The competition between descendants of Homo sapiens sapiens and Homo neanderthalensis

I think Jesus Christ was killed because He was the lider of the Jevish revolution of Pharisees against Romans and pro-Romans Jewish elites, I mean the Sadducees. Jesus Christ was Pharisee and was loved by others Pharisees, so he can be named the King of Jewishs, who wanted overcome inside-jewish’s ideological conflict. The conflict between Jewish financial elite and Phariseses last to this day and it lay the shadow on the all the world. I wonder who will resolve it?
I think that inside-jewish’s conflict is similar to inside-chinese’s conflict between taoists and confucianists. Both the ideological conflicts are result of the competition between descendants of Homo sapiens sapiens and Homo neanderthalensis which is present all over the world according to my articel The conflict between the man, the woman- link :

This is the real cause of unhappiness in all our world. Who will overcome this conflict?


Can we develop a harmonious global ethical system  based on the philosophical achievements of Jesus Christ?

The presence of elements of European, Asian, African philosophies in the ideology of Jesus Christ

Project goal: Working out the foundations of the global system of ethic .


I my opinion Jesus Christ was born as a human being and became God because God is the only being.

Jesus Christ had been meting the culture of many civilizations and his teaching was a synthesis of these cultures. We should find the sources of this synthesis.

Jesus Christ teaching is not a religion, this is an ideology that lead us to better future, to better use of our abilities, to lives in a beauty of our world. We need ideology of Jesus Christ in our everyday life to become wise men, a men loving our all world.

Whatever we can say of Jesus Christ doctrine, ideology, teaching we need to think about His teaching as continuity of teaching the former Prophets from our History. Jesus Christ was last one in long series of Great Philosophers and he understood that we do not should only speak about people behavior. Not just talk about how to live, but live according to  learning of yours. Jesus Christ show us by yourself as the border of conscious entity love – sacrificing ourselves for the good of others. We do not have any other choice in our life because whatever we do we follow Jesus Christ and we need to understand it. His teaching was full of human knowledge, nothing more could be added. We need to apply it in our daily life. But the problem is to show how Jesus Christ used the teaching the former Prophets from Europe, Asia and Africa? I think we should together consider the process of penetration of cultures in antiquity. I think it is a great challenge for modern science to show that our thinking is going to the synthesis of human knowledge – the science of sacrificing our weaknesses for a common better future. Prophet Mohammad was also the great philosopher who understood rightfulness of every religion and he taught to worship to all religions.


The case is simple: If you can love your enemies you can achieve  everything as a human being because you are a Christian and you can  avoid unnesessery suffering. It took a long road of evolution of philosophy and Christ made a synthesis of many philosophy and to bring about a revolution that continues today. I am a participant of this revolution.

Christ ideology ig going to honest life, to honest political system with leaders conscious the our purposes….

Jesus Christ has transformed Buddha teaching of pain, suffering. Jesus Christ taught that you should not avoid suffering, you should suffer voluntarily and  in this way you will reach the happiness. Jesus Christ show us by own example us the way to the earthly and eternal happiness. I follow His road.

Recently I confessed that I think all my suffering that I had in my life owe only to myself and to my ignorance. I did not know what I was doing i my life. In this way, I admit the reason to teaching the Socrates and Buddha and Jesus Christ. However, my sufferings motivated me to pursue self-education and spirit and ethics development, so my suffering caused a positive effect. This confirms the rightfulness of the teaching of Jesus Christ.


I did not know what I was doing. Everyone can say this. Our story is a long chain of acts of ignorance. The higher position of the ignoramus in the social hierarchy is, the higher the damage is done to the society. There is only one way to break the ignorance- development of knowledge among all society and especialy ameng the political elites…

Aeschylus ( 525-456 BC) was an ancient Greek tragedian. He is often described as the father of tragedy. He claimed that suffering is a teaching.

There is an excerpt from Polish version of Wikipedia:

The Aeschylian model of reality is therefore subordinate to ethical-religious ideas. This model is based on the belief that the world is governed by divine justice, and the key deities that form it are Zeus, Mojra, and Dike. God and human justice are here in close relationship. Both of they  rely on faith in order, which can only be controlled through suffering…

Jesus Christ fulfilled the message of Aeschylus and imitated the figure of Job (in Polish HIOB) from Hebrew Old Testament.

