Solar System- our life environment

Solar System- our life environment

Bogdan Góralski

Library of the History Faculty of the University of Warsaw

We live in Solar System and we see that there is a close connection between human history and physical changes in the cosmic environment that surrounded us. Physical changes in the Solar System influence Earth’s climate that shapes Earth’s biological processes. The Sun works all the time with the same power but the ocean water (cold in the oceanic bottom) sometimes cooling the Earth’s climate in the eras of movement of the Earth’s continents that are cold climate eras. Cold climate eras are caused by gravitational forces comes from the cosmic environment. We all are intelligent biological entities directed by our physical environment of life which is strictly connected with Cosmos. Our surrounding shapes our body and brain that helps us survive hard times. The human reaction to danger from the environment is in developing the knowledge of the surrounding that shapes in this way the ethical behavior of societies. Specialization of knowledge shapes the ethics of societies and influences ethical bonds between individuals depended on each other.

Climatically unfavorable times cause the increase of the strength of social bonds and appearing the leaders of societies depressed by the climatic crisis. Such leaders create ethical systems directed to social masses that help survive the social and economical crisis. Lao Tse, Confucius, Buddha, Jesus Christ, and others were such ethical leaders that were directed by the cosmic environment that shapes Earth’s climate.

In my works, I describe the cosmic surrounding as a virtual environment built by the net of quantum computers (stellar systems are quantum computers). Evolution inside the cosmic environment is continuous and is the process of recreating the energy by recreating biological life that at the end of evolution will build the quantum computer. The software of the new quantum computer will be the new virtual environment

for the new virtual biological life in the new virtual stellar system. If we will be non-ethical and we do not build a quantum computer our world will create a black hole- without light and life and we will die forever.

If we built the quantum computer we would gain an almost Infinite source of warmth energy which will give support to the previous parallel virtual world and the next virtual world which we will create. We can be gods and like our gods, we could create a new world if we all were ethical…

Warsaw, 10 Aprill 2021, 13:40                                                  Bogdan Góralski

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