Is the Solar System a quantum computer? Virtual reality of the world in the eternal emptiness

Is the Solar System a quantum computer?

The following record is a record of intuition maturing in me for years. Was crystallized by under the influence of reading books on physics of the modern world (Wadhawan 2010) and is a logical consequence inference, test results, known basic principles of physics. The thesis that the solar system is a quantum computer is very bold, so I will try to present logical reasoning to confirm such a hypothesis First, some quotes:

“Szilard. constructing a theoretical engine (1929, 1964), showed the relationship between entropy and information. He showed that the entropy associated with the unit of information, namely one bit is k log 2. Observation of the particles illuminating photons entail expenditure of energy. This was consistent with the Szilard belief that to obtain a given amount of information constitutes a certain amount of entropy producing” (Wadhawan, 2010: 50).

Shannon entropy S is the quantity the negative Shannon information I (I = – S). The minus sign reflects the fact that entropy is a measure of ignorance or lack of information (“missing information”) and its negative value, ie. The negative entropy or negentropy is a measure of the available information (Wadhawan 2010: 42).

A system is more orderly by the etics the amount of information contained therein is larger, and the lower the entropy.

The work of Rolf Landauer of thermodynamic data determined that the data processing operations, such as copying from one device to another, are like measurements: one device obtains information about the status of the other. (…) Landauer argued that the various logical states of the computer must correspond to different states physical computer equipment (hardware). For example, removal of the n-bit memory is equivalent to compression of the number of logic states into a single, similar to the piston compressing a gas. It follows from this that one can not erase the memory register without generating heat, and add entropy to the environment in an irreversible way.

Landauer identified several thermodynamically irreversible operations. They all remove information about the past state of the computer, i.e. they are “logically irreversible”. The step of erasing memory in a Szilard engine is logically irreversible. It squeezes (destroys) specific information about the particle being left (or right) to the state “I do not know”. Therefore, the motor can not reset the memory to a pure state without adding at least one entropy bit to the environment. This in turn turns the work done by the piston into heat. Nothing comes for free! Thus, the explanation of why Szilard’s engine, as well as Maxwell’s demon, does not violate the second law of thermodynamics is that to “see” a particle the engine or demon must first forget the results of previous measurements, and this fact of rejection is costly in thermodynamic terms.

At the end, we can now give a little differently formulated the answer to the question “Why Earth’s complexity is increasing constantly?” The answer is that this happens because the sun is bombarding our ecosphere information (in the form of radiation negative entropy), of which a part is stored or trapped in increasingly complex ways. As more and more stores information increases complexity. Tribus and McIrvine (1971) estimated that the sun radiates into space ~ 1,6×10 15 megawatt-hours of energy. This has the ability to reduce the entropy (the average temperature of the Earth) of ~ J 3,2×1022 per Kelvin per year; or 1038 bits per second. In decreasing entropy is stored information, and therefore increases the complexity (Wadhawan, 2010: 50-51).

The end of the existence of the solar system- SS, which in the ecosphere gathered information is logically erase the information stored in the SS. According to the thesis Landauer, that you can not erase information from memory without generating heat to the environment, it creates a huge amount of heat transforming the matter of the SS in a cloud of gas, which then creates a new solar system with the erased memory and a huge entropy. System is characterized in a great initial energy. In accordance with the principle of Shannon = – S, increasing the amount of information in a new arrangement which reduces the entropy of the system, increasing its arrangement. Decreasing the entropy of the new SS requires the depletion of energy star, which transforms the information accumulated by the system until you reach the limit of available energy star, corresponding to the same time limit the size of information – awareness of the solar system, which is awareness of its ecosystem.

The end of the Solar System – SS, which accumulated information in the ecosphere, is logically erasing information gathered in the Solar System. According to Landauer’s thesis, that information can not be erased from memory without generating heat to the environment, it generates huge amounts of heat transforming SS matter into a gas cloud, which then forms a new solar system with erased memory and huge entropy. This system is characterized by enormous initial energy. According to the principle of Shannon I = -S, the amount of information in the new system increases, which reduces the entropy of the system, increasing its order. Decreasing the entropy of the new SS requires the depletion of the star’s energy, which is transformed into information collected by the system until the boundary of the available star energy is reached, which at the same time corresponds to the magnitude of information-self-consciousness of the Solar System, which is the consciousness of its ecosystem.

Natural end of the solar system resets the memory of a logical system causing another cycle of birth. So we see that the birth of a new solar system are in fact the creation of a quantum computer control life processes. The Sun is the heart of this system giving energy, which is pure knowledge, awareness growing by cosmic principles that once at the end of history we discover. We will discover these principles so that through it develop into an ethical consciousness – pure energy driving the resurgent quantum computer – our Solar System. Such thinking undermines the second law of thermodynamics, according to which it is not possible existence of a perpetual motion machine of the second degree. In my opinion it is likely theorem:

A perpetual motion machine of the second type is a quantum computer, where the excellent conversion of heat to work is employed intelligenceguided nature of societies.

The question is what happens with “old” solar system? Probably it is copied to the computer system of a higher order, which is gaining from this operation the energy required to sustain the information of God.

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Virtual reality of the world in the eternal emptiness
In the chapter entitled “Our solar system is a quantum computer?”, which is part of the Polish book entitled “Natural history and climate change” suggest that the universe is made up of virtual worlds like star systems, and the stellar processes in fact are flows of information in the network stellar supercomputers. The condition for accepting of the concept of the virtual world is the need to prove that the thought being a manifestation of the sun’s energy affects the material world.
Such evidence can be found in the world of modern computer games created by the result of the influence of Sun’s energy. Power supplying computers and the human minds creating software and games, are a manifestation of the energy of our Sun. In the computer game called World of Warcraft, a popular in the world, players contacting by the Internet, gain a virtual game a different artifacts, which they then sell for real money in our world. Other players that buy them and use them in the game enlarge the capacity of virtual character of their figures.
Various computer games offer for a genuine charges to avoid tedious grinding – the boredom of repetitive operations to gain points in the virtual game. This is the fact that the evidence of existing and functioning coupling of our real world with the virtual world existing in computers. Virtual facts are converted to real values in our world that is, the life energy of the players in the games is expressed in the real money.
Similar coupling can function between our real world-which is in fact a virtual manifestation of solar energy, and the world of the previous, in which computers operates and deliver us energy of the Sun. Only Energy- which is the profit from the created virtual world, therefore our world exist to provide entertainment and energy to our creators, until we create our own virtual world plays our bygone reality. The world in the world, an endless stream of consciousness and eternal life in the next incarnations here-human destiny in the world of energy subtleties, called life.
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