy to the environment in an irreversible way.

Landauer identified several thermodynamically irreversible operations. They all remove information about the past state of the computer, i.e. they are “logically irreversible”. The step of erasing memory in a Szilard engine is logically irreversible. It squeezes (destroys) specific information about the particle being left (or right) to the state “I do not know”. Therefore, the motor can not reset the memory to a pure state without adding at least one entropy bit to the environment. This in turn turns the work done by the piston into heat. Nothing comes for free! Thus, the explanation of why Szilard’s engine, as well as Maxwell’s demon, does not violate the second law of thermodynamics is that to “see” a particle the engine or demon must first forget the results of previous measurements, and this fact of rejection is costly in thermodynamic terms.

At the end, we can now give a little differently formulated the answer to the question “Why Earth’s complexity is increasing constantly?” The answer is that this happens because the sun is bombarding our ecosphere information (in the form of radiation negative entropy), of which a part is stored or trapped in increasingly complex ways. As more and more stores information increases complexity. Tribus and McIrvine (1971) estimated that the sun radiates into space ~ 1,6×10 15 megawatt-hours of energy. This has the ability to reduce the entropy (the average temperature of the Earth) of ~ J 3,2×1022 per Kelvin per year; or 1038 bits per second. In decreasing entropy is stored information, and therefore increases the complexity (Wadhawan, 2010: 50-51).

The end of the existence of the solar system- SS, which in the ecosphere gathered information is logically erase the information stored in the SS. According to the thesis Landauer, that you can not erase information from memory without generating heat to the environment, it creates a huge amount of heat transforming the matter of the SS in a cloud of gas, which then creates a new solar system with the erased memory and a huge entropy. System is characterized in a great initial energy. In accordance with the principle of Shannon = – S, increasing the amount of information in a new arrangement which reduces the entropy of the system, increasing its arrangement. Decreasing the entropy of the new SS requires the depletion of energy star, which transforms the information accumulated by the system until you reach the limit of available energy star, corresponding to the same time limit the size of information – awareness of the solar system, which is awareness of its ecosystem.

The end of the Solar System – SS, which accumulated information in the ecosphere, is logically erasing information gathered in the Solar System. According to Landauer’s thesis, that information can not be erased from memory without generating heat to the environment, it generates huge amounts of heat transforming SS matter into a gas cloud, which then forms a new solar system with erased memory and huge entropy. This system is characterized by enormous initial energy. According to the principle of Shannon I = -S, the amount of information in the new system increases, which reduces the entropy of the system, increasing its order. Decreasing the entropy of the new SS requires the depletion of the star’s energy, which is transformed into information collected by the system until the boundary of the available star energy is reached, which at the same time corresponds to the magnitude of information-self-consciousness of the Solar System, which is the consciousness of its ecosystem.

Natural end of the solar system resets the memory of a logical system causing another cycle of birth. So we see that the birth of a new solar system are in fact the creation of a quantum computer control life processes. The Sun is the heart of this system giving energy, which is pure knowledge, awareness growing by cosmic principles that once at the end of history we discover. We will discover these principles so that through it develop into an ethical consciousness – pure energy driving the resurgent quantum computer – our Solar System. Such thinking undermines the second law of thermodynamics, according to which it is not possible existence of a perpetual motion machine of the second degree. In my opinion it is likely theorem:

A perpetual motion machine of the second type is a quantum computer, where the excellent conversion of heat to work is employed intelligenceguided nature of societies.

The question is what happens with “old” solar system? Probably it is copied to the computer system of a higher order, which is gaining from this operation the energy required to sustain the information of God.

Jakuszowice, dnia 15 August 2013 roku godzina 7:13.  Bogdan Góralski

Virtual reality of the world in the eternal emptiness
In the chapter entitled “Our solar system is a quantum computer?” https://www.researchgate.net/publication/312191308_Is_Solar_System_a_quantum_computer, which is part of the Polish book entitled “Natural history and climate change” suggest that the universe is made up of virtual worlds like star systems, and the stellar processes in fact are flows of information in the network stellar supercomputers. The condition for accepting of the concept of the virtual world is the need to prove that the thought being a manifestation of the sun’s energy affects the material world.
Such evidence can be found in the world of modern computer games created by the result of the influence of Sun’s energy. Power supplying computers and the human minds creating software and games, are a manifestation of the energy of our Sun. In the computer game called World of Warcraft, a popular in the world, players contacting by the Internet, gain a virtual game a different artifacts, which they then sell for real money in our world. Other players that buy them and use them in the game enlarge the capacity of virtual character of their figures.
Various computer games offer for a genuine charges to avoid tedious grinding – the boredom of repetitive operations to gain points in the virtual game. This is the fact that the evidence of existing and functioning coupling of our real world with the virtual world existing in computers. Virtual facts are converted to real values in our world that is, the life energy of the players in the games is expressed in the real money.
Similar coupling can function between our real world-which is in fact a virtual manifestation of solar energy, and the world of the previous, in which computers operates and deliver us energy of the Sun. Only Energy- which is the profit from the created virtual world, therefore our world exist to provide entertainment and energy to our creators, until we create our own virtual world plays our bygone reality. The world in the world, an endless stream of consciousness and eternal life in the next incarnations here-human destiny in the world of energy subtleties, called life.
Warszawa, dnia 17 stycznia 2015 godzina 20:00 Bogdan Góralski


How to ensure good quality of life to every man?

How to ensure good quality of life to every man?

Contemporary social mechanism rely on distribution of society on elites and social masses. Belonging to the elites ensures high standart of life and there is only one worry-how to be a member of elite for ever. We see so then tending to become a member of the higher class, tending to stay in elites and no more else positive results for the society. The society that does not encourage to the trying of improving of quality of life of the social masses is in stagnacy and is going to the revolution.When the revolution takes place, the elite changes, everything starts again. The old social mechanism leads to the distribution of the society for those they are the better and the worse. The concern only for ensuring the material status for the society leads to nowhere since human appetites are unlimited. There must be a complete change in the model of life and the model based on consumerism must partly go away. Consumerism as a pattern of behavior must be replaced by a different social model that ensures the development of the quality of life for all citizens. Quality of life is achieved through social security and social recognition. The greatest wealth and the highest social recognition will be achieved by people who are able to create new jobs. Those who are capable of business leadership, creative and perceptive in realizing social needs, should achieve social recognition and money by providing the average citizen with social security necessary to develop and achieve social recognition. The new development model achieved in this way (an example will be POL-CAT) will ensure social harmony and steady progress. Despite the fact that everyone in POL-CAT is to earn the same, then there is no obstacle to set up new businesses during their free time from work in POL-CAT (or other similarly operating enterprise), multiply jobs and achieve new incomes. It all depends on education, talents and experience. You can set up any number of well-organized businesses and get money for retirement at the age of 40, or perhaps earlier. You will need to ensure your employees good wages and working conditions, and organize your work so that the company develops itself. This will result in oversupply of jobs and employees will gain social security. Employees will be motivated and satisfied with the work. Money earned in organizing more and more new businesses will be fully deserved and will be a measure of social excellence and a reason for pride and social recognition. Everyone will be motivated to work efficiently and effectively for their own and social good. Emerging new enterprises will be supported in development and growth by the trade and service company POL-CAT (for mode of operating of the POL-CAT see: link: https://www.researchgate.net/publication/318239955_Mode_of_operation_of_POL-CAT_SA).

For helping the people in doing businesses POL-CAT INTERNATIONAL will be responsible( as a provider goods and services) and banking sector.