The system of laws of the Decalogue of Moses was probably an abbreviation of the 42 laws of the Egyptian goddess Maat ( Moses, who was brought up and shaped by the culture of ancient Egypt, simplified the Egyptian law so that the excess of prohibitions would not prevent the Israelites from exercising their rights. The law must be simple and understandable to be performed. Jesus Christ was shaped by the Decalogue of Moses, the source of which was ancient Egypt. In addition, the society of ancient Israel was organized into small local communities, whose tradition of organization came from the Babylonian captivity.


During Christ’s life, overcrowded Judea has suffered a great drought. His ideology was a reaction to the social needs which was the result of the crisis in agriculture and society.

Philosophical-religious systems have been creating depending on the natural environment of the country. An example is China in which the extremes of Confucianism and Taoism have developed. This is described in the quote quoted:

Confucius’s thought was born of a rather poore land. In his homeland, the small principality of Lu, located in the central, continental part of today’s Shandong province, he was able to observe the struggles of man with unfriendly nature from his youngest years, constant fights with floods and any excess water. The rocky land of the higher parts of Shandong is little fertile and reluctantly give crop. Every cultivation requires harmonization of efforts, in common, it is social action. It is not easy to wield a land where hunger was not uncommon and whose people are ready for rebellion. Such thoughts had to direct Confucius’s attention to the social life, to seek answers to the question of what our place in society is, how the ruler should rule and what part of his subjects should be involved in these governments.

Taoists claim that the less govern, ingerence of the  prince the better condition of society. Taoists ideal is self governents of small local communities and Jesus Christ take en examples from taoists teaching and creates his small  communities, which makes the lives of poor people easier from  Judea.

Can we develop a harmonious global ethical system based on the philosophical achievements of Jesus Christ?


Philosophy – (ancient Greek φιλοσοφία from: ancient Greek φίλος – love and ancient greek σοφία – wisdom, translated as “love of wisdom”) – systematic and critical reflections on basic problems and ideas, striving to know their essence, as well as a comprehensive understanding of the world.


Wise love will give us energy that will ensure eternal life for us and for future generations


Zoroastrianism and Jesus Christ beliefs

An excerpt from Polish Wikipedia:

Zoroastrianism is derived from the original beliefs of Indo-European peoples living in the area of present northern Iran. Muslims call her followers the worshipers of the fire. The Holy Book of Zoroastrian is Awesta, the most important part of which is Gaty, according to the beliefs written by Zoroaster himself (see: Aestean language). Zoroastrianism was a state religion in the existing Sassanid empire in contemporary Iran and Iraq. He exerted a significant influence on Judaism, and through him also on Christianity and Islam, and according to some religious scholars there are serious premises to claim that such basic principles of religion as the Last Judgment, the soul’s wandering after death to hell or heaven, faith in the existence of the devil and the arrival of the messiah arose under the strong influence of Zoroastrianism.

Zoroaster claimed that if we have good thoughts, good speach, good deeds this give us a happy life.

Confucius thought and peace

Józef Marzęcki, Religious-Philosophical Systems of the East, Scholar, Warszawa 1999, p.140, quote:

Zeng Shen, the continuity of Confucius’ thought, considered to be the author of the Great Science (DAXUE, actually dated at the turn of the third and second centuries before Christ), is part of the Siddhya (Sishu), thus portraying a way a man to perfection:

