A modern look at the Earth’s climate mechanism and the cosmo-geophysical system of the Earth


I. Introduction

Is the earth’s climate getting warmer?

My research shows that indeed the atmosphere and hydrosphere of the northern hemisphere warmed up during XIX-XXI centuries but the southern hemisphere getting colder. However, this warming of the northern hemisphere is not caused by excessive carbon dioxide emission caused by the developing human civilization, but is caused by the gravitational-magnetic influences of the Solar System on the rotating Earth as a result of which the outer layer of the Earth’s  rotates. Being in the move the Earth’s coating changes its position relative to the ecliptic plane and along with its movement,  over   surface of the Earth’s,  is the shift  of the zones of life-giving rainfalls that are stable relative to ecliptic plane. This results in a global economic and social events in the form of regional crises in areas affected by the drought or excessive precipitation. Physical phenomena related to the movement of the Earth’s coating and evidence of the occurrence of this phenomenon are presented in the following work.

Table of Contents

I. Introduction                                                                                                                                                   3

II. Scheme of the climate mechanism of the Earth

II.1. Northern hemisphere climate warming and southern hemisphere cooling.

II.2. Cooling of the northern hemisphere and warming of the southern hemisphere                       5

III. Chandler oscillation period and linear systems of the planets                                                          6

IV. The mechanism of movement of the Earth’s coating and the Earth’s magnetic field                   7

V. Future Earth climate change                                                                                                                       8

VI. Climate changes versus  Earth’s geoid shape changes                                                                          9

VI.1.Introduction                                                                                                                                                 9

VI. 2.General causes of changes in climate and speed of rotation of Earth.                                          9

VI. 3.Causes of the fall of the Western Roman Empire                                                                             14

VII. Earth coating movements cause climate changes, changes in the velocity of Earth’s geoid revolving, and earthquakes.                                                                                                                           15

VII.1. Changes in the shape of the Earth because of  movements of the Earth coating                    17

VII.2. Oscillations in the Solar System and changes in the shape of the Earth and their effects     18

VII.3. The dependence of the number of earthquakes in Italy from changes in angular velocity of    the Earth                                                                                                                                                              19

VIII. Relationship Between Rainfall in the Northern Hemisphere and Impulses of the Torque in the Sun’s Motion)                                                                                                                                                      21

IX. Movement of Earth’s coating and circulation of water in Hadley cell                                               22

X. Predicting, forecasting of earthquakes                                                                                                      22

XI. The Solar Wind and Earthquakes                                                                                                               23

XI.1. Causes of earthquakes                                                                                                                               23

XI.2.The Solar Wind and Earthquakes                                                                                                              24

XII. Explanation of sea level changes in the last 500 years in NW Europe and equatorial ocean      31

XIII. Hemispheric  temperature change versus shift of  the Earth’s coating                                           33

XIV. Mechanism of global changes in food prices                                                                                        37

XIV.1.The Sun sets food prices                                                                                                                          37

XIV.2. The area of cultivated land changes                                                                                                    38

XIV.3.Mechanism of changes in global food prices                                                                                      39

XV. The proofs that the Earth’s coating is moving                                                                                        43

XVI. Changes in surface temperature of the ocean in the Pleistocene off the coast of Spain             45

XVII. Global mean change of air surface temperatures on the globe in period 1880-2018                 45

XVIII. Why Earth’s coating rotates around the liquid core of the Earth                                                   47

XIX. Cause of reversals of Earth’s magnetic field                                                                                          49

XX. Fluctuations of the Earth’s dynamic oblateness J2  versus atmospheric emissions of Carbon dioxide                                                                                                                                                                    50

XXI. Ocean Physic-chemistry  and carbon dioxide emissions versus Earth’s oblateness changes      53

XXII. Global changes  of see surface temperature SST and upwelling versus changes in carbon dioxide emissions from the oceans that all correlate with course of East Asian Monsoon, ENSO and NAO  57

XXIII. Correlation of upwelling and  global SST with carbon dioxide content in the atmosphere  and  East Asian Monsoon, ENSO, NAO                                                                                                                      60

XXIV. Variability ENSO Index and earthquakes in the region of the west coast of Peru versus number of SSN (Solar Sunspot Number)                                                                                                         66

XXV. Forecasting climate changes, earthquakes and world use of energy                                              72

XXVI. Time of forming hurricanes versus changes of SST anomaly in tropics                                         81

XXVII. Correlation of LOD (length of day) versus use of electrical power in Poland                              86

XXVIII. The new theory of tectonic plates movement of the lithosphere of the Earth                         87

XXIX. The mechanism of inflation                                                                                                                     91                                                                                        

XXX. Redshift and blueshift in astronomical, cosmic research is observed when the observers on Earth changes their position                                                                                                                              98

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