An appeal for more honesty and openness in social and economic life

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An appeal for more honesty and openness in social and economic life

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An appeal for more honesty and openness in social and economic life

The new Polish economic system

To describe the new economic system, one must start with the old one. What currently exists in Poland arose with Christianity and the arrival of Jews to Poland. The Christians persecuted the Jews who sought a livelihood in this hostile world. The Catholic Church, on the other hand, was an economic power with enormous wealth, which it wanted to invest in the market in order to generate profits.

The clever leaders of the two communities immediately came to an agreement, and the Jews began to borrow money at interest from the Church. Then arised the so-called Jewish usury, when Jews employed to multiply church money lent money to Christians. In order to protect against losses with unreliable borrowers, money was borrowed at a very high interest rate. Borrowing opportunities were limited due to the creditworthiness of the borrower, which only nobles and townspeople had. At first, peasants could borrow money only from the feudal lord.

In the event of non-payment of loans, justice was sought before the courts. Court proceedings could be long and ineffective and resulted in losses, which is why a system of protection against insolvent members of the community who took upon themselves the burden of handling church money was created within the Jewish communities. Such people were poisoned by their mothers, wives or daughters on the order of the kahal. The poisoning of an unreliable son, husband or brother by the family according to the oral Talmud is not murder. The Jews are divided into two communities – one recognizes only the written Talmud, which does not sanction the above murders, the other – recognizes only the oral Talmud, which justifies the murders.

Over the centuries, many Jews have infiltrated the Church, fleeing the laws of the oral Talmud, and have become Catholic priests. The practice of the Church gave them the positions of administrators of church money. It is they who, having funds undisclosed to the state, lend money to trusted people from the Jewish community. They, in turn, lend money to other Jews, securing it with the law of the oral Talmud. Oral Talmud Jews must run their business with very high profitability because they pay the Church a 10 percent turnover tax and must hedge against the risk of bankruptcy, which threatens death at the hands of the family. Therefore, they undertake only high-profit businesses that guarantee their financial security.

  Since there was and still is a lot of church money, it is possible that among Polish Christians, as well as among Jews, there is a Catholic mafia operating with church money. A bumbling businessman who won’t give back the church money is poisoned by the women of his family, which suggests that in this Polish Catholic mafia women play an important role as the guarantor of the return of the church money. Because the ideology of the Catholic Church grants Polish women a high social position, they protect their Church by all means, even going as far as committing the crime of homicide in the event of males financial carelessness and failure to pay off church obligations.

Such functioning economic system is possible thanks to undisclosed church money. It allows only high-yield businesses to function. All the rest of the socially important and less profitable activities are not funded because no one will undertake them risking their lives with a more likely failure in a less profitable interest. Such a system causes exorbitant prices in the economy, limiting demand, because the 10% tax for the churche can be deducted from the tax by making a donation to the church in accordance with state regulations.

A new civilized economic system can only be introduced when church money is revealed and controlled by the state. Then only open money circulation will be possible and the need to kill for not giving money to the Church will disappear, because civil institutions will be created to secure the functioning of lending. The introduction of loan guarantees only for virtuous men and women members of the parish will increase the common Polish ethics and raise the prestige of the Catholic Church, because there are many valuable elements in the teaching of the Church and, when followed, they will improve the functioning of Polish society.

Economic turnover will accelerate, money will begin to circulate more vividly in the economy, numerous new jobs will start to be created, it will become profitable to produce and not just trade, young people will start to hope that they can find work and hope for a better life in Poland.

All this will be possible only when the Church discloses its revenues and joins the state machine as it was during its greatest Roman splendour. Women and men will then have equal rights, which will bring social harmony. Secret interests will be revealed and the life of Poles will become more honest, simpler and easier. The Catholic Church will become the basic organ of the Polish state, which will greatly strengthen and authenticate it. Following the Polish example, the laws of Christ will be universally respected, which will bring peace and tranquility in Europe and in the world.

The process of incorporating the Church into the machine of the state is described in the program of the Party of Decalogue available on my website – link: .

Let there be a new Poland and a new honest Polish economic system.

                                                                                                Bogdan  Jacek Goralski

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