In that case, how to avoid consumerism in our lives? In order to achieve moderation in the use of the charms of consumer whims, one must first satisfy them. After a stage of consumptionism, in a natural way there is a tendency in the human’s behaviour to spareing all forms of energy. Let us young people enjoy life and consumption, maturity (spareing of the energies) will come alone without any orders. So formed society will be ethical of its own will, and that’s the point.

Developed countries are those with a developed sector of services for the population. In order to provide services well, you need a good supply of goods and know-how.
Developing countries need support for the service sector. POL-CAT INTERNATIONAL as a supplier of goods and know-how for the services sector will support the development of services sector in developing countries.
The optimal system for agriculture is a feudal system, the basics of which are based on the farming aid provided by the feudal lord to the lessee of agricultural land. This system should be introduced in countries where large agricultural property is currently dominating. POL-CAT INTERNATIONAL will support landowners in introducing an agricultural system based on management on small plots of land. This will allow the migration of hundreds of millions of peasants from overcrowded countries to countries of great agricultural ownership and the introduction of modern and intensive farming.

Warsaw, 7 March 2017, 22:00                                         Bogdan Góralski

A miracle of the nature…


Heb je wel eens een zeepbel zien bevriezen? ❄Nu wel!

Opublikowany przez Voyage Privé na 21 stycznia 2018

The causes of the conflict the man, the woman

Euro-Asian land is a homeland of Neanderthales and their culture is dominatig there to this day. Culture of Homo sapiens sapiens from USA are in attack on the Euroasian continent and try to capture power over the Neanderthales so we see the conflict of interest. My task is to bring to the compromis od both cultures and I think that establishing global trade-service enterprise POL-CAT is such a compromis. My article below was written many years ago and I think this explain the weight of problem that affect us and on the contemporary world.

Warsaw, 3 March 2018, 11:00                           Bogdan Góralski

The causes of conflict, the man, the woman.


The cause of male-female conflict are different mechanisms of inheritance of property.

Author: Bogdan Góralski


The fate of the solar system traversing the galaxy condition life on Earth and the development of human civilization. Climate change resulting from changes in the magnetic activity of the sun diversified human population on derivatives:

Homo sapiens neandertalensis (HSN) – educated in cold climates,

and Homo sapiens sapiens (HSS) – educated in warm climates.


Studies have shown that the features of of Neanderthals survived in modern human populations indicate their mixing with the population of Homo sapiens sapiens. Neanderthals had larger brains than HSS and the habit of team activities imposed by environmental conditions. They were a population of hunters dominant role of men. Their women were probably common property of men. They had a more massive body structure compared to Homo sapiens sapiens (HSS), probably more aggressive disposition (higher levels of testosterone) and higher sexual appetites due to high protein meat diet.

HSN males probably had probably the progeny of women HSS, which was the ancestor of modern humans with Neanderthal features. This resulted in differentiation of the human population to that of the dominant features of HSN and that of the dominant features of the HSS. Hereditary and derivatives cultural characteristics of social behavior existed in both human populations.

In populations with the features HSN teamwork dominated culture men. The populations HSS was a significant predominance of women’s culture and individual action. In my analysis I focus on the analysis of observations of modern life, which indicate the most important features of both populations clearly now culturally diverse. Observations indicate the social dualism within a nation characterized by community Ashkenazi and Sephardic -Hsn -Hss among the Jews, and Confucian and Taoist -Hsn -Hss among the Chinese.

Ashkenazi community and Confucian (northern China) developed a type of male culture characterized by joint action of the organized community of men and subordinate women. Sephardic community (?), And Taoist cherish the individual actions of a greater role of women in the community. Community Sephardic come from Africa and Taoist from the warm southern China, where environmental conditions allow individualism and survival by working only one family.

Both communities HSS and HSS now compete for primacy in the human world and that is why we observe in it two social tactics of achieving that aim – organized interaction of men and women opposing organized cooperation aimed at gaining superiority and domination over the world.

In the HSN community survival provides the knowledge of a man serving male superior community, whose influence and power provide material position individual members. Ownership of a man inherits. Community is focused on reducing private property, because this creates for the men the risk an early death from the hand of women and their children because of the mechanisms of inheritance.

Community HSN specializes in achieving the benefits of salaried social service safety old age. Childcare assumed by the State providing crèches, nursery schools, free education. The state exist because there is a demand for jobs in which competencies are not checked by the market. Such a job is a specialty men HSN. Community, led by the men provides all egalitarian living conditions. Examples of such communities are national organization led by men of China, Russia, Iran.

The HSS community, of which I have very little knowledge, a woman inherits property, and she won a fortune favorably by marrying a rich man or inherit property from their parents. In this community counts individual success of the family, progeny aimed at achieving maximum profits out of the business of private security secure old age. This tactic results from a mother’s love, which had always care for progeny often abandoned by selfish fathers. Women beheld that it inherited from the husband and father business will further profitable.

To bring up two children today in Poland have to earmark more than 125 000 dollars, and in addition you have to provide them an apartment that costs a similar amount. Meeting that kind of money, beyond the cost of living, it requires prosperous private company serves the needs of the community as a full-time job such gains will not provide, unless assisted corruption. Society with a predominance of of women will develop a market economy with a dominant elite private sector. Examples of such communities are the US, Australia, UK, Taiwan. Poland is a mix of both systems.

The proposal of a new social system.

I suggest a different strategy of social inheritance of property by the public. Fortune (enriching society) gained individually, but with public support, after the business will provide us a prosperous old age, returning again to the public. Adult children are taken into care by the society, which will enable them to start a business meet those social needs.Then we create optimal conditions for the development of children and human civilization. The principle of inheritance by society will be the choice of the spouses’ penchant – will increase among the people the meaning of love, what is most important in the development of our civilization. Focus on bringing up children is forcing parents to make an effort – you need to earn a lot of money. This should be by all means supported by the social environment, which can thus survive, enrich and develop.

Ownership is a resource of energy gathered by an individual in order to carry out the tasks of life, ie. the extension and improvement of the reproduction of society to protect the individual.

Energy is not limited no one and no one can her homestead, everything is based on energy flows in society, which must not be withheld old mechanisms of inheritance.

Energy balance collected and donated by a man from the society should be greater than or equal to zero. Then society will continue developing the civilization in which you have to apply the principle: I will have a lot of if and you’ll be rich. To achieve this you need to put in place rules to enable the widespread wealth creation and it is possible.


The Nobel Prize in Economics in 2001 awarded Akerlofowi, Spencer, Stiglitz for to prove that the free market there is an asymmetry of information (Kolodko 2013: 130) suggests the need for a government regulator removing this asymmetry of knowledge. My proposal to establish the existence of the organization POL-CAT, owned exclusively by  workers, whose task is to supply the market with the means to produce and allocate the entire profit for scientific research, is essentially an initiative to establish a global business controller.


As proven by my research, global warming increases the prosperity of the market and dominates the market, and the role of the state is weakening. During the cool climate there is a downturn, increasing the role of government and state in public spending creating demand stabilizing but enlarging debts state. POL-CAT is to be the market regulator lowers the price of supplies during the crisis downturn as demand continues. POL-CAT raise the price of supply during the boom to realize profits and fund research. Working in POL-CAT offering all verified qualitatively world production will provide young workers to gain market knowledge of the needs of human civilization and allow establishing their own market service or manufacturing company satisfying these needs. Market satisfies human needs and requires a certain amount of supervision to ensure compliance with the humanitarian and ethical criteria.

Efficient market requires a good, simple and respect the law. This law is the principle of saving any energy. Respecting the law by the citizens limits the role of the state. The opening of the economy to the outside also limits state interference. POL-CAT is a company open to the world and by applying the universal global right.

