Will there begin hope for a human world in Poland?

Will there begin hope for a human world in Poland?
In my articles, I write about the mafias of women and men in Poland. Both have the same goal, i.e. they want to gain power over the flow of money in the Polish economy. It’s about control over the turnover of about 300 billion USD. This is more or less worth the supply purchases of Polish companies that are located on the Polish market. For now, the male mafia has the advantage, because it has the cheapest supply offer. But the women’s mafia is preparing a counter-offense related to the fact that its arm, PiS party has filled the position of managers in the largest Polish companies with its people and they will decide on placing supply purchases on the Polish market. The female mafia is supported by the USA.
The male mafia consists mainly of supporters of communism and is supported by Russia. In the past, the male mafia has filled key positions in the Polish economy that determine its strength. Currently, the key positions in the Polish economy are occupied by women’s mafia and the PiS party. Their goal is to take control of the Polish economy
The feminine mafia supports the Catholic Church and derives money from it for its activities. This is possible thanks to the Polish tax system, which enables companies to donate to the Catholic Church, which create mafia capital controlled mainly by women. Men are used to multiplying mafia capital and when they are wasteful, they are poisoned by their families.
Almost nobody in Poland deals with the teaching of Jesus Christ, because the Catholic Church is a money laundry for women’s mafia. There is nothing left of the ideals of communism because the former communists are fighting for their mafia’s profits. The other people are depriving the economic power that determines the politics of each country and that is why the Poles are directed by mafia agents.
My proposal to establish a nationwide supply company POL-CAT, which would pay all the profits to finance Polish science, are aimed at clearing up the mess associated with supply purchases in Poland. The Polish proverb says: where two beats there, the third one uses. I hope that the third will be ordinary simple Poles who have no idea what is happening in their country. If POL-CAT is established in Poland, it will expand to the whole world which may heal Polish and international relations. In this way, maybe in Poland hope will arise for a normal human world.

Jakuszowice, 19 August 2018, 7:10        Bogdan Góralski

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