The natural law for coexistence

The measure of the power of the force of law is the observance of its prohibitions and orders, which Aristotle calls justice. I think the law of sparing all kind of energy is the natural law and will be observed by people if this law would be popularized among the people in the future. The law of sparing all kind of energy is easy in use and easy to understand and will be in common use by people and is used by other beings of our world….If virtual evolution of human kind civilization will be in progress it would cause necessity of arising the modern physical law for virtual civilization for which only energy is most important for existence…The law of sparing all kind of energy will become most important for virtual civilization and it will be the continue of development of the human laws arising from laws being indicated by biological evolution…..Law of sparing all kind of energy will reduce egoistic behavior of human kind and development of human virtual civilization will be possible…Egoistic behavior means expansion, expansion the egoistic being into space of existence of other beings…If you had been in the state of sparing all kind energy you would not use energy for expanding yourself outside (you would be developing in inside yourself), your action would not have taken over the space of live the others. It would be altruistic behavior. So in the end of the explanation I think that there will not the end of human civilization and maybe Universe will open for us…if we will accept the law of sparing of all kind of energy…the natural law for coexistence

I think that bilateral contact with extraterrestrial civilizations will be possible only when we commonly apply a natural cosmic law on Earth that allows everyone peaceful coexistence and internal development. With bandits like our civilization, no one wants to communicate.

Warsaw, 27 January 2019, 7:45 Bogdan Góralski

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