How to ensure good quality of life to every man?

How to ensure good quality of life to every man?

Contemporary social mechanism rely on distribution of society on elites and social masses. Belonging to the elites ensures high standart of life and there is only one worry-how to be a member of elite for ever. We see so then tending to become a member of the higher class, tending to stay in elites and no more else positive results for the society. The society that does not encourage to the trying of improving of quality of life of the social masses is in stagnacy and is going to the revolution.When the revolution takes place, the elite changes, everything starts again. The old social mechanism leads to the distribution of the society for those they are the better and the worse. The concern only for ensuring the material status for the society leads to nowhere since human appetites are unlimited. There must be a complete change in the model of life and the model based on consumerism must partly go away. Consumerism as a pattern of behavior must be replaced by a different social model that ensures the development of the quality of life for all citizens. Quality of life is achieved through social security and social recognition. The greatest wealth and the highest social recognition will be achieved by people who are able to create new jobs. Those who are capable of business leadership, creative and perceptive in realizing social needs, should achieve social recognition and money by providing the average citizen with social security necessary to develop and achieve social recognition. The new development model achieved in this way (an example will be POL-CAT) will ensure social harmony and steady progress. Despite the fact that everyone in POL-CAT is to earn the same, then there is no obstacle to set up new businesses during their free time from work in POL-CAT (or other similarly operating enterprise), multiply jobs and achieve new incomes. It all depends on education, talents and experience. You can set up any number of well-organized businesses and get money for retirement at the age of 40, or perhaps earlier. You will need to ensure your employees good wages and working conditions, and organize your work so that the company develops itself. This will result in oversupply of jobs and employees will gain social security. Employees will be motivated and satisfied with the work. Money earned in organizing more and more new businesses will be fully deserved and will be a measure of social excellence and a reason for pride and social recognition. Everyone will be motivated to work efficiently and effectively for their own and social good. Emerging new enterprises will be supported in development and growth by the trade and service company POL-CAT (for mode of operating of the POL-CAT see: link:

For helping the people in doing businesses POL-CAT INTERNATIONAL will be responsible( as a provider goods and services) and banking sector.

In that case, how to avoid consumerism in our lives? In order to achieve moderation in the use of the charms of consumer whims, one must first satisfy them. After a stage of consumptionism, in a natural way there is a tendency in the human’s behaviour to spareing all forms of energy. Let us young people enjoy life and consumption, maturity (spareing of the energies) will come alone without any orders. So formed society will be ethical of its own will, and that’s the point.

Developed countries are those with a developed sector of services for the population. In order to provide services well, you need a good supply of goods and know-how.
Developing countries need support for the service sector. POL-CAT INTERNATIONAL as a supplier of goods and know-how for the services sector will support the development of services sector in developing countries.
The optimal system for agriculture is a feudal system, the basics of which are based on the farming aid provided by the feudal lord to the lessee of agricultural land. This system should be introduced in countries where large agricultural property is currently dominating. POL-CAT INTERNATIONAL will support landowners in introducing an agricultural system based on management on small plots of land. This will allow the migration of hundreds of millions of peasants from overcrowded countries to countries of great agricultural ownership and the introduction of modern and intensive farming.

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