Will global peacefull revolution begin in Poland?

Will global peacefull revolution begin in Poland?
In Poland there existed Solidarity movement (caused by ignorance of the social masses and elites) and Poland had begun retreating from Marxism. A global peaceful revolution will begin just in Poland, which will bring social and international peace thanks to successful Polish social and economic reforms. I would like to begin in Poland socio-economical experiment based on simple principles, which I mention below:
1.All politicians earn average earnings in the country.
2. Only incorruptible POL-CAT supplies materials and sells services :http://bogdangoralski.info/2018/02/22/pol-cat-joint-stock-company/.
3 .Production companies free of bans.
4. The owners and management of enterprises earn an average salary of their employees.
The principle that business owners earn the average earnings of their employees will force creative people to create new businesses and create new jobs. Opening ten profitable companies will increase the creative businessman’s earnings tenfold. There must be an organization (POL-CAT) supporting creative businessmen and facilitating the entry of valuable products into the global market.
The principle that the management boards earn the average earnings of the employees they manage will result in shifting responsibility for the company’s income to all employees and optimizing the company’s work.
5. The following Karl Marx principle, being the fulfillment of the Christian idea, will become the basis of the Polish social system:
Jeder nach seinen Fähigkeiten, jedem nach seinen Bedürfnissen!-Karl Marx
Everyone according to their abilities, to everyone according to his needs-Karl Marx.
Karol Marx’s ideology was a progressive synthesis of Jewish ethics, ie an attempt to implement the ethics of Christ into everyday life, about which the Catholic Church forgot, supporting the feudal world of violence and war. Unfortunately, the implementation of Marx’s idea was done in the poorer and backward part of the world by desperate people who wanted to build everything from scratch. Meanwhile, the laws of evolution are also valid in economic and social life, and the revolutionary elites forgetting them have thoughtlessly destroyed their predecessors and their achievements. The peaceful revolution that I have planned will use all of Poland’s resources to restore social harmony, which will be based on the principle of saving and good use of all forms of energy which is the implementation of the principles of Christ.
Will you support me in this?
Warsaw, 14 October 2018                                   Bogdan Góralski


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