Great learning path leads to enlightenment. Enlightened virtue consists in the affection of the people, by refraining from desires and goods. The wise refrain leads to having confidence. Confidence leads to calm. Calm leads to peace. Peace leads to a state of concentration. Focus brings prosperity. Things have roots and vertices, things have a beginning and an end. Knowing what was before and after, is a rule close to Tao. The ancients wished enlightenment. Enlightened virtue desires greatness. The largest ones first rule their own state. Desiring to govern their own country, they first achieve the prosperity of their own family.The desires of the good of the family first fix themselves. Those who want to fix themselves first improve their minds. Those who want to improve their mind first control their own thoughts. Wanting to control their own thoughts first expand their own knowledge. Enhanced knowledge consists in recognizing things. Recognition of things leads to the highest knowledge. The highest knowledge leads to a certain thought. A certain thought leads to the reformed mind. Reformed mind leads to improving ourselves. We corrected we bring to the prosperity of the family. The prosperity of the family leads to the rule of law. A law-governed state leads to the heavens that bring balance. Starting from the emperor until down to the ordinary people, minds must take care of the roots. You can not destroy the roots, but you have to take care that the growing tree is well cultivated. It can not be so that what is important is neglected, and at the same time what is not important to be taken care of. This is called learning the roots, it is called the highest knowledge.

I said : “The righteous prince, the righteous king, the elect of the heavens, should ensure the harmony and co-operation of all communities and all religions by bringing to Earth the Order in the pattern of the established laws of the Universe, which will ensure the harmonious development of the earthly communities to the attainment of the


Love of enemies and peace in teaching of Jesus Christus

The Greek thinker and farmer Hezjod (VII century BC) already praised peace and agricultural struggle before the war.

Religions are looking for peace in Assisi

“No more hate! No more war! No more terrorism! Let every religion in the name of God give the earth justice and peace, forgiveness and life, love! “(Pope John Paul II).

ASSIS, January 24, 2002. Representatives of various religions from around the world gathered to jointly pray for peace – a peace that threatens terrorism, intolerance and injustice. The meeting was announced by the Pope some two months after the collapse of the famous twin towers in New York. Many religious leaders enthusiastically accepted the invitation of the Vatican.

Earlier, twice – in 1986 and 1993 – at the initiative of the Pope, a day of prayer for peace was organized in the same Italian city. * In 2002, more than a thousand journalists from many countries watched the congress. The prayers were attended by representatives of various religions: Christianity (including Catholics, Lutherans, Anglicans, Orthodox, Methodists, Baptists, Pentecostals, Mennonites and Quakers), as well as Islam, Hinduism, Confucianism, Sikhism, Jainism, tenri-kyo movement, and Buddhism, Judaism, traditional African religions, Shintoism and Zoroastrianism. There were also delegates of other religions and a representative of the World Council of Churches.


Love Your Enemies

Jesus said to his disciples: You have heard that it was said, You will love your twin, and you will hate your enemy. And I say to you, Love your enemies, and pray for those who persecute you; So you will be the sons of your Father who is in heaven; Because He causes His sun to rise above the evil and the good, and He sends rain on the just and the unjust. For if you love those who love you, what reward will you have? Do tax collectors do not do it? And if you only greet your brethren, what special do you do? Do not the heathen do it? So be perfect, how perfect is your heavenly Father (Mt 5,43-48).

The text of the Gospel was too radical for me when I was younger. Love your enemies? … But after years I confessed to Christ. Thanks to our enemies we become better. Why…??? Thanks to our enemies we have the motivation to live and fight. Enemy means a conflict that forces the preparation for the final battle. We know the enemy then, we are perfect to face him. If we have to win we must outdo the enemy. We begin to educate ourselves to understand the enemy in order to understand the hostile world around us. We collect information about him and this way we learn about the causes of the conflict. We begin to understand the behavior of the enemy and start to sympathize with him. We become more perfect than when we did not have the enemy and were sluggish in complacency. And as we are better or stronger than the enemy then we pity on him and we reach for his consent. We see the nonsense of victims of the struggle and see the possibility of peaceful exit from conflict. The agreement is still enforced by our advantage. We win the war without launching it. So did the ancient Chinese. It is wise to win the war without launching it. Let’s love our enemies because they make us perfect.

Let’s love our enemies because they make us perfect.

We owe them our perfection achieved through conflict.

Let us be grateful and love them for what they did to us.

This was taught by Christ 2,000 years ago. What would the world be if they listened to Him … ???

God is perfect but does it mean that He has an enemy too???

Warsaw, 2013 -2017 Bogdan Góralski

How did Jesus Christ solve the problem of inheriting property ???