Currently, in the industrialized countries of the West, disappears as a result of the depopulation of the employer-employee conflict, and production is shifting from the West to the East, where this conflict is constantly growing. There is a new urgent problem of social-conflict producer versus consumer foods. Avoid this conflict can only be bringing in poor Asian and African farmers to Western countries to develop modern feudal system of agriculture and increase food production. This requires the development of a universal ethic for such created societies to ensure their harmonious coexistence. This ethic should ensure equal rights for men and women.

If we can harmonize the spheres of men and women of our global society will become more just and strong in ensuring universal happiness. Barriers between civilizations due to the different methods of solving conflict of interest between a man and a woman. Man strives to knowledge and a woman to love. The harmonious blend of man and woman, knowledge and love of our society will give enormous power – the powerful energy of the new star, which will provide further life to us and the next world.

The new world will be the crowning achievement of the evolution of our world, its fulfillment. It will be another element of the eternal chain of entities located in the final the act of a harmonious combination of knowledge and love, intelligent and loving connection between man and woman. In this new world you can easily will find Poles women adoring and loving science. The aim of the Polish nation in the world is to introduce equality of women and men in the way of both love and knowledge.

With God’s help I established with my wife Maria exemplary marriage. Our lives embody the ideal union of a man and a woman. Man having gained knowledge keeps his wife and children to educate, and then after raising children, spouses change their roles and the wife keeps her husband, and he is devoted to science in the service of society. Then both of them, serving the public and providing him with the fruits of their life, protect his old age. Such a Polish family creates social progress and civilization. Poles, drawing from the world’s best models, they should develop their original culture to create it for other nations. The development pattern of Polish culture is, after our destiny.

According to the Chinese Book of Changes I-Ching (Wilhelm 1995), the whole being formed by conversion and mutual game of two elementary power – female power “in” and male power “yang”. Also, Indian sankhji-yoga implies a harmonious correlation puruszy- pure consciousness embody the masculine, with nature, Prakriti materials embodying feminine. It is certain that the harmony between the feminine and masculine strength of the force will bring peace and development to the world. This harmony and love happens when we apply the principles in the life of Jesus Christ- love of enemies and the sharing of bread to be selfless acts of salvation introducing in our world right saving any energy.

This article is the end of my book entitled “Natural history and climate changes”, published in the Internet.

Warsaw, on 1 July 2013. Bogdan Góralski

Translated by Google Translate on 22 November 2015.




The competition between descendants of Homo sapiens sapiens and Homo neanderthalensis

I think Jesus Christ was killed because He was the lider of the Jevish revolution of Pharisees against Romans and pro-Romans Jewish elites, I mean the Sadducees. Jesus Christ was Pharisee and was loved by others Pharisees, so he can be named the King of Jewishs, who wanted overcome inside-jewish’s ideological conflict. The conflict between Jewish financial elite and Phariseses last to this day and it lay the shadow on the all the world. I wonder who will resolve it?
I think that inside-jewish’s conflict is similar to inside-chinese’s conflict between taoists and confucianists. Both the ideological conflicts are result of the competition between descendants of Homo sapiens sapiens and Homo neanderthalensis which is present all over the world according to my articel The conflict between the man, the woman- link : https://www.researchgate.net/publication/284352857_The_causes_of_conflict_the_man_the_woman.

This is the real cause of unhappiness in all our world. Who will overcome this conflict?


Can we develop a harmonious global ethical system  based on the philosophical achievements of Jesus Christ?

The presence of elements of European, Asian, African philosophies in the ideology of Jesus Christ

Project goal: Working out the foundations of the global system of ethic .


I my opinion Jesus Christ was born as a human being and became God because God is the only being.

Jesus Christ had been meting the culture of many civilizations and his teaching was a synthesis of these cultures. We should find the sources of this synthesis.

Jesus Christ teaching is not a religion, this is an ideology that lead us to better future, to better use of our abilities, to lives in a beauty of our world. We need ideology of Jesus Christ in our everyday life to become wise men, a men loving our all world.

Whatever we can say of Jesus Christ doctrine, ideology, teaching we need to think about His teaching as continuity of teaching the former Prophets from our History. Jesus Christ was last one in long series of Great Philosophers and he understood that we do not should only speak about people behavior. Not just talk about how to live, but live according to  learning of yours. Jesus Christ show us by yourself as the border of conscious entity love – sacrificing ourselves for the good of others. We do not have any other choice in our life because whatever we do we follow Jesus Christ and we need to understand it. His teaching was full of human knowledge, nothing more could be added. We need to apply it in our daily life. But the problem is to show how Jesus Christ used the teaching the former Prophets from Europe, Asia and Africa? I think we should together consider the process of penetration of cultures in antiquity. I think it is a great challenge for modern science to show that our thinking is going to the synthesis of human knowledge – the science of sacrificing our weaknesses for a common better future. Prophet Mohammad was also the great philosopher who understood rightfulness of every religion and he taught to worship to all religions.


The case is simple: If you can love your enemies you can achieve  everything as a human being because you are a Christian and you can  avoid unnesessery suffering. It took a long road of evolution of philosophy and Christ made a synthesis of many philosophy and to bring about a revolution that continues today. I am a participant of this revolution.

Christ ideology ig going to honest life, to honest political system with leaders conscious the our purposes….

Jesus Christ has transformed Buddha teaching of pain, suffering. Jesus Christ taught that you should not avoid suffering, you should suffer voluntarily and  in this way you will reach the happiness. Jesus Christ show us by own example us the way to the earthly and eternal happiness. I follow His road.

Recently I confessed that I think all my suffering that I had in my life owe only to myself and to my ignorance. I did not know what I was doing i my life. In this way, I admit the reason to teaching the Socrates and Buddha and Jesus Christ. However, my sufferings motivated me to pursue self-education and spirit and ethics development, so my suffering caused a positive effect. This confirms the rightfulness of the teaching of Jesus Christ.


I did not know what I was doing. Everyone can say this. Our story is a long chain of acts of ignorance. The higher position of the ignoramus in the social hierarchy is, the higher the damage is done to the society. There is only one way to break the ignorance- development of knowledge among all society and especialy ameng the political elites…

Aeschylus ( 525-456 BC) was an ancient Greek tragedian. He is often described as the father of tragedy. He claimed that suffering is a teaching.

There is an excerpt from Polish version of Wikipedia:

The Aeschylian model of reality is therefore subordinate to ethical-religious ideas. This model is based on the belief that the world is governed by divine justice, and the key deities that form it are Zeus, Mojra, and Dike. God and human justice are here in close relationship. Both of they  rely on faith in order, which can only be controlled through suffering…

Jesus Christ fulfilled the message of Aeschylus and imitated the figure of Job (in Polish HIOB) from Hebrew Old Testament.

The system of laws of the Decalogue of Moses was probably an abbreviation of the 42 laws of the Egyptian goddess Maat (http://maatlaws.blogspot.com/). Moses, who was brought up and shaped by the culture of ancient Egypt, simplified the Egyptian law so that the excess of prohibitions would not prevent the Israelites from exercising their rights. The law must be simple and understandable to be performed. Jesus Christ was shaped by the Decalogue of Moses, the source of which was ancient Egypt. In addition, the society of ancient Israel was organized into small local communities, whose tradition of organization came from the Babylonian captivity.


During Christ’s life, overcrowded Judea has suffered a great drought. His ideology was a reaction to the social needs which was the result of the crisis in agriculture and society.

