Successful act of love with your woman  

Successful act of love with your woman
The meeting a man and a woman usually gives rise to the temptation of the final in a love act. If this love act is successful and ends with ecstasy, the meeting may turn into a permanent relationship. However, achieving the fulfillment in the act of love by both lovers is not easy. Usually, there is a short duration of sexual intercourse that ends with premature ejaculation of the male and lack of orgasm in the woman. Human civilizations have invented many methods of prolonging sexual intercourse with a woman by a man. One of them is permanent removal of the foreskin of the man’s penis, which is commonly used. However, does this solution have no negative consequences? Sometimes removal of the foreskin of a man’s penis is a religious act, for example, among Jews who were identified by the Nazis by missing a foreskin. There is another simpler solution used among Poles. When I was a primary school student and began to develop sexual desires,
I have often talked with my friends about sex. One of them told me that his mother had advised him to uncover his foreskin on his penis and kept his penis stripped that way in his pants. Such a method reduces the sensitivity of the penis to tactile stimuli, which helps to delay ejaculation after some time. I remembered this and after many years I applied this method effectively resulting in a prolonged sexual intercourse. I advised this to my son and today I would recommend it to other young men, that they would have more pleasure during sex, satisfying their woman every time.
Warsaw, 12 April 2018, 16:05 Bogdan Góralski

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