Causes of the fall of the Western Roman Empire

Causes of the fall of the Western Roman Empire

Author Bogdan Góralski

Library of the Historical Institute of Warsaw University

Between the birth of Christ and the fall of the Western Roman Empire, the earth’s coating shifted in relation to the ecliptic of 7000 km across the earth’s surface. There was then the seeming change in the location of the northern magnetic pole, whose movements were determined by research by:

Gullaume St-Onge and Joseph S. Stoner, Paleomagnetism near North Magnetic Field,

M. Korte and M. Mandea, Magnetic poles and dipole tilt variation over the past decades to millennia.

From the above studies it appears that the north magnetic pole has apparently moved about 7 degrees latitude (about 7,000 km) from Siberia (Lena mouth) northwest to Greenland (around the land of Francis Joseph). Associated with this seeming shift of the nort magnetic pole take place the rotation of the earth’s coating (Góralski 2017 A, B) caused that the Asian territories occupied by the Mongol tribes were in a more dry climatic zone. This led to the drought in which extincted the herds of animals owned by the Mongolian tribes. This led to migration of the Mongolian tribes towards the west and in the IV-V century they reached Europe as Huns.

At the same time, with the shifting of the earth’s coating to the south, northwestern Europe found in the period 0-400 AD in the warmer climates (like Palestine and southern Europe, where drought then caused the food crisis). This resulted in an increase in the population of the Germanic tribes and the increase in their importance in the society and the army of Rome. Then, during the period 400-500 AD, the reverse movement of the earth’s coating caused Western Europe to find itself in a colder climatic zone. This caused crop failure and hunger in the Germanic land. This resulted in their mass migration southward to the lands of the Western Roman Empire. The emergence of Huns in Europe accelerated the migration of the Germanic tribes into Rome. The Huns’ invasion of central and western Europe and the invasion of the German tribes into southern Europe caused the fall of the Western Roman Empire.

Warsaw, 18 November 2017, 18:00 Bogdan Góralski


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