Chinese-Jews conflict

In the book of Israeli author Shlomo Sand, I read that Jews apply intra-community ethics. What this means is seen in their behavior towards other nations for which they do not apply their ethics because they consider them unworthy of such treatment. This means that the Jews support only other Jews. Other nations like the Chinese people behave similarly. My proposal to apply universal ethics to all people faces resistance of nationalisms. The use with the universal ethics obligatory all people I mean the principle of saving all kind of energy will help to share the achievements of science in order to overcome the global barriers to civilization development. Without modern ethics, we will not lead to international scientific cooperation that can effectively solve our global problems.So let’s be ethical to ourselves and share the achievements of science because increasing knowledge makes etics bonds stronger. We must disseminate the achievments of ethics and science to the all world and overcome nationalisms…because they are dangerous for the global community. In contemporary world we see conflict between West and East. The base of this conflict is strugle for domination in the world between two nations Jews and Chinese. Jews are dominating in the West world and Chinese in the East. Any reforms in the world are impossible because of this struggle between Chinese and Jews. Both nation apply intra-community ethics. Principle of saving all kind of energy is Polish ethics which is applyed Polish nation-be together only when is dangerously because ethics restrics freedom needed during the time of peace when danger is passing by. Now we are in danger from coming global climatic crisis so my advice to the Jews and Chinese- you need apply Polish ethics I mean you need make compromis which will be fulfiil the principle of saving all kind of energy of the world. Saving all forms of energy teaches you to overcome all conflicts with calmness and caution. We have no other choice because impatience and lack of humbleness towards others is the cause of all conflicts. Poles say: Only peace can save us. Peace means POL-CAT. The overnational, transnational global trade and services enterprise POL-CAT will reconcile the Chinese and Jews and will support ethical businessmen and scientists from around the world.

Warsaw, 16 December 2018                                                  Bogdan Góralski

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