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The causes of conflict, the man, the woman.
Bogdan Góralski
Biblioteka Instytutu Historycznego Uniwersytetu Warszawskiego
The cause of male-female conflict are different mechanisms of inheritance of property.
The fate of the solar system traversing the galaxy condition life on Earth and the development
of human civilization. Climate change resulting from changes in the magnetic activity of the
sun diversified human population on derivatives:
Homo sapiens neandertalensis (HSN) – educated in cold climates,
and Homo sapiens sapiens (HSS) – educated in warm climates.
Studies have shown that the features of of Neanderthals survived in modern human
populations indicate their mixing with the population of Homo sapiens sapiens. Neanderthals
had larger brains than HSS and the habit of team activities imposed by environmental
conditions. They were a population of hunters dominant role of men. Their women were
probably common property of men. They had a more massive body structure compared to
Homo sapiens sapiens (HSS), probably more aggressive disposition (higher levels of
testosterone) and higher sexual appetites due to high protein meat diet.
HSN males probably had probably the progeny of women HSS, which was the ancestor of
modern humans with Neanderthal features. This resulted in differentiation of the human
population to that of the dominant features of HSN and that of the dominant features of the
HSS. Hereditary and derivatives cultural characteristics of social behavior existed in both
human populations.
In populations with the features HSN teamwork dominated culture men. The populations HSS
was a significant predominance of women’s culture and individual action. In my analysis I
focus on the analysis of observations of modern life, which indicate the most important
features of both populations clearly now culturally diverse. Observations indicate the social
dualism within a nation characterized by community Ashkenazi and Sephardic -Hsn -Hss
among the Jews, and Confucian and Taoist -Hsn -Hss among the Chinese.
Ashkenazi community and Confucian (northern China) developed a type of male culture
characterized by joint action of the organized community of men and subordinate women.
Sephardic community (?), And Taoist cherish the individual actions of a greater role of
1women in the community. Community Sephardic come from Africa and Taoist from the
warm southern China, where environmental conditions allow individualism and survival by
working only one family.
Both communities HSS and HSS now compete for primacy in the human world and that is
why we observe in it two social tactics of achieving that aim – organized interaction of men
and women opposing organized cooperation aimed at gaining superiority and domination over
the world.
In the HSN community survival provides the knowledge of a man serving male superior
community, whose influence and power provide material position individual members.
Ownership of a man inherits. Community is focused on reducing private property, because
this creates for the men the risk an early death from the hand of women and their children
because of the mechanisms of inheritance.
Community HSN specializes in achieving the benefits of salaried social service safety old
age. Childcare assumed by the State providing crèches, nursery schools, free education. The
state exist because there is a demand for jobs in which competencies are not checked by the
market. Such a job is a specialty men HSN. Community, led by the men provides all
egalitarian living conditions. Examples of such communities are national organization led by
men of China, Russia, Iran.
The HSS community, of which I have very little knowledge, a woman inherits property, and
she won a fortune favorably by marrying a rich man or inherit property from their parents. In
this community counts individual success of the family, progeny aimed at achieving
maximum profits out of the business of private security secure old age. This tactic results
from a mother’s love, which had always care for progeny often abandoned by selfish fathers.
Women beheld that it inherited from the husband and father business will further profitable.
To bring up two children today in Poland have to earmark more than 125 000 dollars, and in
addition you have to provide them an apartment that costs a similar amount. Meeting that kind
of money, beyond the cost of living, it requires prosperous private company serves the needs
of the community as a full-time job such gains will not provide, unless assisted corruption.
Society with a predominance of of women will develop a market economy with a dominant
elite private sector. Examples of such communities are the US, Australia, UK, Taiwan. Poland
is a mix of both systems.
The proposal of a new social system
2I suggest a different strategy of social inheritance of property by the public. Fortune
(enriching society) gained individually, but with public support, after the business will
provide us a prosperous old age, returning again to the public. Adult children are taken into
care by the society, which will enable them to start a business meet those social needs.Then
we create optimal conditions for the development of children and human civilization. The
principle of inheritance by society will be the choice of the spouses’ penchant – will increase
among the people the meaning of love, what is most important in the development of our
civilization. Focus on bringing up children is forcing parents to make an effort – you need to
earn a lot of money. This should be by all means supported by the social environment, which
can thus survive, enrich and develop.
If we can harmonize the spheres of men and women of our global society will become more
just and strong in ensuring universal happiness. Barriers between civilizations due to the
different methods of solving conflict of interest between a man and a woman. Man strives to
knowledge and a woman to love. The harmonious blend of man and woman, knowledge and
love of our society will give enormous power – the powerful energy of the new star, which
will provide further life to us and the next world.
The new world will be the crowning achievement of the evolution of our world, its
fulfillment. It will be another element of the eternal chain of entities located in the final the
act of a harmonious combination of knowledge and love, intelligent and loving connection
between man and woman. In this new world you can easily will find Poles women adoring
and loving science. The aim of the Polish nation in the world is to introduce equality of
women and men in the way of both love and knowledge.
According to the Chinese Book of Changes I-Ching (Wilhelm 1995), the whole being formed
by conversion and mutual game of two elementary power – female power “in” and male
power “yang”. Also, Indian sankhji-yoga implies a harmonious correlation puruszy- pure
consciousness embody the masculine, with nature, Prakriti materials embodying feminine. It
is certain that the harmony between the feminine and masculine strength of the force will
bring peace and development to the world. This harmony and love happens when we apply
the principles in the life of Jesus Christ- love of enemies and the sharing of bread to be
selfless acts of salvation introducing in our world right saving any energy.
Warsaw, on 1 July 2013. Bogdan Góralski
3Translated by Google Translate on 22 November 2015.

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