Offer of cooperation for world producers

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It is necessary to establish a global multinational POL-CAT joint-stock company that will implement the above-mentioned postulates and will be carried out according to the following business plan and according to the ideology described in my article which is available on the Internet and entitled “The Third Way between capitalism and communism”.

Offer of cooperation for world producers

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My idea for a new trade and services company POL-CAT joint-stock company is to create near Warsaw a consignment warehouse of products needed in production, trade available immediately, and delivered max 3 days after ordering and at a decent price and good quality. Your competitive advantage will be the wide range of sales and the warehouse operation that ensures low-cost inventory, good quality products prepaid, and delivered instantly throughout the EU in retail and wholesale. My company will provide logistic support for those who start production or services in Poland and reduce operating costs for small, medium, and large companies. POL-CAT  joint-stock company will provide jobs to tens of thousands of traders from all over Poland employed on the 5% sales commission. POL-CAT SA (joint-stock company) will support and develop Polish science in cooperation with business units and local government units. POL-CAT SA (joint-stock company) will be apolitical and ethical in a modern way and will develop together with Poland and the world. I am surrounded by an educated and ethical family that will help me run my business. I need good suppliers and bank guarantees.

Warsaw, July 21, 2022

Dear producer,

We offer you a distribution service for your products in Poland and around the world in exchange for a 10% commission on the value sold by POL-CAT S.A (joint-stock company). Your products. POL-CAT S.A. being the exclusive property of its employees (and thanks to its statute resistant to hostile takeovers) I will sign a notarial agreement with you on commercial cooperation, guaranteeing you full financial and organizational independence from POL-CAT S.A. . In other words, POL-CAT S.A (joint-stock company). guarantees by means of a notary agreement that he will not seek to take over the shares of your company. Such a guarantee will allow you to focus on improving production and offer without worrying about selling your products.

POL-CAT S.A. (joint-stock company) will establish a consignment warehouse of goods near Warsaw (i.e. it will provide easy access to the entire territory of the country) on the basis of notarial agreements with producers. In this way, a commercial offer of products will be created, which, thanks to its comprehensiveness, will provide a work front for thousands of dynamic traders of POL-CAT SA (joint-stock company) selling these products initially in Poland, and then around the world. The maintenance of the consignment warehouse will take place at the expense of the suppliers of goods and will charge them a fee proportional to the value of the stored goods.

Traders will be remunerated with a 5% commission on the value of sales in all market segments. The remaining 5% of the commercial commission of POL-CA SA (joint-stock company) will be allocated to scientific research supporting technological progress in the production of product suppliers. The achieved synergy effect of a comprehensive offer of mutually supporting products will allow for an increase in sales of these products in the constantly expanding sales network. POL-CAT SA (joint-stock company) will provide free and immediate comprehensive delivery of products and services (thanks to the stock of consignment warehouses) sold to the end customer indicated by the trader and will obtain a prepayment for the goods. POL-CAT SA (joint-stock company) will settle its obligations arising from the sale of goods from the consignment warehouse on a monthly basis, ie the sale achieved in, for example, January will be regulated on January 31, etc. The payment to the producer will be the value of the sales of their products less the POL-CAT SA (joint-stock company) commission.

Warsaw, March 7, 2022 Bogdan Jacek Góralski

Dear trader of POL-CAT S.A.

You will receive one POL-CAT S.A. share after the initial three-year work experience at the time when you sign the obligatory commitment stating that you will sell your POL-CAT SA share only to POL-CAT S.A. after the end of your commercial activity in POL-CAT S.A. for the sum of money equal to the three-year sale of POL-CAT S.A. divided by the current number of POL-CAT SA shareholders, possibly reduced by your liabilities to POL-CAT S.A. When you sell your share to POL-CAT SA-joint-stock company, you will get a decent retirement pension in exchange for many years of efficient work for the POL-CAT SA-joint-stock company.

When working for POL-CAT S.A., you will receive a commission of 5% from the value of your sales in POL-CAT S.A., from which you will pay all your obligations, from the date of commencement of work. It will be possible to obtain an advance payment under special circumstances. You will be assigned to a team of traders servicing the financing of a scientific task paid from the POL-CAT SA commercial commission, which will determine the market segment served. You will be able to earn as much as you need for selling POL-CAT SA products and how much commission you attain on sales in POL-CAT SA.

 Jakuszowice, 22 lipca 2022                                                          Bogdan Jacek Góralski


The collapse of feudalism begins with the French Revolution caused by the climate crisis and capitalism enters the economy. The next climate and economic crisis starts the First World War and the Russian, Chinese, Indian and Mexican Revolutions, and strengthens communism. Another climate crisis of the 1980s led to the fall of communism and triggered a renaissance of wild capitalism in Eastern Europe and China. Today, another climate crisis and the ensuing economic crisis expose the weakness and inhumanity of the capitalist economy in Western and Eastern countries. The growing Western debt spiral shows that the development opportunities of Western economies suffering from labor shortages are exhausted. The current environmental devastation in China (in Russia also) is the result of China’s policy of rapid industrialization and overpopulation. The need to change global economic and social principles is breaking through to the consciousness of the elite, and in response to this demand, a new economic theory appears, waiting to be tested on a small experimental scale in one country. After 13 years of business experience and 18 years of theoretical study, I formulated a program for a socio-economic-political experiment and cover it in a file called “The Third Way between capitalism and communism”, which is available on Google Books and beyond. I propose to start an economic experiment in Poland because it is a country with a hard-working society led by inept politicians unable to overcome the crisis of the Polish economy. I am aware of the dependence of politics in Poland on foreign influences, but I know that only a bold political and economic concept outlined in the Program Partii Dekalogu (Program of the Decalogue Party) available on the Internet, is able to convince foreign elites to consent to a political and economic experiment in Poland.

Warsaw, September 24, 2020, 1:55 pm Bogdan Jacek Góralski

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