Global weather extremes events versus accidents of configuration in the one line smaller planets of the solar system

Dear Sirs,

On the below graph we see mostly the correlation of the events of configuration in the one line of the smaller objects of the Solar System with the lower global temperature of land-ocean on the Earth. Sometimes events in the configuration of the planets in the line are connected with events of high temperatures.

We need further research.

Source of data:

Temperature index: (

Location of planets in the cosmic space: Solar System Symulator

I send you a recent result of my research concerning predicting the global weather.

I predict extreme global weather events in 2021 at next dates:

20-26 April

24-29 May

5 August

7-10 October

2-3 January 2022

It will be severe winter during December 2021-January 2022 I suppose.

Warsaw, 1 March 2021, 19:40            Bogdan Góralski

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