According to the Apostolic Letters, early Christian communities were accepting new believers when they offered all their property to the community. Christian communities were providing members with protection against hunger and lawlessness that prevailed in Judea at that time. Probably the transfer of all property to the Christian community was a new solution to the problem of property inheritance, which causes so many problems today. I think that a global company POL-CAT, which no one will inherit, will dispel many problems of the modern world and become a common property of the global community.

POL-CAT can not be taken over

The harmony between man and woman will occur when we change the mechanisms of inheritance of property. The POL-CAT Global Enterprise is proposing to change the inheritance system. POL-CAT can not be taken over.

Global peaceful revolution

In the text “Mode of operation of POL-CAT” I write that employees of this company will have equal share in profits. Why? Because it will force everyone to work hard to increase the company’s income. There will be no financial elite in this enterprise. This is revolution. Either equal wealth or equal to poverty…

I follow Jesus Christ creating the mode of operation of POL-CAT.

Jesus Christ said, “You know that the rulers oppress the people, and the great ones let them feel their advantage. It should not be between you. If any one of you wants to be great, let him be your servant. And if any one of you wants to be first among you, let him be your slave. (Matthew 20: 25-27). I follow Jesus Christ creating the mode of operation of POL-CAT.

Jesus Christ teaching is not a religion, this is an ideology that lead us to better future, to better use of our abilities, to lives in a beauty of our world. We need ideology of Jesus Christ in our everyday life to become wise and loving men, a men loving our all world.


You have to follow Jesus Christ now to be happy

Jesus Christ, by his teaching, restored faith in the perfection of our world and with his sacrifice showed us the way to happiness, erased the original sin of Adam and Eve. They reached for fruit from the tree of knowledge of good and evil, they doubted the given world and began to perceive good and bad sides in it. Meanwhile, they are an essential element of our world and lead us in the process of evolution to perfection similar to the perfection of creators of our living environment. The sacrifice of suffering and the life of Christ is a commentary of his perfect philosophy – voluntary suffering brings eternal happiness. His last lesson: Share bread for His memory (Bible 1998: Luke 22:19), contains the final wisdom of his message, because 15 years of my studies led me to the same conclusion that only the abundance of food allow to avoid wars and revolutions and ensures harmonious development of societies and their culture. Other evangelists quote the words of Christ. Share bread and wine for my remembrance – this is a call to vegetarianism so far overlooked in the teaching of Christ. Enough of bread means a worthy life, wine means life full of good fun. Sharing bread and wine will ensure a dignified and happy life.

The meaning of our life is in voluntary suffering for the benefit of others and it is in it the fullness of the joy of existence. Christ’s teaching and sacrifice showed us unbounded faith in the perfection of our world against Adam’s doubt. Christ was indifferent to the threat of death on the cross. He fulfilled his mission and trusted God completely.

Christ pointed out that the service of the rabbis is no longer necessary and He has established His representatives among the simple people – the Apostles of the New News: the Law is simple and understandable – Love your enemies and share your bread and wine – suffer voluntary for the good of others.

Like the idea of vegetarianism, Christ drew from Hinduism and Buddhism, so the idea of voluntary suffering could have been borrowed from the Taoism. One of principles of Taoism is to recommend to creatures voluntarily to belittle itself. Christ has brought this principle to the limits of human possibilities, sacrificing the dignity and inviolability of his person for the good of all beings. He humbly humbled himself and joined with the Absolute by this deed.

Christ was an ideal, a perfect but incomprehensible philosopher and teacher. He raised to the pedestal a despised women, which was almost a sacrilege. The women saved the memory of him and preserved in the memory of generations the worship of the Teacher. The women have been carried their cross and were the strongest support of the Church of Christ.

He was with us 2,000 years ago when the climatic crisis impoverished the people of  Judea, but  He was not understood then, so  you have to follow Him now, to be happy when global crisis will come. Jesus Christ by his teaching have been restoring  bases of social order in Judea according to principles of Heaven, which prescribe to save of social energy and all energies. Heaven prescribe  to save of social energy and all energies.


Warsaw, 8-14 December 2017, 5:27                              Bogdan Góralski

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