A brief history of Poland by Bogdan Góralski

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A brief history of Poland by Bogdan Góralski

A brief history of Poland

Poland has fought for its place on the world map for centuries. The most unrelenting opponent was Tsarist Russia, which together with the Germans made Poland’s partitions. The Russian tsar was destroying Polish independent intelligentsia that was the support of the former Polish state and also Russia took over almost the entire Polish Jewish community. The course of history led to the Russian revolution, which could to transform Russian absolute system of power into a parliamentary democracy for the Russians and other nationalities.But the revolution had been dominated by the Bolshevik mafia in which the Jews were the leader, and which was a derivative of the cruel political and social system of Tsarist Russia. The Bolshevik Mafia took power in Russia thanks to the financial help of American bankers and industrialists. After coming to power, the mafia first murdered the tsarist elite, and during the forced collectivization led by Stalin, murdered 10 million of the most economically efficiency Russian peasants, which caused the collapse of Russian agriculture and difficulties in feeding Bolshevik Russia. Hitler’s approach to power was made possible by American financial assistance and the Molotov-Ribbentrop pact was the prelude to the next partition of Poland, which took place with the outbreak of World War II. The invaders was liquidating Polish intellectual elites. The murder of the of the Polish intelligentsia in Katyn and during the Soviet occupation and the annexation of agricultural property of Polish landowners was an introduction to making Poland a colony, it mean a cheap food supplier for Russia. Polish gentry and landowners would not agree to the exploitation of Poland by Bolshevik occupiers and understating prices of Polish food. Food from Poland was a salvation for the inefficient production system of Bolshevik agriculture. Therefore, it was necessary to murder the Polish pre-war elite and deprive the rest of its estates and power. Who could, have fled from the Bolshevik system and from Poland controlled by the Jewish communists. In the People’s Republic of Poland, huge subsidies for state agriculture were inefficient and Russia was mainly fed by Polish peasants.

The enormous export of food from Poland to Russia was the cause of the malnutrition of Polish society and contributed to the outbreak of the Solidarity revolution and the collapse of the Soviet system in Poland. From what was in Poland, the current circles of power were created. Nowadays, Poland is deprived of the Polish independence elite and therefore international mafias rule in our country as at home.

The last thing the present Polish authorities will do is to pay compensation for the assets taken away from the Polish independence elite during the tsarist-Bolshevik persecution. It would be an introduction to the return of millions of Poles from emigration and an introduction to the revival of the former culturally and economically strong Poland. Only such Poland and the reborn old Polish culture is needed for the world.

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