My knowledge about the modern world and its balance of power allows us to assume that there is a place in the global system for a strong and independent Polish political thought based on old Polish traditions for independence – The Third May Constitution from the 18th century. I would like to unite the Polish multinational diaspora around the idea of ​​a free, populous, and knowledge-based Poland, which will support all positive world ideas and open Poland and Europe to migrants from overpopulated countries. The system of organization of the future Polish State that I have prepared will easily absorb a dozen or so million masse of migrants. The system of Polish statehood will set an example for reforms in Euro-Asia, which will become home to hundreds of millions of migrants from overpopulated countries. The assumptions of the future Polish foreign policy based on the contemporary Polish raison d’état and analysis of the balance of power in the world assume close cooperation with overpopulated countries threatened by the inevitably impending global regional climate crisis, which will take place with the use of knowledge about the world of Polish multinational society at home and abroad. My 20-year research shows that overpopulated regions of the world are the greatest threat to world peace and that reducing their population through controlled migration offers an opportunity for economic growth in depopulated Western countries. The elimination of regional overpopulation is the most urgent global task and future Poland will show how to do it.

Jakuszowice, August 27th, 2022, time 15:49      Bogdan Jacek Góralski.

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