What Socialism Needs to Succeed

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What Socialism Needs to Succeed by Prof Richard D. Wolff

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What Socialism Needs to Succeed

Interesting lecture by Prof. Richard D. Wolff .

I think we will come to agree that nawadays political systems are not sufficient to go step ahead in the peace promise  for global society. I think we need equal rights for all women an men, run business without profit, pay for employes relevant provision for efficently work, organize the society in the independent selfgoverned local communities, establish international nonprofit free market enterprice POL-CAT joint-stock company for advising and supporting independent lokal communities, and what elese….??? be loving, modest, selfless independent and educated human…??? Its an utopia or can it be in real??? 

Warsaw, November 4, 2023, time 7:32      Bogdan Jacek Góralski 

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