The Sun sets food prices

The Sun sets food prices

Sources of Data:
FAO Food price indices. Link:
Yearly mean total sunspot number. WDC-SILSO, Royal Observatory of Belgium, Brussels

Negative correlation Total Sunspot Number with changes in the index of food prices by FAO
Author the figure Bogdan Góralski, made on 23 April 2016, 20:30
The chart above shows the change in magnetic activity Sun – Total sunspot number (pink color), a negative correlation with changes in the index of food prices by FAO. Since 1990, the index of food prices rising, especially in periods of declining activity magnetic Sun – decreasing values Total Sunspot Number. In the period 2019-2040 will age decrease in the magnetic activity of the
Sun and with it will increase global food prices. Increase the level of oil and gas prices, and inflation will rise which will lead to a global and very rapid economic and political crisis. I warn against this crisis for many years, but somehow not visible.

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Theodore Modis
Growth-Dynamics, Via Selva 8, Massagno, 6900 Lugano,
Switzerland Received 6 May 2007; accepted 13 June 2007

Warsaw,  23-24 April 2016 roku, 21:04-5:05                          Bogdan Góralski

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