Philosophical-religious systems have been creating depending on the natural environment of the country. An example is China in which the extremes of Confucianism and Taoism have developed. This is described in the quote quoted:

Confucius’s thought was born of a rather poore land. In his homeland, the small principality of Lu, located in the central, continental part of today’s Shandong province, he was able to observe the struggles of man with unfriendly nature from his youngest years, constant fights with floods and any excess water. The rocky land of the higher parts of Shandong is little fertile and reluctantly give crop. Every cultivation requires harmonization of efforts, in common, it is social action. It is not easy to wield a land where hunger was not uncommon and whose people are ready for rebellion. Such thoughts had to direct Confucius’s attention to the social life, to seek answers to the question of what our place in society is, how the ruler should rule and what part of his subjects should be involved in these governments.

Taoists claim that the less govern, ingerence of the  prince the better condition of society. Taoists ideal is self governents of small local communities and Jesus Christ take en examples from taoists teaching and creates his small  communities, which makes the lives of poor people easier from  Judea.

Can we develop a harmonious global ethical system based on the philosophical achievements of Jesus Christ?


Philosophy – (ancient Greek φιλοσοφία from: ancient Greek φίλος – love and ancient greek σοφία – wisdom, translated as “love of wisdom”) – systematic and critical reflections on basic problems and ideas, striving to know their essence, as well as a comprehensive understanding of the world.


Wise love will give us energy that will ensure eternal life for us and for future generations


Zoroastrianism and Jesus Christ beliefs

An excerpt from Polish Wikipedia:

Zoroastrianism is derived from the original beliefs of Indo-European peoples living in the area of present northern Iran. Muslims call her followers the worshipers of the fire. The Holy Book of Zoroastrian is Awesta, the most important part of which is Gaty, according to the beliefs written by Zoroaster himself (see: Aestean language). Zoroastrianism was a state religion in the existing Sassanid empire in contemporary Iran and Iraq. He exerted a significant influence on Judaism, and through him also on Christianity and Islam, and according to some religious scholars there are serious premises to claim that such basic principles of religion as the Last Judgment, the soul’s wandering after death to hell or heaven, faith in the existence of the devil and the arrival of the messiah arose under the strong influence of Zoroastrianism.

Zoroaster claimed that if we have good thoughts, good speach, good deeds this give us a happy life.

Confucius thought and peace

Józef Marzęcki, Religious-Philosophical Systems of the East, Scholar, Warszawa 1999, p.140, quote:

Zeng Shen, the continuity of Confucius’ thought, considered to be the author of the Great Science (DAXUE, actually dated at the turn of the third and second centuries before Christ), is part of the Siddhya (Sishu), thus portraying a way a man to perfection:

Great learning path leads to enlightenment. Enlightened virtue consists in the affection of the people, by refraining from desires and goods. The wise refrain leads to having confidence. Confidence leads to calm. Calm leads to peace. Peace leads to a state of concentration. Focus brings prosperity. Things have roots and vertices, things have a beginning and an end. Knowing what was before and after, is a rule close to Tao. The ancients wished enlightenment. Enlightened virtue desires greatness. The largest ones first rule their own state. Desiring to govern their own country, they first achieve the prosperity of their own family.The desires of the good of the family first fix themselves. Those who want to fix themselves first improve their minds. Those who want to improve their mind first control their own thoughts. Wanting to control their own thoughts first expand their own knowledge. Enhanced knowledge consists in recognizing things. Recognition of things leads to the highest knowledge. The highest knowledge leads to a certain thought. A certain thought leads to the reformed mind. Reformed mind leads to improving ourselves. We corrected we bring to the prosperity of the family. The prosperity of the family leads to the rule of law. A law-governed state leads to the heavens that bring balance. Starting from the emperor until down to the ordinary people, minds must take care of the roots. You can not destroy the roots, but you have to take care that the growing tree is well cultivated. It can not be so that what is important is neglected, and at the same time what is not important to be taken care of. This is called learning the roots, it is called the highest knowledge.

I said : “The righteous prince, the righteous king, the elect of the heavens, should ensure the harmony and co-operation of all communities and all religions by bringing to Earth the Order in the pattern of the established laws of the Universe, which will ensure the harmonious development of the earthly communities to the attainment of the


Love of enemies and peace in teaching of Jesus Christus

The Greek thinker and farmer Hezjod (VII century BC) already praised peace and agricultural struggle before the war.

Religions are looking for peace in Assisi

“No more hate! No more war! No more terrorism! Let every religion in the name of God give the earth justice and peace, forgiveness and life, love! “(Pope John Paul II).

ASSIS, January 24, 2002. Representatives of various religions from around the world gathered to jointly pray for peace – a peace that threatens terrorism, intolerance and injustice. The meeting was announced by the Pope some two months after the collapse of the famous twin towers in New York. Many religious leaders enthusiastically accepted the invitation of the Vatican.

Earlier, twice – in 1986 and 1993 – at the initiative of the Pope, a day of prayer for peace was organized in the same Italian city. * In 2002, more than a thousand journalists from many countries watched the congress. The prayers were attended by representatives of various religions: Christianity (including Catholics, Lutherans, Anglicans, Orthodox, Methodists, Baptists, Pentecostals, Mennonites and Quakers), as well as Islam, Hinduism, Confucianism, Sikhism, Jainism, tenri-kyo movement, and Buddhism, Judaism, traditional African religions, Shintoism and Zoroastrianism. There were also delegates of other religions and a representative of the World Council of Churches.


Love Your Enemies

Jesus said to his disciples: You have heard that it was said, You will love your twin, and you will hate your enemy. And I say to you, Love your enemies, and pray for those who persecute you; So you will be the sons of your Father who is in heaven; Because He causes His sun to rise above the evil and the good, and He sends rain on the just and the unjust. For if you love those who love you, what reward will you have? Do tax collectors do not do it? And if you only greet your brethren, what special do you do? Do not the heathen do it? So be perfect, how perfect is your heavenly Father (Mt 5,43-48).

The text of the Gospel was too radical for me when I was younger. Love your enemies? … But after years I confessed to Christ. Thanks to our enemies we become better. Why…??? Thanks to our enemies we have the motivation to live and fight. Enemy means a conflict that forces the preparation for the final battle. We know the enemy then, we are perfect to face him. If we have to win we must outdo the enemy. We begin to educate ourselves to understand the enemy in order to understand the hostile world around us. We collect information about him and this way we learn about the causes of the conflict. We begin to understand the behavior of the enemy and start to sympathize with him. We become more perfect than when we did not have the enemy and were sluggish in complacency. And as we are better or stronger than the enemy then we pity on him and we reach for his consent. We see the nonsense of victims of the struggle and see the possibility of peaceful exit from conflict. The agreement is still enforced by our advantage. We win the war without launching it. So did the ancient Chinese. It is wise to win the war without launching it. Let’s love our enemies because they make us perfect.

Let’s love our enemies because they make us perfect.

We owe them our perfection achieved through conflict.

Let us be grateful and love them for what they did to us.

This was taught by Christ 2,000 years ago. What would the world be if they listened to Him … ???

God is perfect but does it mean that He has an enemy too???

Warsaw, 2013 -2017 Bogdan Góralski

How did Jesus Christ solve the problem of inheriting property ???

According to the Apostolic Letters, early Christian communities were accepting new believers when they offered all their property to the community. Christian communities were providing members with protection against hunger and lawlessness that prevailed in Judea at that time. Probably the transfer of all property to the Christian community was a new solution to the problem of property inheritance, which causes so many problems today. I think that a global company POL-CAT, which no one will inherit, will dispel many problems of the modern world and become a common property of the global community.

POL-CAT can not be taken over

The harmony between man and woman will occur when we change the mechanisms of inheritance of property. The POL-CAT Global Enterprise is proposing to change the inheritance system. POL-CAT can not be taken over.

