The resurrection of Jesus Christ was a holographic projection

Resurrection of Jesus Christ

We are currently saying that there is a supernatural virtual world that contacts us with the help of virtual and intellectual phenomena that were once difficult to understand without considering modern science and technology. Now we are educated people and we can understand ancient religious phenomena as clarified and understandable facts.

The resurrection of Jesus Christ was technologically possible 2,000 years ago for the technologically advanced virtual civilization that precedes us, that is, the so-called “God”.

In encounters with the apostles, the resurrected Christ was probably animated from the hologram. Ethical virtual civilization being our “God” drew our attention, recreating the hologram with the animated Christ, on the ethical message in the teaching of Christ, which is the crowning of human ethical thought. The synthesis of the ethical thoughts of ancient civilizations presented by Jesus Christ is the work of the entire Jewish nation. My text is an attempt to logically explain the resurrection of man, which in my opinion is impossible. Examples from literature show that people are considering the various “miraculous” facts that have happened to them in their lives. There are certainly various “wonderful” facts. In my opinion, they are evidence of the interference of the supernatural world into our reality. This extrasensory world (in my opinion it is a virtual world) creates our reality. This extrasensory world is ahead of us in development and has long been posses the holographic technology, thanks to which the living figure of Christ was recreated after his death. Other miracles from the Bible, for example, the passage of Jews through the Red Sea, the burning bush, Christ walking on water, etc., were also a holographic simulation. Our civilization is only now using such technology. And what is happening now with the ethics of our civilization? What was the message of Christ? and what was the message of the resurrection? What’s left in us from the ancient ethics of Jesus Christ?

What about we have today???

Tupac Shakur appeared alive at the concert from the hologram, although he was shot in 1996

The American Coachella festival has the reputation of inspiring and breaking stereotypes. This year’s edition, however, exceeded the expectations of even the most demanding fans. During the concert, during which he performed, among others Snoop Dogg, Doggfather, Dr. Dre and Eminem, suddenly appeared on the stage before 100,000 spectators … Tupac Shakur. During the performance, the artist walked around the stage, raised his hands and greeted the audience. He also made one of his most famous songs – “Hail Mary”.
Another rapper – Dr Dre, who was a long-time collaborator of the hip hop legend, was supposed to come up with the idea of Tupac’s revival. The effects were carried out by Digital Domain, which previously worked for with David Fincher’s “An Interesting Case of Benjamin Button”. It took four months to recreate the rapper’s silhouette and cost between 100,000 and 400,000 dollars.
Digital Domain representatives in an interview with MTV ensured that they are able to reproduce in the holograms the figure of each long-dead person. This means that in the theoretical concerts we will be able to see Elvis, Freddie Mercury and Michael Jackson.