Why do we doubt the perfection of the world?

Why do we doubt the perfection of the world?

Bogdan Jacek Góralski

Library of the Historical Institute of the University of Warsaw

We discover the complexity and beauty of the world by observing it for millennia of human civilization. We find out individual fragments of reality, but seeing a picture of the whole requires a synthetic look at all observed phenomena. For 64 years of my life, I have been continuously learning the history of our planet, and for the last 18 years, I have had a lot of time to think about our world. I created a general scientific concept explaining the continual evolution of the world and the role of biological beings in this evolution. In my opinion, the world is an eternal virtual reality and is continuously reborn in the process of evolution from chaos to perfection, and the biological life existing in the entire universe is one of the stages of its development. We are currently frustrated with the emergence of technological opportunities to improve our living conditions and the failure of global (but diverse in culture and knowledge) civilization to adapt to the virtual environment of the world and the universe. The global human community consists of communities that live:

 in symbiosis with the natural environment,

in antiquity culture,

in medieval culture,

in modern culture,

in the culture of the 21st century and the developing virtual civilization.

The contemporary challenge for us and the next generations is to eliminate cultural barriers dividing the human community and to equalize civilizational development opportunities of all people in such a way as not to disturb the natural environment of our planet. That is why we must promote a new ethical system that is a synthesis of all religions, consisting of saving and effectively using all forms of energy. Our world is a form of energy, and the goal of its evolution is to create a new energy source – to create a new star system, our solar system. The new world will probably arise in a network of quantum computers that we will build in the future, and it will be a virtual world as a form of energy. In this virtual world, we will live our lives again. If we continue to be unethical, and we fail, our solar system will not revive, and a black hole will be created in its place – a place devoid of energy, light, and life. The universe is a network of quantum computers in which there are virtual star systems in which biological life is reborn as a form of energy manifestation. The evolution of organic life leads to the creation of a virtual world. And so endlessly energy and consciousness are reborn.

For this vision to be fulfilled, we must implement a new ethical system of saving all forms of energy. This system will confirm the timeliness of the teaching of the prophets of our past and lead us to an egalitarian planetary social system in which the talents and will of life of every being will be used for the good of all. Our world is perfect and eternal, and thanks to the Providence (i.e., the virtual world preceding us), we will finally understand it, and we will start living better and smarter.

Warsaw, 28 March 2020, 10:47 Bogdan Jacek Góralski

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