Discussion about Male, Female Principles

Discussion about Male, Female Principles

Foreword by Bogdan Góralski

Tina Lindhardt have sent her folowing below article to our project entitled “Does human evolution have a purpose?” for discussion. In my opinion this is very important for our evolution to understant the core of conflict between male and female consciousness. Our world is based on our natural instincts: male consciousnes fight for power and pleasure of sex and female consciousnes fight for power to ensure survival of ofsprings. Our contemporary world is an audience of fight between male and female instincts. The communism was an attempt to cat this conflict and fight for power betwen feminine and masculine world. My attempt to end this male, female principles conflict is based on establishing POL-CAT enterprise with its principles which in my opinion will ensure peace between genders and future peacefull coexistence of males and females in our world.

This is my male voice in our discussion. In my life I have experienced the results of  bloody conflict between patriarchate and matriarchate and I very well know that this mean bloody fight of power between man and women. Both of these systems have anvanteges and disadvantages. I think in POL-CAT system are only advanteges so I think is possible to join male and female principles in one principle:

To have a better life in the future world we need to establish POL-CAT global  enterprise.

Link to POL-CAT principles:

Jakuszowice, 23 August 2019, 5:31                             Bogdan Góralski

Discovering Our Full Potential: Resuscitating the Female Principle

Tina Lindhard

International University of Professional Studies (IUPS), Maui, HI, USA


For a new evolutionary step forward, this study suggests humans need to learn to live from the heart and not only the mind. Here I associate the mind with the Masculine Principle and thinking which with learning, develops into intellect. This is contrasted with intuition which I associate with the Female Principle and the deeper heart-mind. They are different epistemological ways of knowing which reflect different levels of consciousness of the Self where each way of knowing has a different origin, the surface mind and the deeper heart-mind. Each gender can tap into both ways of knowing but most mothers have easier access to intuitive knowing, especially when obtaining information about the wellbeing of their children and loved ones. Connecting with the deeper Self using heart-based meditation methods, leads to insights about the different levels of consciousness and awakens one’s intuitive abilities. Although intuition is attracting attention in different scientific fields, the connection between the deeper Self and intuition still needs to be recognized and explored by modern-day science. Different reasons why intuition linked to the female principle has been systemically depreciated for over two thousand years is also explored including questioning the origin on which the Western Intellectual Tradition is said to stand. To create a more caring, creative society, I propose that we need to resuscitate the female principle linked to intuition by reconnecting with our feeling heart-mind. Nevertheless, I advocate that we need both ways of knowing to unfold our full potential. This analysis has multiple implications which I address in the discussion. 

 Keywords Intuition, Evolution, Self, Heart, Mind, Emotion, Feeling, Female Principle, Male Principle, Rational, Full Potential, Epistemology, Meditation

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