Global peaceful revolution

In the text “Mode of operation of POL-CAT” I write that employees of this company will have equal share in profits. Why? Because it will force everyone to work hard to increase the company’s income. There will be no financial elite in this enterprise. This is revolution. Either equal wealth or equal to poverty…

I follow Jesus Christ creating the mode of operation of POL-CAT.

Jesus Christ said, “You know that the rulers oppress the people, and the great ones let them feel their advantage. It should not be between you. If any one of you wants to be great, let him be your servant. And if any one of you wants to be first among you, let him be your slave. (Matthew 20: 25-27). I follow Jesus Christ creating the mode of operation of POL-CAT.

Jesus Christ teaching is not a religion, this is an ideology that lead us to better future, to better use of our abilities, to lives in a beauty of our world. We need ideology of Jesus Christ in our everyday life to become wise and loving men, a men loving our all world.


You have to follow Jesus Christ now to be happy

Jesus Christ, by his teaching, restored faith in the perfection of our world and with his sacrifice showed us the way to happiness, erased the original sin of Adam and Eve. They reached for fruit from the tree of knowledge of good and evil, they doubted the given world and began to perceive good and bad sides in it. Meanwhile, they are an essential element of our world and lead us in the process of evolution to perfection similar to the perfection of creators of our living environment. The sacrifice of suffering and the life of Christ is a commentary of his perfect philosophy – voluntary suffering brings eternal happiness. His last lesson: Share bread for His memory (Bible 1998: Luke 22:19), contains the final wisdom of his message, because 15 years of my studies led me to the same conclusion that only the abundance of food allow to avoid wars and revolutions and ensures harmonious development of societies and their culture. Other evangelists quote the words of Christ. Share bread and wine for my remembrance – this is a call to vegetarianism so far overlooked in the teaching of Christ. Enough of bread means a worthy life, wine means life full of good fun. Sharing bread and wine will ensure a dignified and happy life.

The meaning of our life is in voluntary suffering for the benefit of others and it is in it the fullness of the joy of existence. Christ’s teaching and sacrifice showed us unbounded faith in the perfection of our world against Adam’s doubt. Christ was indifferent to the threat of death on the cross. He fulfilled his mission and trusted God completely.

Christ pointed out that the service of the rabbis is no longer necessary and He has established His representatives among the simple people – the Apostles of the New News: the Law is simple and understandable – Love your enemies and share your bread and wine – suffer voluntary for the good of others.

Like the idea of vegetarianism, Christ drew from Hinduism and Buddhism, so the idea of voluntary suffering could have been borrowed from the Taoism. One of principles of Taoism is to recommend to creatures voluntarily to belittle itself. Christ has brought this principle to the limits of human possibilities, sacrificing the dignity and inviolability of his person for the good of all beings. He humbly humbled himself and joined with the Absolute by this deed.

Christ was an ideal, a perfect but incomprehensible philosopher and teacher. He raised to the pedestal a despised women, which was almost a sacrilege. The women saved the memory of him and preserved in the memory of generations the worship of the Teacher. The women have been carried their cross and were the strongest support of the Church of Christ.

He was with us 2,000 years ago when the climatic crisis impoverished the people of  Judea, but  He was not understood then, so  you have to follow Him now, to be happy when global crisis will come. Jesus Christ by his teaching have been restoring  bases of social order in Judea according to principles of Heaven, which prescribe to save of social energy and all energies. Heaven prescribe  to save of social energy and all energies.


Warsaw, 8-14 December 2017, 5:27                              Bogdan Góralski

Creation of systems of religious beliefs

Creation of systems of religious beliefs

Author Bogdan Góralski

The crisis-affected community creates social bonds – an ethical system that guarantees a way out of the crisis. Because the leaders of a crisis-ridden community usually lack authority, the ethical system must be empowered with the highest authority – the authority of God, who supports his chosen people who proclaim his rights. So the ethical system is transformed into a religious one. The free will we have will allow us to appeal to the laws governing the Universe, which are the light of truth for us and lead us into the future in which we will become gods.

Warsaw, 28 Febrary 2018,22: 04 Bogdan Góralski



Fig. 34. Earthquakes in the Mediterranean and Poland in the years 750 BC to 2000AD. Earth’s gravitational-seismic-climatic-social cycle

The gravitational-seismic-climatic-social cycle presented in Fig. 34 describes the development phases of our civilization over the centuries. All great leaders and ethicians appeared in a similar phase of the material cycle (Asian ethics appeared in the reverse phase, which is explainable and in line with my theory as a result of climatic inversion between West and East Eurasia), which was the result of subsequent climate crises defined by cyclical changes geometry of the solar system.
Each cycle had a similar scenario of natural and social events and a similar ethical-ideological system each time expanding the social base of the revolution. The crisis of the material world, which began to grow, according to the logic of history in the 21st century, will also emerge a new, universal ethical system – new ideas that will probably include the entire global community.

The first known ethical system originated in Egypt and was recorded in the 42 commandments of the goddess Maat. It was an expression of the development of the social system of a prosperous state in the rhythm of the Nile’s outbreaks. A derivative of Egyptian ethics was the ethical system of Moses, educated in Egypt. Asian ethicists appeared at the end of the period of overpopulation and global warming and drying because the numerical growth of Asian societies was rapid during the period of good hydration of Asia and led to a socio-economic crisis resulting from overpopulation. Asian societies have reached a critical population density forcing a new ethical system to regulate social relations. In the sixth century BC is the peak of China’s power. The beginnings of building the Chinese wall for defense against Mongol invasions, significant territorial development in the north and south, population growth to 25 million, are examples of this power.

Great Greek colonization in the period of VIII-VI centuries BC It proves that during this period in Greece, and in the equatorial world, environmental conditions conducive to population growth prevailed. These data allow us to suppose that in the eighth-seventh century BC. the population of the equatorial world is increasing. After a period of population growth, the climate is drastically dry (a decrease in the number of earthquakes in the 7 th century BC, see Fig. No. 34) causing overpopulation and conflicts. This results in the almost simultaneous emergence of Buddha’s ethical systems, Lao Tsego, Confucius, which prevent the emergence of social conflicts in the overpopulated India and China.

The phase of earthquake growth in the period 200 years before Christ is accompanied by a large amount of rainfall. This is confirmed by research (Lamb 1977: 426-427 graphs 17.1 and 17.2) of Nile floods, as well as floods and wet years in Rome. These studies indicate a strong humidification of the climate of Africa in the region of Egypt and the climate of Italy at that time. It promotes the growth of agricultural production and the resulting good supply of food to the population. During the reign of Herod the Great (73-4 BC), Palestine’s prosperous economic development continues, as evidenced by the development of cities and the richness of the ruler. This is an indication of a large population (Theissen 2004: 60). The abundance of food is conducive to population growth in well-watered areas. After the period of growth of the Palestinian population, there is a rapid global warming and drying of the climate from the 0-10 AD (Bao et al 2002, Kobashi et al.2011, Lamb 1977: 426-427), which reduced agricultural production and food supply , causing overpopulation of Palestine.

