History determines our Future

History determines our future

Cycle natural and social, shown in the figure below, predicts the appearance of the new leader in the world in the nearest future,  who understands the principles of the historical process and intelligently will guides humanity realizing her dreams and desires.

Gravity-magnetic-seismic-climate-social cycle

The dispute between idealists and materialists about the shape of the world is neutralized by my theory, which is confirmed by facts found by many independent scientists.

The satisfactory materialistic doctrine would have to describe just the sequence of events occurring in the matter and producing a specific immaterial idea (Mises 2011: 57).

The sequence of material events described below results in the emergence of further ideas affecting the material world and creating material effects in the world:

Mechanism of outbreaks of wars and revolutions

Outbreaks of social conflicts and the creation of new ideological ethical systems cause the following natural and material cycle:

The sun affects its planets gravitative and magnetically. Gravity forces attract planets to the Sun, and magnetism changes its intensity to the rhythm of the Sun’s pulsation, which occurs when the position of the solar system’s mass center changes. Changes in the position of the solar system’s mass center – SS occur according to the position of the planets around the sun. The Earth’s core, moving in the fluid interior of the Earth, changes its position inside the planet, which changes its moment of inertia causing changes in the speed of rotation of the Earth. At the same time, the Earth coating rotates around the inner nucleus above the liquid outer nucleus under the influence of gravity. This is evidenced by age movements of the Earth’s climate zones, changes in the location of magnetic poles and changes in LOD – the length of Earth’s day. This causes deformation of the earth’s crust causing stress in it resulting in earthquakes. Changes in the magnetism of the Sun and variable gravity within the solar system, therefore, cause variations in the Earth’s rotation speed (LOD) (length of day) and parallel  climate change on Earth according to the mechanism described below:

1. Displacement of the Earth’s shell relative to the ecliptic plane and change in the location of the climate zones of the northern hemisphere, change in the moment of inertia of the planet and reduction of rotation speed, deformations extending the earth’s globe along the axis, increase in stress in the earth’s crust, increase in the number of earthquakes, increasing upwelling (due to inertia of ocean waters responding to changes in the globe’s rotation speed), increasing biological ocean production and increased release of cloud-forming sulfate aerosols in the oceans, increased cloudiness over the oceans, cooling and increased humidity of the climate, increased agricultural efficiency in the equatorial regions and cheaper food (in the North of the Northern Hemisphere a decrease in agricultural efficiency) rapid population growth and masculinization in the equatorial regions, and in the northern hemisphere overpopulation as well as the economic and social crisis.

2. The return movement of the earth’s shell around the nucleus to the position of greater solar exposure of the North of the Northern Hemisphere, return of the climate zones relative to the ecliptic, change of the planet’s inertia moment and increase of rotation speed, deformations that extending the globe along the equator, reduction of stress in the earth’s crust, decrease in the number of earthquakes, decrease ocean upwelling forced by inertial water masses, decreased biological production in the oceans and decrease release of clouds-forming aerosols in oceans, reduction of cloudiness over the oceans, climate warming and drying, decrease in agricultural efficiency in the equatorial regions and production of food reduction (increase in agricultural efficiency in the North of the Northern Hemisphere) affect overcrowding of equatorial regions, and in the North of the Northern Hemisphere, abrupt population growth and it’s masculinization.

3. Regional reduction of satisfaction of the basic needs of the population resulting from the regional deterioration of the climate and causing frustration to society, the growing aggression of the starving masses aimed at satisfying the basic needs, the creation of revolutionary elites, the aggression moved onto the old elites, the need for a leader able to direct the revolution and the technology of survival necessary to break the ongoing crisis, the need to formulate a new ethical and ideological system uniting people around the technology of surviving the crisis, redistribution of the goods of the old elites to the masses of the poor, the exhaustion the possibilities of revolution in improving the fate of the masses, overpopulation still taking its toll and new elites are looking for a rescue plan for impoverished masses.

4. Migration as a result of ongoing overpopulation or war aggression to neighboring areas, treated as a way out of difficult economic and food situation, causes decrease population density (war losses + territorial gains eliminate the aggression of the male part of the population) and calming the mood of the population.

Fig.1. The development of the social cycle on the background of the number of the  earthquakes in the Mediterranean in  years between 750 BCE – 2000 CE.

The gravitational, seismic, climatic and social cycle presented in Fig.1 characterizes the stages of development of our civilization over the centuries. All great leaders and their ethical systems appeared in a similar phase of the material cycle (Asian ethics appeared in the reverse phase, which is explainable and consistent with my theory, as a result of climate zones inversion between the West and East of Eurasia), which was the result of subsequent climate crises defined by cyclical changes solar system geometry.

Each cycle had a similar scenario of natural and social events and a similar ethical and ideological system each time expanding the social base of the revolution. The crisis of the material world, which began to grow, in accordance with the logic of history in the 21st century, will also create the new, universal ethical system – new ideas that will probably embrace the entire global community.

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