How to avoid the Holocaust again?

How to avoid the Holocaust again?
Jews have been persecuted for the last 2,000 years. Persecution caused a rapid evolution of the Jewish people and they are now a minority able to overcome obstacles, an experienced, well-organized and energetic minority. They are the financial elite of the Western world. The wealth of German Jews who mastered all spheres of German economy caused the outbreak of Hitler’s revolution and the Holocaust. Communism was supposed to be a Jewish way of relative social equality and avoiding persecution caused by wealth, easily achieved by Jews.
The communist system quickly created its elites hated by the rest of society. After the Holocaust and the fall of communism, the Jews assimilated themselves and are again a well-organized social elite of post-communist and European countries. The economic rivalry of Europe and the USA is caused by the ideological conflict of the world of women, which, thanks to the laws of inheritance, dominated America and the world of men reigning on the Eurasian continent. The Eurasian-US conflict may increase because another global economic crisis is rapidly approaching, which will increase international competition. The global crisis will increase social tensions and cause social unrest caused by deteriorating living conditions. The US can use this and through its agents influence bring about another wave of anti-Semitic and anti-Confucian persecution in Europe and China, which will cause the collapse of the Eurasian economy.
I propose to get out of this situation by establishing a global trade and service company POL-CAT, whose egalitarian and effective economic activities will contribute to the discharge of social tension on
Euro-Asian continent and thus avoiding provocative revolutions and persecution.
The method of operation of POL-CAT I presented on Researchgate, Eioba and on my blog – link:

Warsaw, 25 March 2018, 5:40 Bogdan Góralski

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