Socialism will finally triumph in the anarchic state

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Socialism will finally triumph in the anarchic state

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The letter to prof. Richard D. WOLFF co0ncerning his lecture entitled:  The role of the state???

Socialism  will finally triumph in the anarchic state


During the current economic crisis, we do not need a greater role for the state in overcoming it. Instead, we need a decentralization in agriculture, trade, industry and services carried out with the help of the global research, trade and service company POL-CAT joint-stock company, which will help free enterprise in the development of the free market freed from political presuress.


The global POL-CAT joint-stock company will eliminate the need for the existing of the state-anarchism will finally triumph

The letter to prof. Richard D. WOLFF :  The role of the state???

In future Poland, the comfort of your life will depend only on your resourcefulness and ethics!!!

A brief synthesis of Polish history

For almost 10 centuries since the baptism of Poland, Polish feudal lords shaped the lives of Poles. The baptism of Poland was the result of the adoption by the Polish elite of Christ’s ethics that was the culmination of Jewish ethics.

Initially, the feudal lords were warriors serving as vassals to the King and they defended Poland against enemy invasions. For their knightly service, they were receiving landed estates as a fief, that they administered to maintain themselves in peacetime. Over time, they evolved into hereditary nobility, which owned the land and was choosing the king in democratic elections. They had an obligation to defend the Country and during peace, they founded cities constituting service centers for rural provinces. Economic processes resulted in the concentration of noble estates that later formed into magnate estates. With the concentration of landed estates and the creation of enormous magnate fortunes, the importance of petty nobility diminished and nobility democracy lost its importance. Polish nobility became a layer of farmers perfectly organizing Polish agriculture.

Magnates ruled Poland directed to their interests. The rulers of neighboring countries were bribing the Polish magnates. Russian, Austrian, and Prussian monarchs wanted to take over control over Poland and, as we know, this ended with the partitions of Poland. Poland regained independence at the beginning of the 20th century and this was the result of taking advantage of the favorable political situation resulting from World War I and the conflict of great powers. As a result of World War II, Poland became a colony of the Soviet Union and began to be ruled by Jewish communists fighting for social recognition. In a short time of the existence of the People’s Poland, the foundations of the Polish economy were increased in a planned manner. Economic progress in Poland resulted from the centuries-old experience and economic knowledge of Polish Jews. Unfortunately, Jews did not have agricultural knowledge and destroyed the centuries-old agricultural tradition of the Polish nobility by taking their lands from them.

Then in the 70s of the 20th century, there was a global agricultural crisis and the Solidarity Revolution in Poland caused a change of power in Poland. Built (on the strong foundations of the industry created in People’s Poland), the Polish free market system used the resources of People’s Poland to create a new and improving Polish economy. Unfortunately, Polish agriculture was destroyed and its bankruptcy was aggravated by the concentration of agricultural property and the inefficiency of the ruling elite in the 20th century. Polish agriculture can only be rebuilt by rehabilitating the Polish nobility and restoring their power over Polish agriculture. This will bring a development impulse to Poland and will close disputes over the shape of the Polish state in which the Polish and the Jewish social layers struggle for power. This will close the historical and full of conflicts history of Poland with a clamp, and allow Polish people to apply Christ’s ethics in the practice of everyday life. For example, I myself was a very bad human before I understood the core of the teaching of Jesus Christ. Thanks to my wife I had time for understanding Jesus Christ’s ethics and improving my behavior. For now, I correct my life mistakes from the past. I am on the way of achieving internal peace and international ethical, economical, and political compromise. Thanks to Christ’s ethics, I gained family happiness and I only lack social recognition for my 35-year efforts to reconcile Polish-Jewish reconciliation. Without this reconciliation, there will be no future peaceful development of Poland.

Warsaw, 15 December 2019, 15:43

Poland for self-governing parishes and religious communes

The idea of ​involving economically and spiritually self-governing parishes and religious communities in the future of Poland is a simple disclosure of their current secret status quo. Polish parishes are secret economic units controlled by Polish women and the Catholic Church collecting tribute from its subordinate parishes. Additionally, there are Jewish communities that are thriving in terms of business, whose finances are hidden from the general public. Leaving half of the taxes due to the state in parishes and religious communes will quickly affect the economic recovery of the Polish province and the drive to increase employment in these self-governing units. After all, each newcomer will bring his work and taxes to the parish, religious commune, which will enrich them and improve their operation. This will affect the demand for migrants in useful professions, which will revive Polish parishes and religious communities, as well as revive the Polish provinces in terms of demographics and business. All members of parish and parish cooperatives will gain support for their business activities needed by the communities. The hitherto ceremonialism of religion, which takes money in exchange for religious rituals, will be relegated to the background, and the ethical elements of religious systems that are necessary and binding to local communities will appear and start to be nurtured. And this is what we want for Polish society to appear responsible for the cultivation of ethical attitudes binding local communities, creating a new Polish reality for people fully responsible for their fate and prosperity, which will depend on the business and ethical efficiency of local religious communities. POL-CAT S.A. through its organizational and business power will provide peaceful social conditions for each local religious (atheistic as well) community, cutting off supplies to any unethical local community as necessary until there is a local community recovery program.                                                                                    

