Long term modeling of the Earth’s weather

Longterm modeling of the Earth’s weather

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several-day frosts, which will probably last until Wednesday or Thursday, January 21, result from the new moon (the Sun and the Moon on one side of the Earth), which, acting by gravity (together with the Sun) for the air masses densest in the troposphere, changes the direction of the atmospheric currents, causing the arctic air over Poland and Europe. From January 20, when the first quarter of the moon begins, the direction of the jet stream over Poland will change and warmer and humid air will start flowing from the ocean (this may mean snowfall) which will continue until the full moon on January 28, after which it will start to cool again because of the next new moon. The phases of the moon are reflected in the LOD chart (length of the Earth’s day), the forecast of which I publish below using the astronomical calculations of IERS. On the basis of the LOD forecast and the predicted phases of the moon, jet stream forecasts we can predict the general trend of the weather one year ahead (warm and cold, humid and dry periods) in the weather over Poland. It is very important for the modeling of the weather and climate on Earth.

realtimeplot.php?laps=60 &lapspred=0182&eop=1&graphe=5&dimx=600&dimy=350&tver=0

Waesaw, 17 January 2021, 11:00 am Bogdan Góralski

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