Who is a Pole?

Who is the Poles?

I am writing this text for my son and my daughter so that they would know that the Pole is that one who love freedom without borders. Freedom in harmony only with God, whoever He is.

Everyone who has a Jewish mother is a Jew. Whoever was born in the USA, Great Britain is an American, British. Who loves his Russia is a Russian. To a Pole who loves to be free, the whole world is home. This is why Poles feel good everywhere and assimilate well in different societies, when they have a bit of freedom. Living without bonds limiting the freedom, without obligation, makes us treat others well, which is why Poles, for example, in the US gain in the career hierarchy middlle places, because this highest level of hierarchy forces the exploitation, enslavement of subordinates, and this is against Polish nature. For Poles the most important are blood ties and they decide about Polish citizenship. Polish blood is present in every corner of the world.

“In my opinion, a patriot is someone who thinks what is to improve in his nation. The nationalist is someone who thinks that his nation is already perfect, “says history professor Timothy Snyder. The wisdom of this statement makes me think about what to restore in Poland from the old Sarmatian heritage to rebuild the ethos of a Polish nation.

In one of the works of the illustrious Feliks Koneczny I read the idea that civilizations differ in the mechanisms of inheritance. Driven by this thought, I searched for the essence of Slavic, Polish civilization and its methods of inheritance. Unfortunately, so far, I know only generalities, this matter requires in-depth studies. Formerly, tribes were constantly migrating and there was among them no personal property other than weapons and clothing. There was a common treasure that was the binder of the tribes. Then people settled and the problem of land use appeared. We know that the land within Polish tribes used to be the common ownership, which was characteristic of the Slavien tribal organization. Among other Slavs (Czechs, Moravians, Serbs, Dalmats, Croats, and Bulgarians) there were also tribal organizations (see among the Russians – obshchina ie. the village community,   liquidated by the Bolsheviks, which name was derived from common ownership of the land – common, communal), in which the elders ruled fully shared ownership .

The land and agricultural belongings are allocated to each separate family as they need for the living. To implement a truly Polish system of inheritance one should rely on the tradition of inheritance by the community, ie introduce voluntarily old rules for the inheritance of the acquired property and passes it on to the society on the end of earning. And that’s how this wealth obtained at the expense of society come back to the society.

King Jan III Sobieski, after winning the enormous estate in the war trophy after defeat the Turks, gave it to Polish society in the foundations he established. Witold Zglenicki (1850-1904), a nobleman of Masovia, gave almost all property for the needs of Polish science after death, and therefore he was called the Polish Nobel. Thanks to it, the Foundation for the Development of Polish Science, the so-called Mianowski’s Fund was established. I myself offered to Polish youth all the rights of my POL-CAT company, which the Jewish mafias wanted to take over because of to   excellence of the POL-CAT in actiion. My knowledge about business makes it possible to establish the largest company in Poland, but this will be the property of only Polish society and will enable full financing for the development of Polish science.

There was not the Marriage in the old Polish society, and the relationship between women and men resulted from their free will and family arrangement. Marriage, in my opinion, arises at the moment of the conception of a descendant and is obligation until to natural death. Such a marriage is a source of happiness for a woman and a man. I myself swore to my wife when she gave birth to my son that I would not leave her until death.

Church marriages in Poland entered into practice only in the sixteenth century and first of all the higher layers of society were subordinated to them. Residents of the villages, however, almost until the beginning of the 19th century (although extremely rarely) used the traditional wedding rite, socially sanctioning the newly founded family. Nowadays, church and civil marriages are often used by various mafias to take over businessmen parents’ property rights, which is why you have to go back to the old Polish tradition of inheritance by the local society. I am divorced myself and I am living with my wife in a free relationship in which we are happy.

Can we restore the foundation of the power of the First Polish Republic – freedom of thought, openness of public life and the strength of the noblese man state – the strength of old Polish elite?

There are no freedom of thought in Poland. Post-communist mafia wielding Polish science destroy all the progresses that appear in Polish science. I experienced it on my own skin. One must gain independent financing for the progressive currents of Polish thought.

Polish nobleses freedom elites were destroyed, expropriated and murdered after subsequent uprisings. When Polish peasants were enfranchisement without compensation (only in Poland) for the lands lost by the nobility, it was the defeat of the Polish nobility. Polish elites were killed during uprisings, wars and occupation. The final catastrophe was the take over of property of the Polish landowners after the Second World War (by the communists controlled from Moscow). The Polish agriculture with its centuries-old heritage recorded in the optimal agricultural structure died with them. In the Program of the Decalogue Party, I have a plan to restore the former social role of the Polish old nobility. I also plan to reward the contemporary Polish professionalism with the new nobles titles.

In the First Republic of Poland, full transparency of public life was in force. All agreements and laws valid for the Republic were approving with the knowledge and consent of the nobleses. Today, in Poland, the rule of secret unions and mafias operating contrary to the Polish raison d’etat has strengthened. It is time to return to open public life and end to sell the Polish raison d’état.

In old Poland, there was pluralism in the worldview. It was allowed to preach all the religion views. An expression of this was, inter alia, the Warsaw Confederation (1573), which legally guaranteed religious freedom in the Republic of Poland.

Poles in the majority were Christian, people seeking to understand and apply the teachings of Jesus Christ. Their fullness and timelessness, as I understand it, are contained in the principle of the Love of the Enemies and the principle of Sharing Bread with the Needy. Their application in practice will ensure prosperity, freedom and peace for all people on Earth. Let’s use them.

To share the bread with the needy you need to have it in excess. Currently, Poland, a country rich in fertile lands, almost no surplus food. Polish agriculture is destroyed despite having great potential of arable land. I assign the task of its reconstruction to the old and the new Polish nobility. This will renew Poland and strengthen Polish industry.

We will build the structure of the Polish state on economically and spiritually independent parishes and religious communities supported by the POL-CAT scientific and business center. This will give the Polish state an optimal flat organizational structure.

I presented the basic assumptions of the new organization of the Polish state. May your freedom and inventiveness fill this skeleton of the Polish State with body and life. Let the Free Poland rise.

The modern world is a predatory conflict of matriarchy and patriarchy. In matriarchy inherits a woman and a man inherits in the patriarchate. The US and Israel matriarchal compete with the rest of the patriarchal world. Sarmaci – the ancestors of the Polish nobility, respecting women but not submitting to them – is part of this conflict. Noble Poles worshiping women, guarding God, honor and Homeland, are for me a model for imitation. Let’s rebuild the old Commonwealth of Polish Republik and make its Sarmatian culture open to positive content. Let us create a new voluntary cultural system in which only society will inherit and in which all energy, including social energy, will be spared and efficient use.

Poland and Polish culture will become truly independent and we Poles will quickly become very usefull for the rest of the world

Bogdan Góralski

Warszawa, dnia 9 April  2013 Translated on 4 August 2019 in Jakuszowice

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