Human rights and population size.

Human rights and population size.

Western politicians accuse the Asian countries for human rights violations.

Let’s look at this issue pragmatically and analyze it.

European countries (and their derivatives statehood on other continents) in the centuries from the seventeenth to the nineteenth undergone a turbulent phase of population development during which there have been many revolutions.  Revolutions overthrew the social order of feudal states. During the revolution eliminated the feudal ruling elites blaming them for bearing  responsibility for any shortages resulted from crisis  and the suffering of the masses. The scarcities resulted from the crises of climate Little Ice Age which I describe in my book entitled Natural History and climate changes. After the revolutions were created systems of law guaranteeing freedom of the people, political and economic freedom. Political freedom can be declared in the regulations and laws to keep her appearances, but economic freedom is more difficult to achieve.

Man is subject to economic exploitation resulting from the existence of the profit principle. In Western countries, a very large population of workers were fighting for their economic rights wanting to prevent the exploitation of the capitalists. There were created unions fighting the capitalists for decent working conditions. It was created in Europe, the socialist movement of the working people leading to liberation from oppression economic capitalism. It got to the Russian revolution and the revolutionary elite have omitted two stages of social development – the feudalism and democracy. In the result of the revolution there has been a degeneration in the development of Russian society and decreased fertility of the Russian people. Russian populations decreased  and current labor shortage in Russia is supplemented by immigration from neighboring Asian countries.

Depopulation phenomenon occurs in Europe since the twentieth century and leads to a decrease in employment in the industry and to increase the value of human labor. These processes have led to the growing importance of the human being as a result of increasing depopulation of western economies. There grew rivalry of  companies on the globalized world market. Under these conditions grow the rights and freedom of individuals in Western countries, which are a valuable and lasting benefit for the economies of European civilization.

Reducing the population of Western societies resulted from the departure from the feudal system in agriculture and the replacement of human labor by machines in the concentrating  large agricultural enterprises. This causes the decreasing in agriculture population the most fertile  people, and consequently the phenomenon of depopulation of Europe and the Americas.

Asian countries are in the opposite situation of social and Economic. There exists an excess of labor and simple effect of this condition is the lack of respect for the individual human being. Human individual is deprived of rights similar to Western human rights as a result of the specifics of the development of the population of Asian societies. Developing Asian population numbers in order to survive have developed systems of social and ethical subordinating human to the social interest. The human wanted to survive in a growing society had to accept social roles adequate to education and its predisposition. This caused an increase in the importance of education in Asian societies and urge young people to knowledge.

This resulted in a visible at the end of the twentieth century the industrial development overpopulated Asian economies. Some Asian countries have developed economic infrastructure that allows to develop a free-market businesses creating jobs for citizens. It is these countries recorded the greatest progress in the development of economies. Examples are contemporary Japan, South  Korea and China, which within a century have experienced a number of stages in the development of statehood and have chosen for themselves the optimal modern socio-political system.

In China the feature of this system is a huge population of peasants and industrial development that tries to give employment growing population of Chinese citizens.

The growing overpopulation Asia is a ticking time bomb for the world. Development of the industry in Asia causes competition for the West to the markets of goods and the growing demand for raw materials for production. Asia has a definite advantage over foreign producers because of the huge population of cheap labor and growing domestic demand. Becoming increasingly rich Asian population creates a huge market for Western high-tech goods. Western manufacturers locate their factories (with modern technologies)  in Asia using cheap labor and liberalization of the Asian economies. This phenomenon causes a shift of the center of advanced technologies to Asia and stagnant economies in Western countries.

Moving the modern technologies of production to Asia will cause conflicts in the countries of Western civilization due to their declining economies. They will not be able to keep the western pension systems and aging populations.

Environmental conditions in Asia will be a barrier for economic development – the territory too small to feed a growing population and the adverse climate change, limiting the production of Asian agriculture. Adverse climate change could lead to a reduction in global food production which will cause social conflict in Asia, Africa. For example, the probable rainy spring 2018 and summer 2018 will cause difficulties in the use of heavy agricultural machines on the muddy fields in huge agricultural manors of Europe and the Americas. This may bring disaster crop failure and threaten the stability of the world order.

It is likely that in the coming future awaits us many of the unfavorable  spring and summer in Western civilization.

The only antidote removing the source of problems of East and West is the resettlement of excess Asian agricultural population to the huge western agricultural enterprises exercising a majority of world’s agricultural land and the  restore of the feudal system in the area of western civilization. This is the only way to respect human rights in Asia that does not cause problems to countries of Western civilization. So we see that hypocrisy or ignorance of Western politicians condemning human rights violations in Asia will result in a negative consequences for human rights in Europe and America.

Western societies have undergone in the recent past many of  turbulent phases of development, that Asian’s governments   wanted to avoid to ensure the human’s masses prosperous future.

Only a humanistic attitude of Western elites in relation to Asian societies and agreement for mass migration can lead to breaking the deadlock in the development of East-West relations. Only respect for the rights of people in Asia to live a decent life will improve in the near future the situation of western and eastern societies.

In anticipation of favorable for all of us to change the attitudes of western and eastern elites I wish you a happy New Year 2019.

first published in Warsaw, February 2, 2014                Bogdan Jacek Góralski

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