Eleven The Proofs that Earth’s coating is moving

Eleven The Proofs that Earth’s coating is moving

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Base on my previous work titled Climate changes versus Earth’s geoide shape changes

I can make the statement:

” In my previous work I presented the concept of rotational motion of the Earth controlled by the movements of the masses of the Solar System. Changes in gravity and magnetism (?) in the Solar System cause the Earth’s coating movement against the ecliptic. Earth’s coating consisting of earth’s crust and mantle rotates by slipping on the surface of the outer, liquid and metallic earth nucleus. Below I present evidence that the movement of the earth’s coating is the cause of the constellation’s star movement, and the precession of the earth’s axis is absent. This observer on Earth is changing position, and star constellations are probably not moving

Earth coating movements cause climate change, changes in the velocity of Earth’s geoid circulation, and earthquakes. These phenomena are correlated, which is  proving on numerous scientific papers.

1.Correlation of LOD and significant earthquakes M>=7

Raw Data Correlation of LOD and significant earthquakes M>=7

When Earth’s crust (ie coating) is moving relative to ecliptic then tensions in the Earth’s crust increasing (especialy around equator) and amount of earthquakes increasing. The signal of the Earth’s coating moveing is change of value of LOD (length of the Earth’s day). We see on the graph in the articel below, that when speed of rotation of Earth is lower ( value of LOD is higher) then amount of earthquakes increasing and vice versa. This is connected with Earth’s coating moving. I predict in the few years time an increase in amount of earthquakes on the Earth.

2.Earth’s Shifting Crust by Hapgood,Charles H. 1958

Earth’s Shifting Crust

by Hapgood,Charles H. 1958

3.The temperature of the interior of Earth is sustained by the constant friction between the COATING of Earth and its LIQUID CORE.

The coating of Earth, consisting of the crust and the mantle, is rotating under the influence of the alternating impact of the solar system and is rubbing against a liquid, metallic Earth’s outer core, which is a spherical sliding surface for Earth’s coating. Solid metallic inner core of Earth is in the grip of the magnetic field of the Sun, which alternates according to the pulse of gravity within the solar system. We see that the movements of the masses within Earth’s geoid are coupled with internal interactions within the solar system, which are also subject to the influence of our galaxy.


4.Proof that the Earth’s coating is moving


  1. The last and the most important proof of rotation of Earth’s coating

The last and the most important proof of rotation of Earth’s coating


Below on the graph we see proxy temperatures from ice cores taken from

southern hemisphere -Antarctic – Vostok, and northern hemisphere -Greenland – GISP2. We see that temperatures in Antarctic are lower than in northern hemisphere but occasionally they are even or higher than northern hemisphere temperatures. We can explain this by Earth’s coating rotations. When Earth’s coating is in balance- this means that northern hemisphere is above ecliptic plane and southern hemisphere is below ecliptic plane and insolation of both hemispheres are even, temperatures of both hemispheres are the same too. When Earth’s coating moves and northern hemisphere is below an ecliptic plane the temperatures of Antarctic are lower than Greenland’s temperatures because of higher insolation of Greenland.When Earth’s coating moves in opposite direction and southern hemisphere is above an ecliptic plane the temperatures of northern hemisphere are dropping down and southern hemisphere temperatures are rising. During the Holocene southern hemisphere temperatures are higher than northern temperatures and both of them have increased since 10000 BP. If planets of solar system will negatively change their positions on the sky there will be probably again cold period of Earth’s climate. We need to research it.

Now we know that Earth’s coating is moving accordingly to changes of temperatures of both hemispheres.

See the graph under the link:



  1. New theory of tectonic plates movement of the lithosphere of the Earth

As a result of the circular motion of the rigid Earth’s coating around the first liquid layer of the Earth’s mantle, there are apparent changes in the position of the magnetic poles on the surface of the earth’s crust. So far it has been thought that magnetic poles are moving. My concept assumes that the magnetic poles are stable in the grip of the IMF’s magnetic field, whereas the rigid earth’s coating move around the liquid interior of the Earth. I have numerous evidence of this phenomenon, including changes in the location of climatic zones on the surface of the Earth, which can only be explained by the cyclical movements of the Earth’s shell relative to the ecliptic and the Sun. So precession of the earth’s axis does not exist, because the earth’s surface rotating by tilting and deviating from the Sun due to the change of gravity.



  1. Millennial- and orbital-scale changes in the East Asian monsoon over the past 224,000 years

Millennial- and orbital-scale changes in the East Asian monsoon over the past 224,000 years

Yongjin Wang 1 , Hai Cheng 1,2 , R. Lawrence Edwards 2 , Xinggong Kong 1 , Xiaohua Shao 1 , Shitao Chen 1 , Jiangyin Wu 1 , Xiouyang Jiang 1 , Xianfeng Wang 2 & Zhisheng An 3

  1. The Antarctic Ice Sheet Is Growing- This means less solar irradiance in Southern Hemisphere. Higher solar irradiance in Northern Hemisphere increases global temperature.

Rising sea levels leading to saltwater intrusion downstream Nile are proof of moveing Earth’s coating which is slowly aproaching ( in the area of delta Nile) to the gravitational bulge near to equator line.

  1. Changes of sea-level and expansion of early rice farming in the lower Yangtze River Valley in China are proof of movement Earth’s coating relative to ecliptic plane.
  2. Distribution of rainfall in the world versus Earth’s coating movement.
  3. History of grain prices versus Earth’s coating shift

Rainfall is dependent on insolation and atmospheric circulation because they are associated with currents rising in the atmosphere that are raiseing high-humidity air that condenses to create clouds that bring rain. When the Earth’s coating moves in relation to the ecliptic plane, ie the Sun, zones with life-giving rainfall move on the Earth’s surface and there are fertile zones in agriculture i.e.well-hydrated zones and crop failure in dry areas. This results in an increase or decrease in food prices in different regions of the globe at the same time.

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