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My new book: The Natural History and Climate Change

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mgr inż.Bogdan Góralski @bogdangoralski · 18 lip 2021

Yesterday I published on Google Play and Google Books my new book containing my most important works written during 20 years of independent research on the history of the human species and the Earth’s climate mechanism – link to the book : The Natural History and Climate Change:

More information on history and climate change can be found in my other works published on Google Play: 

The new look at the Earth’s climate mechanism: The Solar System shapes the Earth’s climate change

If Indo-Europeans survive contemporary global crisis?

The causes of the Holokaust

The Third Way between capitalism and communism

Historia naturalna i zmiany klimatu: Przyczyny i skutki zmian klimatu

and my other works posted on Google Play.

My twenty-year research was financed by my life partner Maria Jolanta Góralska de domo Zawilińska.

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