Poland needs a radical shift in domestic, foreign, and energy policy

Poland needs a radical shift in domestic, foreign, and energy policy

This turn should be to negate the scientific basis of the EU’s climate policy. It should be done based on my 20 years of research into the Earth’s climate. In them, I prove that the thesis about human influence on the Earth’s climate is a scientific falsehood without any substantive foundations and that regional warming and changes in precipitation result from natural processes controlled by the gravity around the earth.

Secondly, we should negotiate with the Russians the prices of oil, gas, and coal supplies in return for the supplies of vegetables and fruit to the Russian market, which will improve Polish-Russian relations and secure supplies of energy resources to Poland.

Previously, it is necessary to change priorities in Poland’s foreign and internal policy to which the current elite does not have the appropriate approach, i.e. the political elite must be replaced.

Details of such changes are contained in my works on the Internet: 

The new climatic theory – Climatic effects of Earth’s coating movement  : https://justpaste.it/4b3xy

The new way of modeling the Earth’s climate-November 2021 : https://justpaste.it/6benr

Polish -Russian cooperation problems and climate change -October 2021: https://justpaste.it/8uprr

Warszawa, dnia 8 października 2021 roku                       Bogdan Jacek Góralski

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