Warsaw, February 9, 2022, 10:45   

A new spiritual, political, social and economic order for Poland-Anarchism again

The tradition of organizing the self-help communities goes back to the old days when wandering tribes settled down and started farming. It first happened in areas rich in water and with fertile soil enabling the development of agriculture, e.g. in the valley of the Tigris and Euphrates rivers. The former Slavic tribes settled on the ground, creating community organizations, e.g. Polish Opole and the Great Russians ‘ obszcziny. They were well-organized communities of tribes that worked together on the land. The feudal system destroyed the local self-help communities managing the land they had settled centuries ago. The feudal lords taxed them and put them under their control. The self-help organization in the Great Russians’ obszcziny survived until the Russian Revolution because there they helped farmers to survive in the most difficult natural conditions in Eastern Europe. Bolsheviks transformed them into kolkhozes and sovkhozes in which the Russians lost their subjectivity and self demoralized.

The influx of Christianity to Polish lands allowed Poles to return to the communal structures, the center of which was always the parish church, usually built by feudal lords in the local economic center. The tithing charged by the churches determined the extent of their influence and authority in the local community. Church influence usually overlapped with the range of the local community related by kinship, acquaintances, and economic ties. Catholic Church destroys a tradition of the cooperative movement in Poland for a long time and I think you need an impulse of help to recreate and nurture it. The churches were rich and had long lent money for local people’s economic activities in return for a share of the profits. Since numerous factions of Polish Jews were baptized, they gradually gained domination in the Catholic Church and took over the management of church money. Since the fall of the People’s Republic of Poland (communism), the Catholic Church has continued to finance the economic activity of Poles by collecting a share in the profits of the financed enterprises. Secret accounts are kept in the parishes, which define the liabilities of credited enterprises towards the parishes. Accounting is run by women and they are responsible for the parish money. My idea to create economically and spiritually independent parish cooperatives are to reveal their secret activities and create legally operating local economic centers in Polish parishes. I am convinced that such a solution will release the business creativity of Poles, which will be supported by the nationwide business and consulting center POL-CAT SA. It will follow the principles set out in my work entitled The Third Way between capitalism and communism. Principles of POL-CAT S.A. will civilize the customs of Poles and improve the Polish economy. Such principles will allow us to come closer to the ideal of freedom of the individual and society in the anarchist model of the state and society. According to Wikipedia anarchy is a form of socio-political structure in which there is no constituted power, and no legal norms are in force. In political terms, anarchism is a structure in which the state is replaced by a non-compulsory and non-centralized organization of society (e.g. a federation of autonomous localities). Anarchist ideas were present in Western and Eastern Europe at the stage of shaping pre-revolutionary societies. Revolutions and post-revolutionary compulsion suppressed the development of anarchism, but it was looking for its proper form and perhaps my proposal for a social order in Poland will fulfill the anarchist ideal. Voluntarily established business and advisory center POL-CAT S.A. and voluntarily created structures of parish cooperatives – based on the teachings of Christ, will create the ideal of an anarchic economic and social system in Poland and promote this system in the post-communistic and capitalist world. All you need is a strong impetus to break the fetters of slavery and shed hope in an economically efficient, fair, and ethical world of free individuals.

Warsaw, September 30, 2021, 5:10 am

 Assumptions of the new organization of the Polish State

The political and economic system of Poland will be based on a single-tier organization.  The parish of the renewed Polish Church or other religious community, supported by the free-market research, procurement, distribution, and finance center POL-CAT, will be the basic self-governing political, economic and spiritual level. The POL-CAT Center will guarantee the moral, ethical and religious order of Poland, ensuring equality and conditions for the development of all religions and the regulator of economic life, ensuring that young people have an equal start in their careers. POL-CAT will be a profitable company and Polish youth’s property allocating all income for financing science serving Polish parishes and religious communities. The remaining units of the state will remain unchanged to allow for slow evolutionary optimization of the socio-economic system.

It means reconnecting the reformed Church and religious communities to a state system subordinated to ethics conserving all energies and practiced as Christ’s principles of love, even of enemies, and sharing of bread and wine. The purpose of such a system will be the development and dissemination of ethics and knowledge, and the creation of the basis of harmonious progress in the peace of Polish and world civilization of life, which will create a new virtual world on the similarity of our planet – the part of the virtual Kosmos.

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