Wise Catholics, stupid Catholics and the rest of Polish society

Wise Catholics, stupid Catholics and the rest of Polish society

We live in the 21st century Poland, observing technologically developing world, and Polish catolics mentally stuck in the Middle Ages. It is caused by the dominant in Poland Christian culture propagated by the Catholic Church. Polish society is divided into Catholics and the rest not recognizing the dignity of the Catholic Church. Catholics are dividing into wise and stupid Catholics.

Wise Catholics are those who can use the money produced by the financial machinery of the Catholic Church and stupid Catholics are those who are financially exploited by the Catholic clergy.

Wise Catholics borrow from the Catholic Church secret money for the development of their businesses and pay tribute from the earned  income in the form of untaxed donations to the Catholic Church. Stupid Catholics are those who do not know about this secret practice and bring their sacrifices to the wealthy clergy. The powerful financial machinery of the Catholic Church functions in this way all over the world and it is rather a normal phenomenon among religious communities financing their businessmen.

The functioning of the Catholic Church in Poland based on the financing of Catholic businesses is not accepted by a large part of society due to the cultural backwardness of Catholics who do not accept other worldviews. The foundations of Catholic culture were created by Jews who, having become acquainted with the ethical systems of the ancient world, created their synthesis, which we encounter in the teaching of the Pharisee of Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ was the leader of the Pharisees’ uprising against the Romans and the Romans killed him. The Jewish-Greek antagonism that existed in antiquity caused the rise in the Hellenistic world the Gospels against the Jews  blaming Jews for the death of Christ. The persecution of Jews that began in the developing Christian world when lasted their exodus  from the Israel that was under the agri-economic crisis contributed to the cohesiveness and good organization of the Jewish Diaspora in the contemporary world.

The problem for Poland is the cultural backwardness of Catholics maintained by the machine of the Catholic Church, which, for example, is against the migration of other nations to Poland, which may threaten the Catholic financial machine currently operating in Poland that exploits Poles. The arrival of other nations to Poland will create financial competition for Catholics and will decrease the profits of the Catholic Church.

Meanwhile, Polish society has grown old and will not have someone to sustain many pensioners because there is a shortage of people to work, especially young workers. The rescue is only in the sensible opening of Poland’s borders to other nations migrating to Poland and increasing the number of people working in Poland. Detailed proposals on how to solve the problem of disclosure of the Catholic financial machinery and migration of other nations to Poland can be found in the Program of the Decalogue Party available in Polish on my account in WORD PRESS, the Eioba portal and in another sites in the Internet .

Jakuszowice, 25 July 2019, 6:30 AM                                                      Bogdan Góralski

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