The rapid socio-economic crisis resulting from drought (Lamb 1977: 426-427 graphs 17.1 and 17.2) caused frustrations of the population (especially rural), which was looking for a way out of the crisis. The socially rooted groups tested various ways out of the crisis. The starving rural masses needed a plan of action to alleviate the supply problems common at that time. Many leaders appear, among them Jesus Christ, who has a plan of anti-crisis action. He creates his own communes (Acts of the Apostles describe several thousand people (Bible 1998: Acts 2:41, 4,4)) acting like communes. In order to join them, you must give all your possessions. Municipalities, efficiently managing the riches offered, constituted protection against hunger and lawlessness prevailing then in Palestine. There were numerous gangs of brigands at that time. Many farmers were hopelessly in debt (Johnson 1993: 146). Christ feeding the masses of the poor becomes a threatening leader of the crowds. His economic and social program is radical and unacceptable to the then Judei- Romans and pro-Roman elites. Christ, the leader of a peaceful peasant movement, was killed and further Jewish protests against Roman oppression did not have a charismatic leader.

In the first century BC until the 1st century AD there was a strong density of farms in Judea and Samaria. This testifies to the climatic conditions conducive to the shredding of farms – good hydration during the first century BC. The violent drought at the beginning of the first century AD caused the collapse of these small farms and the crisis situation. The uprising in Palestine in the years 66-74 is a social rebellion against the rich. Rebellion began with the burning of the Rome tax registration offices in Jerusalem (Sartre 1991: 403). The cataclysm of Jewish uprisings revealed ongoing overpopulation, and their consequence was the destruction of the country. There was a mass migration of Jews.

Since the beginning of the 7th century AD, there has been a strong global warming – signaled by a drop in the number of earthquakes, which in turn caused the transfer of civilization centers from the Middle East to, among others, colder Europe and Mesopotamia. Warming and drought caused regression in the development of equatorial populations. Overpopulation occurred on the Arabian Peninsula before the victory of Muhammad. The population growth probably took place in the fourth, fifth and sixth centuries AD during cooling and increased climate irrigation, parallel to the decline of the Western Roman Empire, to which barbarian tribes from northern, overpopulated regions migrated (barbarian populations in the north probably increased in the II and III centuries) because of unfavorable weather conditions. Under the pressure of this great barbaric exodus to the south, the western Roman Empire collapsed. At the time of the economic crisis of the Western Roman Empire, was the triumph of the socially and economically well-organised Christian communities was celebrated, which led to the success of Christianity and the consolidation of their power. The Eastern Roman Empire prospered in the meantime.

The escalation of aggression and fratricidal struggle on the Arabian peninsula prompted Muhammad to reflect on the causes of this state of affairs. Muhammad rejected the social order proposed by the old elite, introduced a new religious community- the umma, the obligation of alms – the redistribution of goods to the poor. Fighting with other leaders, he united all Arab tribes. He broke with the family system. However, his economic program could not remedy the overpopulation (Hrbek, Petráček 1971: 139-140), which is why later the war expansion of the Arabs took place. It was possible because in the seventh century the power of the Roman Empire decreased, and the strength of Arabs united by the ethical system created by Muhammad increased. Warming and drought since the 7th century caused regression in the development of equatorial populations and their displacement towards the north, while societies in the northern hemisphere began to civilize develop in warm climate.

In favorable conditions of the warm climate (the third so-called subatlantic period(Samsonowicz 1990: 8)) there was a dynamic development of European civilization, development of the state organization of Germanic and Slavic tribes.

The population of Europe grew from 1700, but bad weather and population growth in the 17th and 18th centuries worsened the situation of England and France. England, however, had a security vent in the form of emigration to the colony. The feeding of French society has deteriorated since 1700 (Livi-Bacci 1991: 82). The French saved themselves from hunger by establishing several hundred thousand small farms (Taine 1881: 337). Before the French Revolution there was a significant cooling of the climate (Bradley, Jones 1993), which brought France high prices of food (Góralski 2012: 28), famine and the outbreak of the revolution. The revolution lasted, and the problems of overpopulation did not pass because of the further cooling of the climate. Another revolutionary leader, Napoleon, led the French to conquer Europe, which solved the problem of the surplus of single men who had no conditions in France to establish a family in those days.

Since 1815, the climate has warmed and dried, which means that the population of Europe grew in the 19th century from 203 to 408 million and in 1950 to 547 million. There has been a huge increase in the German and Russian population. Russia and Germany at the beginning of the 20th century were heavily overcrowded and this led to the catastrophic development of totalitarian systems centralizing communities around new leaders. Overpopulation, masculinization of the population, high prices of food caused by the cooling of the climate in the early twentieth century (Góralski 2012: 8) and the inability to resolve peacefully food and economic problems caused the First World War, the Russian Revolution and the war expansion of communist Russia directed to Western Europe in 1920 ( Góralski 2012). World War II was a consequence of the First World War and the conditions of the Versailles Treaty and the short cooling of the climate. The high price of food in China at the beginning of the 20th century caused the Chinese revolution, which later used Marxism caused the collapse of the importance of landowners who had previously taken over most of the arable land.

From 1960 to 1990, during the short-term cooling and moistening of the climate (see Figure 30), the population of Africa grew from 282 to 637 million, and the Chinese population grew rapidly from 583 million in 1953 to 1008 million in 1982. At that time, In the northern hemisphere there have been economic difficulties as a result of cooling and dropping agricultural production, which led, among others, to to the collapse of the Soviet empire and almost revolution in China (Gang 2001: 37-38, Gawlikowski 2001: 388). The revolution in China broke out because of the huge population growth and food price rises, and it consisted in resolving peasant communes and assigning land to individual families. This has resulted in a huge increase in agricultural production and China’s current self-sufficiency in nutrition.

Fig. No. 35. World seismic activity characterized by earthquakes magnitude M = 7 and higher in the years 1900-2005 (five-year periods). Source (Góralski 2009). (author of the drawing Bogdan Góralski)
Chart Fig. 35 confirms the occurrence of cooling in the 60-90.XX century because it is accompanied by an increase in the number of significant earthquakes.

Currently, the warming continues (the number of earthquakes has decreased), which causes aggression in Asia and Africa to grow, aggression due to the decline in per capita agricultural production in  young male populations (with a predominance of male individuals) and deteriorating living conditions resulting from the increase in global food prices. Migration from these continents to the USA and Europe is growing. At the same time, in the G-8 countries there is the phenomenon of agricultural overproduction with a decrease in the size of the population. For this overproduction there is no profitable sale due to the misery of the rest global population. All this together causes the financial and economic crisis. The logic of history allows us to expect the emergence of an outstanding figure, the creator of a new order and a universal ethical system that will unite humanity on the way out of the crisis. This leader will have to apply the message of Jesus Christ, who said: “Share bread for my remembrance” (Bible 1998: Luke 22:19) and love your enemies, because this is the love of your neighbor.

If the warming continues, it will worsen the situation in the equatorial countries. There will be a wave of migration to food-rich countries (in 2011 there was a wave of riots and revolutions in North Africa and the Middle East caused by food prices resulting from the cooling of global climate in 2010: see: http://data.giss.nasa.gov/gistemp/ graphs_v3 / Fig.C.gif). If cooling comes, it will bring disaster (reduction of food production) for the civilization of the white man, migration from the G-8 (or revolutions?) And a sharp further increase in population in the equatorial countries. In such an event the world will not survive and the situation will start to destabilize. We can not allow this.

Warsaw, 2009, Translated into English 29 January 2018           Bogdan Góralski


People are sometimes genial artists

An artist creates realistic skin tones by using only pencils.

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POL-CAT joint-stock global company

The global company POL-CAT is so-called The Third Way between capitalism and communism.

How to easy increase productivity and economy efficiency of human societes
I think that POL-CAT operating principles can overcome the bussiness stagnation of the world economy. My idea is very simple: POL-CAT technologians and trade specialists will implement every idea of new business – idea of the necessery product or service and will hep in establishing of new enterprise to the owner of the new business idea. POL-CAT will help in low cost organization of the new business (providing modern machines and supply) and help in the low cost global distribution of the new products and services so that it will be very easy to establish every new business in production of goods and services………..

