This is modern ethics for everybody.

A quote from the book “Quantum creativity” by prof.Amit Goswami:
“Ethics-a kind of philosophy which is looking for differentiate between good and bad.(..) Speaking generally, ethical tips presented by majority of religious systems tells us the same: do the good to the other. Problem with this tip is we dont know exactly what is good and bad.”

In my opinion good sometimes changes into bad, and vice versa so it is not to precise differentiate between good and bad. Better is think and do the way, what is energeticaly positive. I mean what spares social and indywidual energy in achiewing a human purpose. Doing ethically always we are choseing the way of activity which using less energy to achiewing a purpose. This is modern ethics for everybody.Let’s try this in our life.

Jakuszowice, 10 July 2018, 18:45                                Bogdan Góralski


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