Emptiness is the only environment

The Letter to  Vladimir Netchitailo

Emptiness is the only environment where consciousness-pure wise knowledge,  can not do any observations and exist without losing energy for observations, that way is eternal and neutral, indifferent and potential.

Warsaw, October 22, 22 października  2022 11:10       Bogdan Jacek Góralski      

Wise knowledge is kept in the emptiness by an energy provided by material world. Material world (that is form of energy) come out and is existing together with borning from the emptiness consciousnes which obserwing the material world. The  observing consciousnes is sustain by consupption of energy of the material world. To keep Universe in move energy must be produced by material world by the help of maturing and learning  the observing consciousnesses. Wise knowledge stores in the emptiness all the consciousnesses of the universe.

Warsaw, November 7, 2022, 8:12        Bogdan Jacek Góralski     

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