The most rewards for the least effort this is most important principle of POL-CAT

The global company POL-CAT, the so-called The Third Way is an invention of a Pole Bogdan Góralski, a victim of a bloody conflict between capitalism promoted by women and communism promoted by men. POL-CAT will be the property of the people currently working in it, it will not be inherited and will not be taken over by any mafia. POL-CAT will provide its employees with full freedom in the ethical shaping of their own lives. The principles of operation of the global POL-CAT company are modified all the time to meet the requirements of a future modern and fair world. They were collected in a file available on the Internet under the following links:




I am sure that the global POL-CAT company will ensure a balance between the world of women and men and contribute to the peaceful development of the global economy.

Warsaw, 27 August 2019, 2:07                             Bogdan Góralski

POL-CAT commercial exclusivity in the sales network created by own
POL-CAT will sign notary agreements with POL-CAT suppliers on commercial exclusivity POL-CAT in its sales network. It will be protect the interests of POL-CAT and interests of POL-CAT suppliers by dividing their spheres of commercial influence. This will increase mutual trust and improve market supplying.

Who will be an employee of POL-CAT?
POL-CAT will primarily employ independent scientists who will raise funds for their research by selling products and services from the POL-CAT offer. This will ensure the researchers comfortable job and living. Research topics will be selected mainly from research topics needed for business development that will be submitted by POL-CAT clients. To solve the business-scientyfic problem, the researcher will organize a team that will be sustained by a comission earned from selling  of the POL-CAT offer that will be purchased by the companies ordering the study. This will ensure adequate funding for science and the right amount of time for researchers needed to solve the problem ordered by the business. POL-CAT will sell everything except military equipment. I wonder how it will work in practice?
I think that our purpose is continuous development of knowledge of the Universe and our world. I think that Only gaining knowledge and discovering the world is interesting. The rest is only a support of continuous processes of learning. For example the last twenty years of my lifes was great (and low cost) and fascinating adventure of discovering the climatic mechanism of the Earth and human social mechanisms also. It was for me a great pleasure and I think the results of my research are useful.. I would like to help the other (low cost) researchers by creating POL-CAT that will be supporting low cost research useful for global civilisation…
POL-CAT principles under the link: http://bogdangoralski.info/2018/02/22/pol-cat-joint-stock-company/
God gave us free will so do not take away it from others.
POL-CAT will be an environment in which no one will impose his will on others. God gave us free will so do not take away it from others.
POL-CAT will be an environment in which no one will impose his will on others. POL-CAT will provide participants with the possibility of implementing their own will without limiting it by obligatory rules of behawiour. POL-CAT participant will be limited only by his own personal interest thereby fullfill the free will given us by God.For paricipants of POL-CAT we will offering life without any rules, not limited personal development in achieving excellence in the art of living.Our life purpose will be discovering exellence of life inside surrounding us environments. Joy of life will be resticted only by our environment, by our God. POL-CAT will give everyone joy of life without obligations….

The assets of POL-CAT members are inherited only by POL-CAT enterprise.

The human physiological needs decide about the comfort of living???

According to Harold Abraham Maslow, the human physiological needs (which in my opinion decide about the comfort of living) are as follows:
1. desire – satisfaction depends on the rain,
2. hunger – satisfaction depends on the rain,
3. sleeping – depends on having a safe shelter,
4. maintenance of the species-depends on having the job, employment (Masłow 2006: 62-84).
Masłow does not mention the need to breathe, which is essential for maintaining life and requires a clean environment.
Because meeting these needs depends on a regionally changing environment, we must consider the possibility of moving people there, where environmental conditions are beneficial for them. We must ensure freedom for people’s migration

My idea of a new world is to evolutionally reduce the privileges of the elite
My idea for a new social environment does not consist in increasing the privileges of social masses but in radical and permanent reduction of privileges of the elite in order to give them motivation to work effectively to improve their fate related (by the feedback mechanism) with improving of the comfort of life of social masses. If yo are elite do work for social masses as like for yourself.
The founders of the POL-CAT company would have, each separatly, of only one POL-CAT share and would be ordinary employees and their remuneration (each one separatly) would be the average wage of a single POL-CAT employee.
My plan is to establish POL-CAT (as dynamic global trade and services enterprise) together with the people who do not want to follow the contemporary path of the buisnesses and fight for money just for the money. I would like to find the companions who like the bussines as a fair play with compromise of interests who looking for the money for realise plans for progressing evolution of our civilisation without wars and revolutins and with open borders for free migration of humans. I think that universal purpose each civilisation is achieve comfort of life without violating the balance of the social and natural environment. Rules of POL-CAT are in former updates of my project,

Principles of global, peaceful and effective revolution and humanistic progress

Autor: Bogdan Góralski

Library of the Historical Institute of the University of Warsaw

So far, no revolution has built a beautiful and just social system.

All revolutions were bloody and unethical, that is, they did not achieve their goal without wasting human life and social energy. After 16 years of research, I formulated the principle of the next, effective and peaceful revolution that will realize the ideals of Karl Marx. I quote this principle below:

The guiding principles of human evolution:

1. All politicians earn average earnings in the country.
2. Only incorruptible POL-CAT supplies materials and sells services.
3. Production companies free of bans.
5. The owners and management of enterprises earn an average salary of their employees.
The principle that business owners earn the average earnings of their employees will force creative people to create new businesses and create new jobs. Opening ten profitable companies will increase the creative businessman’s earnings tenfold. There must be an organization (POL-CAT) supporting creative businessmen and facilitating the entry of valuable products into the global market.
The principle that the management boards earn the average earnings of the employees they manage will result in shifting responsibility for the company’s income to all employees and optimizing the company’s work.
6. Jeder nach seinen Fähigkeiten, jedem nach seinen Bedürfnissen!-Karl Marx
Everyone according to their abilities, to everyone according to his needs-Karl Marx.

Those principles of peaceful revolution will radically affect the civilizational and cultural progress in a global society.

Those principles are complemented by the principles of the leading force of revolution, i.e. the global trade and service enterprise POL-CAT joint-stock company, which I present below:

Why I invented POL-CAT enterprise???

If you love her you will be try to give her all world, all the wealth of the world. You will be so productive and effective for her and for your kids. But mafias are waiting for the result of your hard work and will take over your business and destroy your life. I invented the way of business- global trade and service POL-CAT enterprise. POL-CAT enterprise will not be taken over by mafias. It will be impossible. POL-CAT will build the new honest world.

My idea for the world

” Tools and services from people who are proud of their work”

My idea for the world lies in:

Global trade and distribution of services is in the hands of an ethical world elite (POL-CAT) that supports ethical manufacturing enterprises. During economic depression POL-CAT will be the regulator of global economy lowering supply prices but during the prosperity of the economy will increasing supply prices that help to reach balance of the global economy.

Responsibilities and earnings of the POL-CAT management

It is the duty of the POL-CAT management to organize work so that employees can earn as much as they need at every stage of their life. Arranging remote work, preparing efficient workplaces, training, ensuring the right amount of work for everyone etc. is the responsibility of the POL-CAT management. The remuneration of POL-CAT management will be the same as average earnings per employee.

Ensuring optimal distribution of high-quality goods and services purchased at the lowest price will put pressure on the governments of countries to provide cheap and educated workforce and infrastructure necessary to support cheap but high quality production. This will ensure global population flows between countries and the development of high-quality education and science.

Warsaw, 21 September 2018,18:42                     Bogdan Góralski

POL-CAT joint-stock company may be the regulator of the domestic and global market

POL-CAT joint-stock company may be the regulator of the domestic and global market by internal country branches of POL-CAT.

