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Equal rights in the world of culture and business

The French Revolution conducted under the slogans of “Equality, Freedom and Brotherhood” was in fact a social protest against the mechanisms of inheritance, which enabled through arranged marriages, The gathering huge feudal estates. In the French Revolution, feudalism was abolished and the principles of inheritance remained unchanged. This enabled the gathering, by arranged marriages, of huge capitalist fortunes. Marx’s communism and the Russian and Chinese Revolution were directed in reality against the mechanisms of inheritance and introduced to the economy the state property. State property could not been taken over for inheritance. The Russian and Chinese Revolutions broke down and private property was restored in the economy, which resulted in the creation of many enormous privates fortunes. The problem of inheritance these enormous fortunes has arisen again.
Owners of private property and their wives and children are a common goal of manipulation by the dishonest people striving to take control of huge private property. There are various techniques of seducing people in order to gain control over private property in which the most common technique is pretend of love to a person with the right to inherit private property. The mechanism of neglecting spouses and children by people forced to look after their business is widespread. Sending to wealthy married couples and their children good lovers and providing them with sexual pleasure is a way to gain property rights resulting from the mechanisms of inheritance. Communist revolutions were a protest against that dishonest social mechanisms and an unsuccessful attempt to organize a world of free love without the existing mechanisms of inheritance. Unfortunately, the world of the communist economy was deprived of an element of competition in the economy, which is a natural human need. The desire to stand out and gain social recognition is a feature of the leaders of civilization progress, and the communist world did not satisfy this human need of social acceptance. That is why the rivalry of communism and capitalism brought disaster to communism and caused civilizational collapse in post-communist countries.
The method of social distinction in capitalism is the gathering of large private property.
The owner of a large estate obtains numerous social privileges, including, for example, a beautiful spouse or spouse providing exciting sex. Unfortunately, it also gains a large group of willing to dishonestly take over this accumulated property.
And I was in the past such an energetic businessman seeking to distinguishing myself in the society, but when I realized what it leads to and that they are already willing to take my company dishonestly, I stopped my business and devoted myself to learning to understand the world.
Almost 20 years have passed and the result of my studies is the plan to set up or reactivate my company POL-CAT in such a way that it is protected against hostile takeover and not subject to inheritance. I have developed POL-CAT operating rules that ensure fair social distinction to the founder and each employee and protect the company from hostile takeover, which enables it to operate effectively and profitably in a global human civilization. POL-CAT’s rules of action are the result of my life experience and knowledge of the world accumulated during many years of study and enable a new opening in the world economy, ensuring fair rules of business games in the human world. The POL-CAT rules can be applied to any company to ensure its conditions for the creation and effective development. The social distinguishing for a businessman will depend only on the number and efficiency of employees. I invite you to discuss and improve the operating principles of the POL-CAT-global trade and service company.
Jakuszowice, 28 April 2019, 5:44 Bogdan Góralski

Principles of POL-CAT: http://bogdangoralski.info/2018/02/22/pol-cat-joint-stock-company/
About change in mechanism of inheritance

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