The right way of the Revolution in Kazachstan

The right way of the Revolution in Kazachstan

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The right way of the Revolution in Kazachstan

I have predicted the revolutions in postcommunist countries where the postcommunist elites have taken over the power in politics and economy based on their former experience in rulling. I see the situation in Kazachstan a few steps Ahead because of my 20 years research on political situation in postcommunistic countries. The market reform are impossible in those countries I think because that creates the coruptive elite like Nazarbajew family. To show protesters in Kazachstan the right way of reform it shold be published in the Kazachstan’s Internet social medias my points of the right way of the Kazachstan future revolution. Protesters in Kazachstan should establish political and economical system of equal sallaries of politicians, bussinesman, simple workers in industry and agriculture and establish one joint-stock ethical company working without profit to develop science, trade and services to avoid corruption in future Kazachstan. This is the only way I think to avoid mistakes in the Kazachstan reforms and to use of former elites as servants to Kazachstan society. I described the way of reform in the article

The Third Way between capitalism and communism version 17th July 2021, published on my blog link:

Happy New Year in Kazachstan       

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