It is known that logistics costs account for up to 50% of the costs of enterprises. The smaller the enterprise, the worse the logistics and the share of the supply costs increases. POL-CAT as a market regulator will improve the logistics of the economy, especially the most innovative small and medium-sized enterprises, which constitute the core of the EU economy (unfortunately not in Poland).

POL-CAT as an apolitical market trade and service company will improve the sales of goods and services, improving the situation of small producers and opening up a market for them, including international ones. The speed of money circulation will improve because POL-CAT being rewarded with a sales commission will accelerate transactions serving both producers and trading companies. POL-CAT which recognizing global needs in the field of production and services will be a stimulator of the development of new thriving business entities.

The use of modern logistics and digital platform will also affect the speed and mass scale of banking transactions. Banks will develop modern banking operations techniques to meet the requirements of fast and reliable commercial transactions. Confidence of commercial transactions will be a priority of POL-CAT, which will also deal with the sale of finance.

Politicians, as poorly educated people, are generally susceptible to the manipulation of financiers. This results in flows of money between the state treasury and the banking system in times of financial crises. Because POL-CAT will allocate half of the commission for financing scientific research will be an environment grouping the elite of elites -grouping the most educated people. Financial crises will be predictable and the risk of banking operations will be minimized. During the financial crisis, POL-CAT will stimulate producers and traders by reducing supply prices. Supply prices will be increased during periods of good economic prosperity.

It will be possible to reduce the financial costs of banks and the risk of lending because POL-CAT will be a reliable informer about the situation of business entities that it will serve.

The quality of products offered by POL-CAT will improve. POL-CAT applying in practice modern ethics protecting natural resources and natural environment through quality requirements for products and services. The access to market information will be improved and providing all social groups with products of the highest quality that ensure respect for the natural environment.

POL-CAT using a modern ethical system will unify global culture and remove civilizational divisions, employing people of all nationalities what will affect peace processes between nations. The global migration of people seeking a decent pay and living conditions that will be globally egalitarian along with the development of POL-CAT will increase. Quality of life globally will increasing.

Warsaw, 18 September 2018, 18:50                          Bogdan Góralski

Money is a measure of social usefulness for a businessman.

Money is a symbol of social recognition in creating jobs for others less creative than a businessman. The experience of developed countries shows that most jobs are created by small and medium enterprises because they are efficiently managed and the most innovative. Therefore, a functioning society should have an institution supporting business development and creating new jobs in such enterprises. The company POL-CAT, which I intend to reactivate in Poland, will be such a public trust institution.
If you have an idea to start a business that meets social needs, then POL-CAT will help you start production or services by providing know-how and the necessary means of production and also will help you to sell a product or services in the POL-CAT sales network.
POL-CAT will give the guarantee needed by the businessman in the contract with the bank.
The remuneration to POL-CAT will be a 10% commission on the value of sales, half of which will be a salary to employees of POL-CAT and the other half will finance the development of Polish science. Thus, POL-CAT will not generate any profit and its value will increase along with the sales volume achieved. POL-CAT will be the regulator of the domestic market because in the event of an economic crisis it will, in consultation with suppliers of goods and services, lower supply prices which will stimulate the economic life of the country. The sole equal shareholder owners of POL-CAT will be employees who will sell their share in the POL-CAT after the end of their job only to POL-CAT. In this way, POL-CAT will be a constantly independent, growing enterprise guided by the interest of ethical employees. The principles of operation of POL-CAT are presented below:

Warsaw, 30 March 2018, 4:53 Bogdan Góralski

Mode of operation POL-CAT joint-stock company

So far, the trade was based on the principle that a customer is looking for a product. I reverse this rule and will look for the customer for the item. The implications of this rule will cause huge bundles and will result in higher quality goods for the average customer. POL-CAT will reduce the price of selected goods on the market. I need good IT professionals to realize this idea revolution on the market.

Modern management at POL-CAT will consist in making full use of the talents and creativity of cooperating equal owners while ensuring the free emergence of natural leaders of employee teams. The development of the POL-CAT sales offer and services will require growing employment and creativity of equal (self-controlling) owners guided by their own benefit, which will also benefit all POL-CAT shareholders.

POL-CAT S.A will find new channels for the sale of professional tools and power tools and other professional products and services and will operate them in Poland and abroad for which it will receive commission from manufacturers and distributors sold goods depending on sales prices based on the principle:

1.The sold products are delivered to the buyer from the manufacturer’s warehouse, the distributor and invoiced by the manufacturer, the distributor under conditions determined by POL-CAT in the delivery specifications,

  1. The customer decides the details of purchase according to the created sales regulations in POL-CAT within the interval of the obtained discounts from the suppliers of goods and services,

3.Producer, distributor of products delivered to the commercial network operated by POL-CAT will sign a notarized agreement on  exclusivity POL-CAT  in the created by POL-CAT  sales network. The contract will specify the commission fee for POL-CAT for the services rendered to the manufacturers and distributors of the goods sold, depending on the sales prices of their goods,

4.POL-CAT  reserves the right to make a trade offer including tools and power tools, the selection of tools and brands and the right to negotiate price frames for the purchase of tools and power tools and their accessories and other products,

5.POL-CAT  reserves the right to shape its sales network and offer to it.

6.The delivery and insurance costs pays the supplier,

7.Payment for goods purchased by the recipient is transferred directly to the account of the manufacturer, distributor of products sold in the network POL-CAT ,

8.Commission fee for POL-CAT for the sale is made monthly on the bank account POL-CAT, after payment for the delivered goods from the customer,

9.All employees of POL-CAT  are exclusive and equal shareholders of POL-CAT  nnd may resell their shares exclusively to POL-CAT. The value of employee stock of POL-CAT  is calculated as the three-year sales value of POL-CAT divided by the current number of employees minus the sum of all wages paid to the employee,

10.Half of the total commission earned on the sale of POL-CAT will be used to finance      the development of science.

11.Employees of POL-CAT receive annual remuneration up to the maximum amount depending on the value of half of the annual commission reached by employee,

12.The POL-CAT S.A crew consists of equal numbers of women and men.

The business dutifulness of women evolved evolutionally because of the need to care for offspring, that were neglected by men who cared only for power and sex. Therefore, in the global POL-CAT company, gender parity and proportionality in earnings depending on efficiency will be obligatory. My last proposal is to vary the working time depending on its performance. Those who are more productive will work shorter than less efficient in making profits. The length of working time, e.g. women, who are more efficient employees, will probably be shorter than men who are naturally more lazy than women. Working time will depend on the work efficiency. This will allow women to longer raise their children and care for their family home.

Warszawa 2 lipca 2017,12:51                                    Bogdan Góralski

My proposal to establish a global company POL-CAT aims at centralization in distribution and services, leaving the free market in production. The free market in distribution and services introduces chaos and lacks the possibility of providing producers with good logistics for the supply and sale of goods and services. POL-CAT will motivate people to work with a flexible and commission pay and working time that will increase employees’ efficiency and responsibility. A woman working effectively will work shorter than a man supporting a life partner her earnings to ensure independence for them. Effective employees will be able to afford a decent life. Manufacturers from around the world will be provided with a good logistics of supply and sale of good quality goods.

An effective system of the global economy will emerge that will remove economic conflicts between countries.

During economic depression POL-CAT will be the regulator of global economy lowering supply prices but during the prosperity of the economy will increasing supply prices that help to reach balance of the global economy.

26 August 2018                                  Bogdan Góralski

Final 9 October 2018, 21:24                               Bogdan Góralski