I am asking the men: How to think using heart?

I am asking the men: How to think using heart?
When I suddenly felt unhappy yesterday, I thought at once that it was only my inner conviction, the psychic feeling of the unhappiness caused by my ego. When I thought about it, the joy of life and the joy of existence returned to me immediately.
I think my mind, thinking, converting signals from senses connected to the world, told me that I was unhappy but my ego – atman connected with Brahman remained happy all the time. How to be in atman-Brahman state all the time? How to silence the mind? How to think using heart?
I suppose that women mostly think by using the heart, but men mostly using the mind. When partnership between genders is functioning and partnership is full and real, exist in the partnership full understanding complexity of our world, compromis in the understanding of the world, I mean social harmony …
Warsaw, 18 March 2018, 17:00                                        Bogdan Góralski


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