People strive for the comfort of life permanently and this is engine of human evolution

People strive for the comfort of life permanently

What does evolution mean ??? Evolution means the process of introducing developmental adaptations that improve the comfort of life of every creature …

The comfort of living preserves human and every health and culture and allows reaching the evolutionary goal – the reproduction of still more perfect beings. Biodiversity is most important for evolution because of advantages mixing of genes that is why we need give comfort of life every beings to increase the biodiversity. It means that …It means that we need support of egalitarianism at the expense of elitism.

The aim of the elite should be to provide the masses with the comfort of living for the lowest possible price and the lowest cost of all energy consumption.
Future elites will give an example to the human masses how to live wisely and ethically and maintain the comfort of life.

Comfort of life will be bring by the evolution of the socio-economic system

The evolution of the system of feudalism, capitalism and communism will create the socio-economic system and comfort of life that is optimal for today.

Conflict of feudal and capitalist system

The feudal system based on the hereditary hierarchy was the best in satisfying natural biological needs and is optimal in agriculture.The capitalist system emerged in response to the massive needs of a higher order, which the feudal system did not satisfy – the need for individual freedom, the need for equal opportunities for a dignified life, the need for a sense of social recognition for an independent individuals resulting from his own merits and achievements.

The effects of anti-feudal revolutions:

1. As a result of the revolution, power and land passed from the hands of aristocracy and nobility into the hands of capitalists and banks.

2. The capitalist system has given personal freedom, which is limited only by ignorance, but it is more restrictive for the citizen than the feudal system.

3. In the feudal system subjects were under the protection of a feudal lord (local authority), who knew their needs and possibilities better, enabling their implementation.

4. In the capitalist system, the citizen is under the care of the central government and the all-powerful bureaucracy, who has limited knowledge about his needs and possibilities.

5. The capitalist system can not fully exploit the possibilities of food production for global needs.

The French Revolution has not abolished the mechanisms of inheriting the means of production. This resulted in the concentration of private property in the hands of capitalists and the lack of subjectivity of the masses.

The Polish nobility practically rejected the inheritance of power and private property.The free election of the king rejected the inheritance of power that guaranteed the Polish nobility’s participation in the government of the state.

Transfer of heirdom of private agricultural real estate to the Polish Catholic Church – heirdom by the institution of social trust, was a socio-technical operation of Polish noblese ,that mobilized descendants to act beneficial to Polish society.

Do we have now such institution of social trust for the heirdom of private property in case when somebody would be wanted to transfer private property on society? May it be POL-CAT?

The scientific and technological revolution and the reasons for the capitalist revolutionGeographical discoveries and the development of technology and science created the basis for progress in the economy, which gave career opportunities and enrichment to dynamic and educated individuals not related to feudal structures. The great reformers undermined the Catholic dogmas on which the king’s and feudal rule rested, creating the ethical basis of the social structure of capitalism, which ennobled useful human work serving the whole society.The current elites lack humility before the rights of the historical process, because they built their position on the negation of the achievements of their predecessors.Revolutions are ineffective, the evolution of the socio-economic system is needed and it needs to be adapted to the requirements of the future, i.e. restitution of the feudal system in a new evolutionary form that is a synthesis of history.The only economic system that can absorb migrating human masses in future world is the modern feudal systemHe will allocate farmland to settlers,it will help them to develop on the arable land,will help them in need,at least double the increase in agricultural production per hectare of arable landSoviet Russia had a problem with too large a peasant population – 120 million peasants to 30 million of the remaining population. It was resolved by killing the best farmers from the peasant layer, force creating large farms and developing the industry using their own capital. This led to the disappearance of the most prolific peasants and modern depopulation of the Russian village. The problem of the peasants was solved in a different way by China. “Communist China had problems with feeding China, that’s why abandoned inefficient farming communes by handing out small plots of land to 800 million peasants. The peasant family is now responsible for food production. Thanks to this, China is self-sufficient and even exports food. State food purchases were organized, and the prices of agricultural products are shaped by the free surplus market produced by Chinese farmers. Chinese farmers are tied to the land and cultivate on small plots (often 1 hectare per family) and are very poor, and their youth are forced to a controlled migration to the cities where the industry giving employment is created. Currently, the Chinese peasants tend to create voluntary agricultural cooperatives (concentration forced by poor access to the market), which is not supported by the authorities wanting to have cheap food.This natural trend of farmers to create voluntary local farmers’ self-help organizations should be supported and extended to the entire Asian continent. Someone that farmers’ cooperatives must lead – let this be a new, non-hereditary nobility.We are currently waiting for the universal virtual – IT evolution of our world and we need to prepare socio-economic structures to make it successful. The virtual-IT evolution will bring the world’s progress if the current elite make a positive settlement with the past, i.e. they will take the best principles of the past to the future. Let evolution continue ….

The Russian and Chinese Revolutions were a shift from feudalism to inefficient state communism.The French Revolution has not abolished the mechanisms of inheriting the means of production.This resulted in the concentration of private property in the hands of capitalists and the lack of subjectivity of the human masses.The Russian and Chinese Revolutions were a shift from feudalism to inefficient state communism.The transition to the social ownership of the means of production eliminated the inheritance of the means of production and the economic initiative passed into the hands of the state which showed its inefficiency and ineffectiveness.What is needed is the continous evolution of the socio-economic system and the choice of the best path for the future united world.

Warsaw, 16,04.2019 Bogdan Góralski

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