The drought is spreading over more and more areas of the globe. The battle for food is on…

The drought is spreading over more and more areas of the globe. The battle for food is on

Drought continues in the south of Central Asia and in the USA, and in Portugal in southern Europe. The signal of the drought in Central Asia was the unrest in Kazakhstan, which lacked food. Drought areas will increase, and the current war in Ukraine is caused by Russia’s intention to seize vast areas of Ukraine’s grain crops. Apart from oil and gas reserves, Russia will have one more advantage over the West – huge resources of wheat. This will constitute the strength of Russian diplomacy, which, combined with the alliance with China, will give strength to the world of men. Recently, Putin has made threats against the leadership of Saudi Arabia. He knows what he is doing because Russia has started exporting grain to this country and may threaten with the suspension of this export, which threatens to revolutionize Saudi Arabia. Look below:

Saudi Arabia opens the gates for wheat from Russia -link:

In the place of Western media, I would not call Putin fool – he is driven by cold calculation.

If I were to be Russia, I would not be so sure that the occupation of Ukraine would bring about an improvement in the balance of grain resources for a long time. The area of ​​Ukraine is also threatened with drought, which may provoke a revolt within future Russia and the internal problems of the Russian empire. The question is: where will the food-shortage revolution begin the earliest: in the USA, in China, or in Russia ??? Or maybe a revolt will start simultaneously in all countries at once?

And it is interesting how the story unfolds?

Warsaw, March 6, 2022, 4:55 am Bogdan Jacek Góralski

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