The structural barriers of progress in the US and UE economy

The structural  barriers of progress in the US and UE economy

Bogdan Góralski

Library of the History Faculty of the University of Warsaw

The demand in US agriculture that stimulates the US economy is restricted to the minimum because of its vast concentration, i.e., huge farms and agricultural giants. The concentration in the US agriculture cause concentration in services and industrial enterprises with and concentrated banking system. The American farmer is overworked because of a lack of a well-educated labor force in agriculture and the complex mechanization of agriculture. The former US economy backbone-the middle class (creating small and medium enterprises)

disappear and weaken. The only way to realize President Joe Bidden’s plan for improving the US middle class’s and workers’ comfort of life is the US economy’s deconcentration, I mean the US agriculture, services, and industry. This will create demand in the US economy and conditions for future development of the country that needs the injection of new human energy in the base of every economy- agricultural sector of the economy with the help of Asian peasants settlement of the agriculture land.

It will be the comeback of the modern feudal system-the only help the US and UE economy exit from collapse. The recovery of the new feudal system in the US and UE will populate the unpopulated regions of vast American and European agricultural farms and increase agricultural production, which the world needs. The US and UE economy need a cheap labor force to compete with the Asia economy. Asia’s economy has an excess of poor farmers and workers we need in the West world to boost West productivity. The only help to exit from the West’s collapse in the come back of modern feudal system in the West agriculture.

Warsaw, 11-12 Aprill 2021, 11:40-5:00  Bogdan Góralski

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