The lack of housing is a big Polish problem

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The lack of housing is a big Polish problem

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The lack of housing is a big Polish problem

Someone who plans to bring millions of migrants to Poland must have an idea on how to solve the problem of the lack of apartments and houses in Poland. My idea for the problem of the lack of housing in Poland is the mass construction of wooden houses. Building houses from wood solves the problems of lack of housing in many countries and continents.

North America, Northern Europe, Russia, China and other countries have developed technologies and traditions of building wooden houses and they should be used. Wooden houses are built quickly and cheaply and are durable enough. For this to happen in Poland, it is necessary to ban the export of wood from Polish forests. Moreover, Polish forests must be returned to their former owners because the current owners cannot manage Polish forests efficiently. Changing the ownership structure of Polish forests is an introduction to creating an efficient construction system based on proven technologies for building wooden houses. Creating an efficient financing system for the construction of wooden houses may involve adopting American, Canadian, Norwegian, etc. solutions.

Recreating the modern feudal agricultural system where landowners were responsible for building houses for their tenants will only help with this. I believe that systemic support for wooden construction and its industrial base is certainly the only way to solve the housing problem in Poland.

I recommend the following article published on the website:

There is no housing policy in Poland. Each government conducts it in its own way, each one fails,541171.html

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