The best ethical system of ancient Jews was stolen by Christianity


Ethical system of ancient Jews was stolen by Christianity



The book “Revolution in Judea: Jesus and the Jewish resistance” by Hyam Maccoby

Why I love this book???

That book has opened my eyes into many problems inside Jewish ancient community

and the phenomenon of at the Jewish resistance against Roman power.

Jesus Christ was the leader of the raise of the Pharisees es against Roman Power and that is why he was killed by Romans.

Ideological difference between Greek intelectual elite of Roman Empire and Jewish intelectualists caused persecution of the  Jews in the early phase of chrystianity. Jews in that time had had the highest developed  ethical system among ancient communities consisted with all ethical heritage of all ancient world. Thist ethical system of ancient Jews was present in teaching of Jesus Christ and Jews was innocent  of death of Jesus Christ death. He was the leader of Pharisees and they loved Him. Resurection of Jesus Christ was the sign from Eternity (Heaven)to for us that the time has come to fulfill his teaching because his teaching is the end of human ethical achievments. In my opinion we are far from realise the tips of Jesus Christ

Insight into ancient history of Jews and their problems was possible thanks to Hyam Jacoby book.

Christianity has stolen ancient Jewish ethical system but it could not teach Christians the rules of the best ancient ethical system. We have seen this in the cruel Christian history and we see it now.
I think the best way to teach the people the good behavior is to show them by own example how to be honest human. I think that the POL-CAT global trade and services enterprise will show the people of all the world the best way of human behavior. It is the cheapest way to teach modern and the best ethics.

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