My advice for the World in the 2020 year

III.3.1. Climate change and people’s migrations
Climate change has triggered migrations of peoples whose chronology is a record of Earth’s climate cycles. Here is a record of the crises that ended in migration:
• -Approx. 12th century BC marked the migration of people, which ended the reign of Mycenaean civilization and began the so-called dark ages. As a result, the Etruscans appeared in Italy, and Egypt and Palestine were attacked by the so-called peoples of the sea.
• -In the VIII, VII century BC, during the drought in the Asian steppes, the Scythians occupied eastern Europe. At the same time, the great Greek colonization marked out, which expelled the Greek population to emigrate.
• -Approx. 4th century BC the journey of the Celts from northwestern Europe towards the Adriatic Sea, the Black Sea began, which indicates a growing cooling.
• -The beginning of our era in Palestine has marked itself the great socio-economic crisis (provoked the civil war in Galilee, Judea which was called the War of Varus and the uprising in 66 and 132 AD), which testifies to a sudden crisis (rapid drying of the climate) and which caused the exodus of Jews from Palestine.
• The next migration of peoples began in the 4th century CE Huns invasion of Europe. Germanic peoples migrated south to the lands of the Roman Empire, leading to its downfall.
• In the VIII-IX centuries, the Viking expansion continued towards the south of Europe, which may indicate problems with feeding the population of Northern Europe and the climate crisis.
• In the 12th century, Mongols arrived in Europe because of the drought in the Asian steppes.
In the fourteenth century, it got cold and in Europe, there were epidemics, hunger and peasant uprisings.
• The extinction of the Vikings in Greenland since 1400. The Little Ice Age lasted until the 19th century. The peak of chilling in Europe was in the 17th century. At that time, a great migration of the white man to the continents of both the Americas and Asia continued. The great State of Poles-the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth and the Ottoman Empire collapsed then.

III.3.2. Climate disaster in the years 2013-2030
By the geophysical and historical data (migrations of people are indicative of climate crises), we know that the climate cycle is repeated every 400 years. It can, therefore, be expected that another major crisis will occur in 2013-2100. We should prepare for it. It will be a climate disaster – a sharp change in the distribution of climate zones, which will drastically reduce global food production. This will bring revolutions, wars, and supra-regional population migrations. There is still time to protect yourself against this. This requires knowledge and ethics on a global scale. Otherwise dark ages will come.

We must adapt to regional climate change and, like our ancestors, migrate to climate-friendly regions of the globe. To do this, we must open borders and adapt state systems to accept migrants and establish a new ethical system uniting all beings.
Warsaw, 1 January 2020 Bogdan Góralski

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